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How to Lead Innovation

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How to Lead Innovation - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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How to Lead Innovation. Peter Reilly Principal Consultant Baraka Training & Management. What is Innovation?. Bring in New Methods Make Changes Make New Alter How ……. Creative & Strategic Influence. What is Innovation?.

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how to lead innovation

How to Lead Innovation

Peter Reilly

Principal Consultant

Baraka Training & Management

what is innovation
What is Innovation?
  • Bring in New Methods
  • Make Changes
  • Make New
  • Alter
  • How ……. Creative & Strategic Influence
what is innovation3
What is Innovation?
  • I could use a hundred people who don’t know there is such a word as impossible.

Henry Ford

  • Every act of creation is first of all an act of destruction.

Pablo Picasso

the sacred cow
The Sacred Cow

Sacred cow \’kau\n, plural sacred cow

  • A plodding, bovine mammal of numerous stomachs and dubious intelligence regarded in some cultures as holy in origin and therefore immune from ordinary treatment.
  • Business: a. An outmoded belief, assumption, practice, policy, system, or strategy, generally invisible, that inhibits change and prevents responsiveness to new opportunities.
paradoxes of innovation
Paradoxes of Innovation
  • Using innovation does not consume it.
  • Transferring innovation does not lose it.
  • Innovation is abundant, but the ability to use it is scarce.
  • Much of it walks out the door at the end of the day.
features of an innovative organisation
Features of an Innovative Organisation
  • Identifying future trends and their client’s future needs
  • Capturing new ideas
  • Ensuring they stay technically current
  • Looking at old ideas in new ways
  • Fast-tracking innovative concepts
features of an innovative organisation7
Features of an Innovative Organisation
  • Rewarding staff for their creative input
  • Short circuiting cumbersome organisational structures and communication delays to facilitate rapid decision-making
  • Tight project management to minimize delays in development
  • Sound operational systems to ensure that innovative ideas become part ofthe day-to-day procedures for doing business
assessing innovative environments
Assessing Innovative Environments
  • Proactive Strategy
  • Communications Processes
  • Resource Allocation
  • Networks & Relationships
  • Organisational Values
  • Recognition Systems
  • History and Myths
analysis questions
Analysis Questions

Does the organisation;

  • have an innovative culture?
  • innovate in an ad hoc nature or is there a systematic approach?
  • understand the difference between enterprise innovation and technological innovation?
  • exhibit innovation at strategic, tactical and operational levels?
  • Innovate fast?
analysis questions cont
Analysis Questions cont..
  • Is innovation considered as a key outcome from the strategic planning process?
  • Does innovation relate to client needs?
  • Does the size and structure of the organisation affect its ability to be innovative? How?
  • What is the competition doing?
  • What are the industry benchmarks?
top tips
Top tips

Tips for Introducing Innovation

  • Create an Innovation Team to search, seek and find
  • Promote an Innovation Champion
  • Develop an Innovation Database for everyone to access
  • Take and reward risks and be different - Innovation is a ‘whole of organisation’ issue.
  • Create value by challenging existing processes and practices

Things to Avoid

  • Don’t use traditional structures and processes to promote innovation
  • Don’t turn staff suggestion schemes into an innovation process
  • Beware the power of the intranet to galvanise staff
top tips cont
Top tips cont…

Signs That Things are Working Well

  • Staff ring you with ideas
  • Customer satisfaction increases
  • Best practice is synergistic with organizational culture

Things That are Incredibly Important

  • CEO imprimatur. (official approval)
  • Promotion of Innovation is highly visible and includes reward systems
  • Innovation is one of the organisation’s goals
top tips cont13
Top tips cont…

Make Innovation a Business Driver

  • Innovation becomes part of the business planning framework
  • Teams must address innovation in their business plans and outcomes remain high profile

Methods of Achieving Commitment

  • Run annual forums showcasing what’s new, what’s different
  • Promote people and their ideas through the use of promotional material
  • Allow people to present their ideas to Executive committees (help and support them in their endeavour)

Ways to Measure Innovation/Creativity

  • Measure the number of new ideas that make a difference to business outcomes
  • Monitor customer satisfaction and record number of opportunities actioned
wise sayings from centrelink
Wise Sayings from Centrelink
  • ‘A thousand flowers bloom’ – CEO Sue Vardon describing innovation in Centrelink.
  • ‘Remember the comma’ – CEO Sue Vardon reminding people of the importance of attention to detail.
  • ‘DDGD’ – Deputy CEO Paul Hickey describing how to capture quickly where initiatives are up to : Done, Doing, and Gonna Do.
  • ‘Deliver today, transform tomorrow’ – CIO Jane Treadwell describing how the Information and Technology group needs to position itself to deliver for the business, and thetheme for Centrelink’s second major Business Plan.
the year is 2020 or is it
The Year is 2020 or is it?
  • The Human Development Industrial sector is the single biggest industrial sector of all.
  • The sum of all activities which increase human knowledge and capabilities is now bigger than both the natural resource-based and manufacturing industrial sectors.
  • The sector utilises modern technology such as multimedia, cyber-technology and cyber-ware.
  • Information Technology (IT) has been replaced by Knowledge Technology (KT) and Wisdom Technology (WT).
predicted industries of the future
Predicted Industries of the Future
  • The Earth Repair Industry
  • The Environmental Survey Industry
  • The Resource Renewal Industry
  • The Sustainable Energy Industry
  • The Clean / Green Food Industry
predicted industries of the future18
Predicted Industries of the Future
  • The Personal Well-being Industry
  • The International Comfort Industry
  • The Mediation/Conflict Resolution Industry
  • The Contact Research Industry
  • The Home Services Industry
golden rules for nurturing creativity
Golden Rules for Nurturing Creativity
  • Allow everyone to contribute to the big picture – it helps to give some perspective, just like a jigsaw puzzle
  • Life is full of contradictions. We accept them in our relationships – we need to accept them in our work environments and not try to control them
  • Correct processes will allow adaptable organisations to respond
golden rules for nurturing creativity21
Golden Rules for Nurturing Creativity
  • Value diversity, fun, enjoyment, commitment and spirit
  • Accept change, it provides opportunity. Be open to surprises
  • Continually question your own behaviour and ideas, find new directions, challenge boundaries and reshape goals
leadership management strategies
Leadership/Management Strategies
  • Establish Rapport
  • Develop, Foster & Maintain Trust
  • Lead by Example – Walk the Talk
  • Inspire & Rebel
  • Slaughter Sacred Cows
  • No Intellectual Snobbery
  • Challenge the Process
  • Disseminate Information
  • Lever on Type (MBTI)
  • Stress, Relax, Stress, Reflect