A nursing professional planner what is it why have one
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A Nursing Professional Planner: What Is It & Why Have One? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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A Nursing Professional Planner: What Is It & Why Have One?. St. James Healthcare Butte, Montana. Standards of Nursing Practice. Minimum (Regulated) Standards: Accountability Knowledge Continuing Competency Responsibility. Accountability. Examples –

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A nursing professional planner what is it why have one

A Nursing Professional Planner:What Is It & Why Have One?

St. James Healthcare

Butte, Montana

Standards of nursing practice
Standards of Nursing Practice

Minimum (Regulated) Standards:

  • Accountability

  • Knowledge

  • Continuing Competency

  • Responsibility


Examples –

  • Role Modeling (Preceptor);

  • Peer Feedback - accountability within ourselves and peers (i.e. informal and formal review of outcomes);



  • Continually learning from each other (i.e. Focus

    Groups, Professional Assoc.);

  • Documenting learning sessions during an entire career (i.e. Professional Planner)

  • Validation of professional growth and knowledge-base (i.e. Preceptor Cert.);

Continuing competency
Continuing Competency


  • Rapid changes in technology;

  • Ever-evolving changes in health care delivery;

  • Evidence-based nursing (EBN);

  • Regulatory policies evolving to ensure nursing

    competency is maintained

    (i.e. MT Board Of Nursing);

The Mind Is

Like A




  • Supervision of new nurses (in training) and unlicensed health workers;

  • Care of a specific patient population, ensuring the best care possible, i.e. Core Measures, Medical Surgical;

Rn professional planner a journal of progress
RN Professional Planner: A Journal of Progress


The Minimum Standards are not the end of the road…

Sjh standards of developing your nursing planner
SJH Standards of Developing Your Nursing Planner


Organizational Standards and Health Team designs of leadership to promote nursing excellence and patient care:

  • Preceptor Practice Support, i.e. Skills Lab/Validation

  • Education Department, i.e. Seminars, Standard Work

    Working Together To Create An Environment of Learning

    And Continuing Competency

Rn professional planner why have one
RN Professional Planner: Why Have One?

  • A valuable resource - for promotion and/or future job applications;

  • To develop a CV (curriculum vitae) - outlining educational and professional qualifications;

  • Professional practice plan – listing goals and achievements;

  • Employment record - nursing roles or job descriptions, certifications, and employment or personal references;

Professional rn portfolio practical applications
Professional RN Portfolio: Practical Applications

  • Self-Assessment: Reflective Practice {!} – the danger is that this step can be viewed as just another chore (defeating the whole purpose);

  • Peer-Feedback/Review – for improved preparation;

  • Academic Requirements - clinical practice/practicum;

  • Mentoring Guidelines;

  • Professional Re-Certification Audit - Med-Surg, Pediatrics, or other);

  • Regulatory Audit for Re-licensure – Montana BON;

Professional rn planner models templates
Professional RN Planner: Models & Templates

#2. Where you

are now

#1. Where you

have been

#3. Where you

want to be

#4. How you

get there

Professional rn planner models templates1
Professional RN Planner: Models & Templates


  • Name:

  • Title/Qualifications:

  • Home address:

  • Telephone number(s):

  • Home: Mobile: Fax:

  • E-mail address(es):

  • Registration Information (in each jurisdiction):


Professional rn planner models templates2
Professional RN Planner: Models & Templates


  • Name of each college, Address(es), Dates attended:

  • Name of State and National examinations taken, Dates of examinations:

  • Higher Education and Subjects taken, Dates attended:

  • Extracurricular activities and Meaningful achievements

Professional rn planner models templates3
Professional RN Planner: Models & Templates

What to file for your record {!}– always keep copies of:

  • State and National examination results;

  • Other meaningful records or items;

  • Further certificate, diploma, degree and other non-nursing/courses you have undertaken, whether or not you completed them;

Professional rn planner models templates4
Professional RN Planner: Models & Templates

CONTINUING PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT -(maintain chronological order for the rest of the Planner (journaling)

Professional Membership/Organization:

  • membership dates, activities, workshops, activities/contributions;

  • event role, flyers, media, electronic/video files, contacts, feedback;

    In-service Training:

  • any training activities or review of policies or protocols completed or facilitated (i.e., Airway Management, BLS/ACLS);

  • documentation should include title of in-service, date, venue, learning objectives and content, reference material and handouts, certificate (log of hours);

Professional rn planner models templates5
Professional RN Planner: Models & Templates


Nursing Research - applications to medical surgical nursing:

• Study/Research Topic: dates, study methods (i.e., group activity, readings, internet search;

• Study/Research Aims: i.e., to implement change in practice;

• Description of research/audit/project: documents studies, websites/contacts utilized, team members/participants, progress updates, outcomes;

  • Documents: anything that you contributed to (i.e. policies, procedures, guidelines, audits, books, chapters, articles);

Professional rn planner models templates6
Professional RN Planner: Models & Templates


Lectures/Seminars: (attended or presented):

  • Lectures, seminars, papers, posters presented (title, dates, locations, audience, learning objectives and content, certificate or log of hours);

    • Reference material (online, literature, contacts made, other);

    • Summary of feedback (program evaluation);


Center on your hopes and enjoyments,

and your own personal journey of wellbeing

and growth …

Susan DePasquale, CGRN, MSN

Cheryl Stensrud, MSN and Phil Dean, RN, Peer Reviewers



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