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(Your Organization) Risk Management Program Committee PowerPoint Presentation
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(Your Organization) Risk Management Program Committee

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(Your Organization) Risk Management Program Committee
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(Your Organization) Risk Management Program Committee

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  1. (Your Organization)Risk Management Program Committee Third-Party Administrator Drug Free Business 425/488-9755 Tom Pool Executive Director

  2. Mission Drug Free Business is a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation formed in 1988 to assist employers, regardless of size, start and maintain effective drug-free workplace programs. This results in a safe workplace, increased productivity, lower benefit costs and improved profits as a result of the elimination of substance abuse in the workplace.

  3. Qualifications • Over 2,500 member companies • Assisted over 5,000 employers • Chosen by state to provide technical assistance and training • Over 300 companies and 15,000 employees in our EAP consortium • Proposed and authored L&I workers’ comp premium discount program

  4. Professional Organizations • Institute for a Drug-Free Workplace • Substance Abuse Program Administrators Association - SAPAA • Drug & Alcohol Testing Industry Association • National Drug-Free Workplace Alliance • Employee Assistance Professionals Association - EAPA • Society for Human Resource Management – SHRM • Association of Washington Business – AWB • Alliance for Third-Party Administrators - ATPA • Subscriptions to professional journals and legal update services

  5. Drug Testing is often Required in Building and Construction Industry • High turnover • Many unnecessary pre-employment test • Insulting to worker • Costly to employers • Cost of testing and administration • Time away from job

  6. Drug-Free Card Concept • Policy applies to all employees • Take pre-employment test only once • If negative, becomes eligible for hiring in confidential, encrypted, online database • If worker goes to a new employer, database is checked using secure website, avoids new pre-employment test • New employer confirms applicant is in “O.K. to Work” in program

  7. Drug-Free Card Concept - 2 • Program Administrator tracks by computer where each employee is currently employed • Computer lottery selects small percentage for testing each month. • Employees must go to collection site within 24 hours of notification • All test results tracked by Administrator for compliance with program rules

  8. Interactive Web Access Two possible situations • O.K. to Work - hire immediately, no drug test needed • Not O.K. to Work - applicant must contact DFB for instructions • If new to area, must complete a baseline (pre-employment) test to become O.K. to Work • If failed a previous test or failed to comply with EAP, he/she is given instructions to contact EAP again

  9. Employee Assistance Program • No cost to employees or families –counselors 24/7 thru 1-800 number • Assistance with wide variety of problems, emphasis on work-related issues • Supervisor training for early resolution of performance problems • Positive drug/alcohol test means automatic referral to EAP for resolution

  10. Employee Assistance Program deals with: • Alcohol and drug problems • Marital, family and relationship issues • Workplace issues • Depression, stress and anxiety • Mental health issues • Workplace violence • Critical Incident Debriefing • Physical problems • Legal and financial issues • This is a full-service, broad-brush EAP

  11. Advantages of Drug-Free Card • Every employee subject to lottery selection • Powerful deterrent to drug use • Employers don’t have to wait for results • Costs minimized — no multiple tests • Counterfeiting or lost cards not an issue • On-site collection service available for small additional fee • Parallel D.O.T. program for commercial drivers (CDL) at no extra cost

  12. Safeguards in Drug-Free Card • DFB is independent, non-profit third party administrator • Joint committee provides quick response to issues not in guidelines • All collections by trained personnel follow DHHS protocols • Drug analysis only in SAMHSA certified labs • Evidentiary Breath Testing Devices (EBT) for alcohol testing

  13. Safeguards in Drug-Free Card - 2 • All drug tests reviewed by independent Medical Review Officer (MRO) • All verified positives require referral to Employee Assistance Program (EAP) • Return to work after approved by EAP and last chance agreement • Must pass return-to-work test and follow-up tests over 2 years

  14. Drug Free Businesshas approx 6,000 collection sites nation-wide • These are just our “network” sites; other sites and on-site collections available

  15. Advantages of DFB Program • Experience • 24/7 administration of program • Policies included • Training included – nation-wide • Largest collection network • EAP Consortium • Effective risk management • Cost effective

  16. Prepare Administrative Guide Coordinate with union Train supervisors, educate employee Enter data in lottery selection database “Grandfather” recent tests Begin applicant testing — lottery selections Positive test referral process Continually update database Continue training, education, consultation & newsletters DFB Drug-Free Card Program

  17. Costs • Other programs we administer average between $.02 hour to $.06 hour • Billing to each company or to a joint union/management trust • Variables: • Lottery selection rate • Does “card” expire? • Full Service EAP or just Substance Abuse Profession process for worker after failing test? • Number of participants • Locations requiring 3rd party collection sites

  18. For more information? • Call Drug Free Business to discuss your specific needs and situation • We can customize a program that will work for your bargaining workers, your non-bargaining workers, your Union’s Business Managers, employers, and your professional business association • Drug Free Business: 425-488-9755