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Selling Video…Pitch Like a PSS PowerPoint Presentation
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Selling Video…Pitch Like a PSS

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Selling Video…Pitch Like a PSS - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Selling Video…Pitch Like a PSS. US Commercial Mark Niemiec, East Select Regional Manager. Selling Video Checklist. Training. Tools. Focus Areas. Partners. Prepare the Message and Come with Ideas Think Outside of the Flat Screen Challenge Convention Share Stories Deliver the Experience.

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Selling Video…Pitch Like a PSS

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Presentation Transcript
selling video pitch like a pss

Selling Video…Pitch Like a PSS

US Commercial

Mark Niemiec, East Select Regional Manager

selling video checklist
Selling Video Checklist



Focus Areas


Prepare the Message and Come with Ideas

Think Outside of the Flat Screen

Challenge Convention

Share Stories

Deliver the Experience

Drive Architectural Focus and Approach


I-phone, I-pad, and VDI

2 out of 3 say an office is unnecessary for being productive

Connect anywhere, be productive everywhere

need a holistic architectural approach delivering a wide variety of collaboration technologies
Need a Holistic, Architectural ApproachDelivering a wide variety of Collaboration technologies.


Any Device

Any Content



Secure mobility

Best experience in any location

Video handled as easily as voice and data

Flexible access from all clients

questions to ask horizontal
Questions to Ask – Horizontal

Business Use Case


different use cases require different layouts
Differentuse cases requiredifferent layouts

We use the term ‘layouts’ to describe the various ways a video conversation appear on screen. Different types of meetings would require different layouts.

Distance education

Typical meeting room situation

Tele-Stroke Service
  • Saving lives
  • Visual exam
  • Using resources effectively
  • Creating a life saving service in an economical way



Cisco TelePresence in Private Equity

General Atlantic

Scaling Across the Globe

US based Private Equity firm. Already using video, needed to take Visual Collaboration to the next level and make it pervasive. Video is now baked in to most meetings.

Faster decision-making; reduced project timelines

Better decision making and engagement of experts

Increase productivity through reducing travel

Scale SME’s globally

what we heard from customers
What We Heard from Customers
  • Users need:

Consistent experience and choice of devices

Better options for transparent mobility


  • IT need:

Easier interoperability options

Align capabilities with user requirements

Efficient and simplified management and deployment tools

  • CxOneed:

Reduced cost of ownership (acquisition and operation)

Drive better collaboration experiences in house and out

Protect and leverage current investments

cisco collaboration comprehensive portfolio of applications solutions and services
Cisco CollaborationComprehensive Portfolio of Applications, Solutions, and Services

Unified Communications

Customer Collaboration

Collaboration Applications




cisco unified communications the heart of cisco collaboration
Cisco Unified Communications The Heart of Cisco Collaboration



Cisco Unified





On Premises

know your buyer
Know your buyer

M&A, People, Culture, Top Line Revenue, Margin, Reduce Risk

Grow Sales, Reduce CoG’s/CoS, New Markets, Tighter Customer/Supplier

Reduce Cost, # Platforms, Staff, Fight for Budget/Relevancy, Ensure Service Delivery

meeting preparation example
Meeting preparation example
  • SimplyGoogle
  • Have they recently bought another company?
  • Have they announced a new product or partnership?
  • have they won any big contacts or accounts lately?
  • Look at Public Filings:
  • Section 7 Management Discussion – will tell you how mgmt’s paid and their goals
  • Review their revenue and margin trends on their balance sheet
  • Read the introduction to find out how the filing year went for them – did they meet their goals?
  • Outcome and Objectives:
  • What is the objective of the meeting?
  • What is the outcome you want to drive?
  • Have you created an agenda to keep the meeting on track
  • Is your presentation customized to their industry and business?
  • Have you come up with examples and vignettes they can relate to about visual collab?

Websites to review:

Their twitter feed

Their company site

Industry relevant sites

horizontal questions
Create Questions about your Customer’s:
    • Competition
    • Plans for Growth & Profitability
    • Strategies for Talent Acquisition & Retention
    • Goals for Training and Development


