lng masterplan for rhine meuse main danube 2012 eu 18067 s n.
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LNG Masterplan for Rhine/Meuse-Main-Danube 2012-EU-18067-S PowerPoint Presentation
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LNG Masterplan for Rhine/Meuse-Main-Danube 2012-EU-18067-S

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LNG Masterplan for Rhine/Meuse-Main-Danube 2012-EU-18067-S - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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LNG Masterplan for Rhine/Meuse-Main-Danube 2012-EU-18067-S. Session TEN-T Innovations and New Technologies. Manfred Seitz. Rationale for LNG Masterplan. Environmental drivers LNG as fuel reduces air emissions (-10-20 % CO2, - 80-90 % NOx, almost zero PM & SOx )

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lng masterplan for rhine meuse main danube 2012 eu 18067 s

LNG Masterplan for Rhine/Meuse-Main-Danube2012-EU-18067-S

Session TEN-T Innovations and New Technologies

  • Manfred
  • Seitz
rationale for lng masterplan
Rationale for LNG Masterplan

Environmental drivers

  • LNG as fuel reduces air emissions (-10-20% CO2, -80-90% NOx, almost zero PM & SOx)
  • Further CO2 reduction possible by “blending” (balance) with BIO-LNG

Economic drivers

  • Price gap Gasoil - LNG and estimated price reduction for LNG due to massive production increase; favourable payback time of investment; significant reduction in fuel consumption; fuel cost savings result into higher profitability/lower transport costs
  • LNG as cargo will increase transport volumes and will offer energy cost savings to many industries along the Rhine-Main-Danube axis; reduces oil dependency and supports diversification of energy mix


  • (Draft) Directive on Deployment of Alternative Fuels Infrastructure (COM 2013 18/2) demands implementation of LNG infrastructure
  • Future air emission regulation: “LNG most effective measure to reach Stage IV for medium and large inland vessels” (NAIADES 2/Panteia-NEA report)

Implementation of LNG requires co-ordination of public and private actions, a critical mass of initial investment along supply chains and public financial support

european framework it is the right time to act
European framework – It is the right time to act!
  • Several initiatives to use LNG as fuel for maritime vessels due to forthcoming ECA & SECA regulation
  • Built-up of basic LNG infrastructure in Northern Europe
  • First LNG fuelled vessels on Rhine based on derogations from technical provisions (RVIR/Directive 2006/87/EC) and ADN (transport of dangerous goods)
  • Incomplete regulatory framework and lack of guidelines for use as vessel fuel, transportation, bunkering and storage of LNG hampes fast deployment together with supply restrictions
  • Key LNG technology available on market - but still very expensive
  • High potentials for use of LNG in road transport sector
    • Example: 6.000 trucks in US, 4.000 in China, 300 in Europe but strong efforts to increase number (e.g. NGVA Europe activities)
  • EU program period 2014-2020 will offer new opportunities
    • CEF- Connecting Europe Facility, Structural Funds, Horizon 2020
lng masterplan objectives
LNG Masterplan - Objectives
  • Identify and quantify pioneer markets and customers in the hinterland of inland ports
  • Analyse costs and savings/benefits of LNG use
  • Transfer know how from maritime into inland navigation sector and raise awareness
  • Facilitate the creation of a harmonised European regulatory framework considering LNG as fuel and as cargo for inland navigation
  • Deliver technical concepts for new and retrofitted vessels
  • Elaborate supply chains to reach end-consumer
  • Execute pilot deployments of vessels and terminals
  • Developa comprehensive strategy with a detailed roadmap for the implementation of LNG in line with the EU policies in transport, energy and environment
  • Prepare wide-scale deployment with the help of CEF & other EU programs
lng masterplan key figures
LNG Masterplan – KEY FIGURES
  • Programme:
    • TEN-T Multi-annual Call 2012
  • Timeframe:
    • 1 January 2013 - 31 December 2015
  • Est. investment: approx. 120 mil. EUR
  • Budget (eligible costs): 80,5 mil. EUR (out of 69,2 mil. EUR pilot activities)
  • EU funding: 40,25 mil. EUR
  • Beneficiaries: 33 organisations, majority from private sector
  • Special endorsement by Ministries of Transport of NL, AT, CZ, SK, RO, BG and CCNR
  • Non-funded partners: 40 public/private bodies & professional associations (as of 11.10.2013)
major activities in rhine region
Major Activities IN Rhine REGION

Havenbedrijf Rotterdam N.V.

Studies, LNG bunkering, technical evidence & Safety and Risk Assessment, Masterplan, Provisions for Regulatory Framework, Coordinator Rhine Scenario

Stichting STC-Group

Education & training requirements, standards, curricula, materials

Universität Duisburg Essen & DST Entwicklungszentrum für Schiffstechnik und Transportsysteme e.V.

