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cost savings n ew jobs energy independence increased sustainability leading by example. Energy Planning as a Pathway to Prosperity. Your name Your organization Location Date. Community Energy Strategic Planning. The Context.

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your name your organization location date

cost savings

new jobs

energy independence

increased sustainability

leading by example

Energy Planning as a

Pathway to Prosperity

Your nameYour organizationLocationDate

Community Energy Strategic Planning

The Context

Worldwide energy use grew five-fold 1950-2000 and is expected to double again by 2030, straining supplies, prices, and delivery systems

$1.205 trillion is spent on energy in the U.S. annually1

Our households and businesses spend 10-50% of income on energy

Government agencies spend more than $10 billion annually on energy to provide public services

Energy efficiency has the potential to save 23% of energy demandthrough cost-effective measures2


Community Energy Strategic Planning

The Problem

Opportunities to save energy and money are going untapped by governments, businesses, and households

Incomplete assessment of current energy use and supply hinders ability to make informed decisions

Reactive approach to energy challenges wastes valuable resources

Lack of clear energy vision and direction hinders certainty needed for businesses to optimize investments


Community Energy Strategic Planning

The Solution:

Proactively Planning for Our Energy Future

Reveals energy and cost-saving options, saving taxpayers, businesses, and residents money

Allows for great influence over energy facility siting

Articulates community vision for others to invest in

Provides defined guidance through a specific action plan

community energy strategic planning
What is a CESP?Community Energy Strategic Planning
  • A business plan to optimize the use and supply of energy throughout the community
  • A roadmap to meet short- and long-term energy-related goals
  • A plan to manage energy resources and consumption
  • A plan to prioritize actions, implement changes, and measure results
  • A comprehensive look at how energy is being used and opportunities for improvement
community energy strategic planning1
Developing a CESP can help … Community Energy Strategic Planning
  • Save money
  • Create local jobs
  • Strengthen economic development
  • Ensure energy reliability
  • Demonstrate leadership
  • Optimize infrastructure costs
  • Promote local resources
  • Leverage greater regional collaboration
  • Minimize environmental impacts
community energy strategic planning2
Common Elements of a CESPCommunity Energy Strategic Planning

Energy efficient buildings

Renewable energy sources

Transportation planning

Fuel efficiency of fleet

Public infrastructure savings

Financing strategies

Policy, codes, and regulations

Education and outreach

Case Example:

Arlington Community Energy Plan

Goals for Plan

Ensure economic competitiveness

Provide energy supply security

Protect the environment

Focus Areas


District Energy

Renewable Energy


Public Enabling Strategies


Each dollar the County invests in energy efficiency projects returns about 20¢ per year in reduced operating costs.*

Case Example:

Arlington Community Energy Plan


* Source: AIRE Community Energy Plan website:

Case Example:

Chicago Climate Action Plan

Plan Goals

Reduce energy costs to city buildings, residents, and businesses

Create 5,000 to 10,000 jobs by redirecting household savings from energy consumption costs

Cut GHG emissions from city operations to 25% below 1990 levels by 2020 and 80% below 1990 levels by 2050

Focus Areas

Energy efficient buildings

Clean & renewable energy sources

Improved transportation options

Reduces waste & industrial pollution




Reduced 1.2 MMTCO2e, in the first 2 years, 8% of 2020 goal*

Case Example:

Chicago Climate Action Plan

* Source: Chicago Climate Action Plan – Progress Report – First Two Years (2008-2009)

Case Example:

Pittsburgh’s Climate Action Plan


Accelerate opportunities for economic development within Pittsburgh

Reduce energy consumption and produce cost savings

Enhance Pittsburgh’s reputation

Focus Areas

Energy reduction

Recycling and waste management


Green building practices

Engagement & education


* Pittsburgh resides in an deregulated electricity market and can negotiate rates. Local governments in regulated markets do have the right to negotiate rates with their utility, and may partner with neighboring governments to increase their purchasing leverage.


Case Example:

Pittsburgh’s Climate Action Plan


Community Energy Strategic Planning

Why Now?

(Content will vary, depending on audience)

Start saving taxpayers, businesses, and residents money as soon as possible

Continue momentum of EECBG investments

Seize opportunity to demonstrate leadership

Leverage current community support for effort

typical cesp timeline
Typical CESP Timeline

Project start

Formulate goals and strategies

Draft implementation blueprint and monitoring plan

Recruit leadership team

Identify and prioritize actions

Draft vision statement

Plan finalized, adopted, and publicized

Promote effort to stakeholders and secure commitment

Develop financing strategy

Assess energy profile

Program evaluation and plan revision

Month 1-2





Options to Consider

(Presenter to propose suggestions on the following)

Government operations v. community-wide scope

Ideas for plan integration with other efforts

Proposed budget for plan development

Leadership team suggestions


Community Energy Strategic Planning


for Today

(Content will vary, depending on audience)

Express your support for our community to develop a CESP

Consider serving as member of the leadership team

Communicate your support and willingness to others

Dedicate resources to the effort


Community Energy Strategic Planning

Let’s Get

To Work

Next Steps

Executive sponsorship

Appoint Plan Manager

Assemble Leadership Team

Stakeholder engagement

Develop plan

Implement plan

Enjoy the benefits

Celebrate our success

community energy strategic planning3
For more InformationCommunity Energy Strategic Planning


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Community Energy Strategic Planning








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