old houses are better t han n ew houses by cassandra oderio n.
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Old Houses are Better T han N ew Houses by Cassandra ODerio

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Old Houses are Better T han N ew Houses by Cassandra ODerio - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Old Houses are Better T han N ew Houses by Cassandra ODerio.

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I think older homes are better than newer homes. One reason I think old houses are best because new houses aren’t as spooky. Old houses might have ghost. Old houses have more hiding places than new. I think old houses have cooler things than new because you might find an old type writer or maybe something else.


One reason I think older houses are better is that new homes haven’t had anyone living there. There is huge possibility there are no ghosts there! I hope to catch a ghost in an old house. I am a believer in ghosts. If you live in an old house you might see a ghost. My Uncle Andy died and I think I saw him. I saw him up in the attic. He died in 2002 the year I was born.


The second reason I think old houses are better is that they have better hiding places than new houses. At my old house, my room had lots of hiding places. I had an empty chest to hide in or I could hide in the treehouse in the backyard.


The third reason I think old houses are better is the possibility of finding other people’s old stuff. In a new house, you won’t find anyone’s old things. In an old home, you might find something cool that belonged to a person who lived there before you. One day I found this little door at my step grandma’s house and it would not open. I found the key and opened it and there was just pipes. Well at least I looked.


I hope you liked my story about old houses are better than new houses. I hope you agree with me. The End