Studies for engine technologies & vessel concepts , assessment of concepts, trials & pilot deployments, education & training

LNG terminal Port Authority of Antwerp

Bunker station for inland vessels with all the necessary fuelling facilities

BodewesBinnenvaart B.V. (Damen)

LNG propelled chemical tanker - EcolinerDepl.: Q3/2014

LNG gas tanker (Chemgas Barging Sarl.)

Innovative LNG gas carrier. Depl.: Q3/2015

Kooiman Marine B.V.

LNG propelled pusher

Depl.: Q3/2015

Staatliche Rhein-Neckar-Hafengesellschaft Mannheim GmbHStudies and preliminary designs for terminal

Argos Bunkering B.V.

Combined LNG-MGO tanker

Depl.: Q3/2015

E-LNG Motion BV

LNG inland tanker

Depl.: Q2/Q3 2015

Case study on bunker (Port Autonome de Strasbourg)

DCL Barge B.V. (Danser Group)

LNG propelled container vessel (retrofitted) Depl.: Q2 2014

Case study on bunker (Associated non-fundedpartner Port of Basle)

major activities in danube region
Major Activities IN DANUBE REGION

LNG Supply & Demand Study(NGVA CZ)

Time: Q3/2014

LNG Supply & Demand Study(FHOÖ & Linz AG)

Time: Q3/2014

Study for LNG Terminal in Komarno & vessels (Danube LNG)

Studies and preliminary designs for terminal & vessels (fuel & cargo)

Retrofitting of 3 vessels for LNG propulsion (NAVROM Galati)

Depl.: Q2-Q3/2015

LNG Supply & Demand Study(EVN)

Time: Q3/2014

Study for development of LNG terminals on the Romanian maritime Danube (Port Authority APDM)

LNG gas tanker (Chemgas)

Innovative LNG gas carrier; connecting terminals on Danube

Depl.: Q3/2015

Combined LNG/CNG fuelling stations & LNG fueled trucks with LNG trailers (Bulmarket) as part of the logistic chain to the end-customers

Depl.: Q3/2015

Study & Design of intermediate LNG terminal in the Port of Constanta (TTS Group)

Small scale LNG terminal in Ruse (Bulmarket)

incl. fuelling devices for vessels & trucks; Depl.: Q3/2015

LNG Coastal Carrier (Bernhard Schulte)

Multipurpose LNG carrier fuelled by LNG and used for trans-shipment / bunkering

Depl.: Q3/2015

lng is fuel and energy resource

LNG is fuel and energy resource

LNG supply chains to industrial heartlands of Europe


LNG Artery of Europe

  • Inland navigation functions as pioneer consumer and facilitator
beyond the lng masterplan
Beyond the LNG Masterplan
  • The LNG Masterplan generates a first strategy, pilot deployments, a knowledge basis and a critical mass of stakeholders in the Rhine-Main-Danube region.
  • Full exploitation of LNG potentials requires parallel/follow-up actions such as:
    • TEN-T Preparatory Action for road & IWT sector similar to maritime sector, providing market intelligence, awareness actions and integrative gap studies
    • Integration of Preparatory Actions into a LNG-Strategy Initiative for the entire European transport sector (including LNG fuelled machinery & equipment)
    • Creation of European LNG technology industry cluster facilitating growth of LNG technology providers in line with raising demand and strengthening their competitiveness
    • Adequate industry support measures: LNG will trigger multi-billion Euro investments which is opportunity for European industry to grow and to create jobs, e.g. European shipyards
    • Dedicated LNG technology agenda in Horizon 2020 with projects in for first calls 2014 & 2015
    • Flagship implementation project for IWT sector in CEF Call 2014
    • Similar lead projects for road, maritime and equipment sector with a co-ordination for synergies
  • The market-oriented concept of TEN-T innovation and the possibility of Studies with integrated pilot deployment correspond to the needs of the private industry.
  • It must be followed in the CEF with dedicated attention to project selection mechanism, increased flexibility in project implementation and the need of higher co-finance for integrative (gap) research studies.
  • LNG is the most relevant alternative fuel for inland navigation offering high environmental and economic benefits. Use of LNG supports major EU transport, environment and energy policy objectives
  • Only inland vessels can deliver high volumes of LNG cost-effectively from seaside import terminals to the economic heartlands of Europe. The barging sector therefore is pioneer consumer of LNG and enabler of LNG supply
  • Inland terminals will functions as satellites to the hinterland enabling to reach other pioneer markets like public transport and heavy duty transport sector
  • Rhine/Meuse-Danube axis will serve as main European LNG artery contributing to a more balanced European energy mix
  • LNG Masterplan breaks up the chicken and egg situation and prepares sector for wide-scale deployment in follow-up EU projects. Public financial support is essential as well as supply chain approach involving end-consumers
  • European LNG technology industry cluster will support implementation and facilitates economic growth and job creation
  • CEF - Connecting Europe Facilitywill have to play a key role for further implementation; Horizon 2020 shall provide a dedicated LNG research agenda
thank you for your attention
Thank you for your attention

Manfred SEITZ

Project Coordinator

Pro Danube Management GmbH

Handelskai 265

1020 Vienna, Austria