Develop questions and vignettes

Horizontal Questions
your customer s competition
Your Customer’s Competition
  • Who are your biggest competitors?
  • Are they the same competitors you had 3-5 years ago? Are the same ones you expect to have in the next 3-5 years?
  • Where are your competitors coming from? Other industries, adjacent ones, other markets within the theater, or other global regions?
  • How do you plan to win in the market-place? Product differentiation? Market coverage? Channel dominance? Quicker time to market? More complete solution? Cross-sell other integrated products/services?
  • How do you compete for talent acquisition & retention? What are the challenges with turnover? With training and continuing education? Where does your talent come from?
  • What are the expectations and needs of the newer generation of employees? Needs and expectations of their customers? What are competitors doing around customer service?
  • What is your growth strategy? How do you deal with acquisitions? What about new market expansion—global/lateral or from new offerings?
  • How is globalization impacting growth and margins? What opportunities and threats are you facing ?
  • How is the company addressing brand in these markets?
  • Where do Channels & Alliances fit into this picture? Vendors?
  • How is business growth measured at your company, revenue, new customers, viewership, assets under management, ROI/ROA, EPS?
  • What are the growth targets? How do they compare to previous years? Quarters? The competition? Can you share the targets for this and next year (public companies will put this in their filings, private ones may share it)
  • What kinds of pressure is the business seeing on margin and profitability? How are you dealing with margin pressures?
talent acquisition retention
Talent Acquisition & Retention
  • What kinds of roles is your organization looking to fill? Are the same kinds of roles you had in your organization 3-5 years ago?
  • How do you see the need for new and different types of workers changing over the next 3-5 years? How do you envision the structure of your organization changing?
  • Where are you finding these people? What are the difficulties you experience in finding and retaining talent?
  • What kinds of tools, techniques or support are you using to find talent?
  • Some of our customers are finding the need to stitch together global teams in a “virtual office environment” an environment where teams separated by distance are made to feel as though they work in the same physical office – are you seeing a similar trend?
  • What are your newer generation of workers looking for in terms of productivity capabilities? For instance we see a lot of our ‘millennial’ workers asking for more visual collaboration capabilities. Are you seeing a similar trend?
training and development
Training and Development
  • How are you managing training all of these new workers?
  • Is there a formal training department, or is it up to each department?
  • If its formal, do you have a LMS (learning management system)?
  • How are you capturing field level learning and scaling that through your organization? What is your knowledge management strategy?
  • We are seeing an increase in the use of social media tools to support learning.. Are you hearing of similar trends, or requests from executives, employees or customers?
  • How are you engaging your customers on training? We are also starting to see customers train their customers and partners so teams can better work together – are you seeing the same? If not, is there someone in your organization responsible for managing partners and customers?
The Challenger Sale:
  • Guide to Selling by Teaching:
    • Every interaction is a chance to develop insights
    • Prepare Your Perspective
    • Apply your knowledge
  • Look for the customer to say:
  • Interesting perspective, we hadn't considered that, but I see how you can help
  • Wow, that’s a fresh look at a problem we hadn't thought of
  • Yeah, you know I didn’t think of that before but yes I think this idea is worth exploring further
  • Define concrete next steps
    • Demo the solution
    • Meet with LOB Leaders
    • Bring the customer in for TCEC
your customer activity
Your Customer
  • What are the business imperatives:
    • 1)
    • 2)
    • 3)
  • Who are the key stakeholders?
  • How do they collaborate today?
  • What are their competitive pressures?
  • What can we teach them about visual collaboration?


Craft a message

Your Customer Activity
Forever Collectables: manufacturer of sports themed collectables/memorabilia
  • Business Imperatives:
    • Time to Market
    • Global Collaboration
    • Customer Intimacy
    • Getting face-to-face with sales staff
    • Post merger integration
  • Video for everyone through Jabber
  • Higher quality interactions between parent and acquired through HD endpoints
  • Faster time to market through HD video between designers and MFR facility
  • Everyone on the same page through MSE 8000
cisco telepresence in manufacturing use case overview
Cisco TelePresence in ManufacturingUse Case Overview
  • Speed product development and time to market through streamlined face-to-face communication
  • Optimize collaboration by instantly bringing key staff, partners and suppliers around the world together “in-person” more often
  • Maximize expertise while saving time and money
  • Host virtual focus groups for feedback from customers and partners earlier in the product development cycle
cisco telepresence in retail use case overview
Cisco TelePresence in RetailUse Case Overview
  • Create a competitive advantage – access to remove subject matter experts in retail locations will drive sales
  • Offer better customer service – enable consumers to talk to customer service teams face-to-face
  • Improve collaboration – across remote teams and dispersed locations
  • Training and education – deliver consistent and In-Person training to remote staff / locations
cisco telepresence in the finance industry use case overview
Cisco TelePresence in the Finance IndustryUse Case Overview
  • New Financial Services – provide a new level of customer intimacy for VIP customers by providing easy access to remote experts / advisors
  • Accelerated decision making – across the organization gives a competitive advantage
  • Travel reduction – cost savings and good for the environment