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EASTER IN BRITAIN & USA. Easter – What comes to mind?. Do you know that…. EASTER is a religious holiday that commemorates the resurrection of Jesus Christ. But the term ‘Easter' is not of Christian origin!!! Let us turn to the dictionnaries to see what they say about the term “ Easter ”:

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    2. Easter – What comes to mind?

    3. Do you know that… EASTER is a religious holiday that commemorates the resurrection of Jesus Christ. But the term ‘Easter' is not of Christian origin!!! Let us turn to the dictionnaries to see what they say about the term “Easter”: Easter: \Eas'ter\, E['a]stre, a goddess of light or spring, in honor of whom a festival was celebrated in April

    4. The word EASTER comes from Eostre, the Anglo-Saxon name of a pagan goddess of Spring and fertility, whose festival was celebrated at the vernal equinox

    5. Spring or Vernal Equinox Equinox is Latin for “Equal Night” -when daytime equals nighttime

    6. Calculating the date of Easter • The festival of Easter is celebrated on the first Sunday after the full moon which happens on or after March 21, which is also known as the Spring Equinox

    7. When is Easter? • It is on a different date each year. • Always on a Sunday. • Always in the Spring. • Most people just check a calendar!!!

    8. Why is it that English speaking Christians, still use the name of a pagan goddess Eastre to refer to this sacred event??? • In many languages, the term used for the events surrounding Jesus' death and resurrection is called “Pesach” or “Passover”.

    9. Hebrew: Pesach Greek: Pascha French: Pâques Italian: Pasqua Spanish: Pascua Portuguese: Pascoa Romanian: Paste Russian: Paskha Polish: Pascha Japanese: Seidai Pasuha Albanian: Pashket Danish: Paske Finnish: Paasiainen Icelandic: Paskar Norwegian: Paske Swedish: Pask Irish: Caisc Turkish: Paskalya Indonesian: Paskah Persian: Pas'h Pesach =Pascha = Passover

    10. In spite of the fact that English speaking Christians, still use the name of a pagan goddess to refer to this sacred event, they celebrate Pascha! They believe that on the day of Easter, Jesus Christ rose from the dead, on the third day after his crucifixion. Hence, the feast is regarded as an integral part of every Christian household.

    11. Some more interesting facts about Easter: • Rabbits and eggs are considered as symbols of fertility. It makes them suitable symbols for Easter

    12. The EASTER BUNNY is originated with the rabbit or hare, an ancient symbol for the moon

    13. According to a legend the bunny was a large bird belonging to the Goddess of Spring who changed the bird into a rabbit

    14. The First chocolate Easter eggs and rabbits were made in the 19th century in Germany

    15. You are to collect eggs today!!! One point = one egg!!!

    16. Game: Easter Symbols These are a few Easter symbols that are often used to represent the feast of Easter

    17. The Cross Represents the Crucifixion

    18. Eggs Signify new life

    19. Chickens and Bunnies • Like eggs symbolize new life • An Easter Bunny is similar to the Santa Claus of Christmas • It delivers Easter eggs for children on Easter

    20. Easter Flowers • Signify innocence, purity and the spring season

    21. White LiliesTulips

    22. White Lilies Tulips

    23. Easter Bonnet Hats – it was believed that wearing something new on Easter would bring good luck

    24. Easter Parade in New York is a real fun for those who likes unusual hats

    25. Easter Candles Signify the ray of hope

    26. Hot Cross Buns The symbol of the Crucifixion

    27. Butterflies • The first stage of the butterfly when it is a caterpillar, symbolizes the life of Jesus on earth • The cocoon stage highlights the Crucifixion • The third stage when the insect transforms into a butterfly signifies Jesus' Resurrection

    28. Butterflies

    29. Meeting the Easter Bunny

    30. Hot Cross Buns

    31. HOT CROSS BUNS • The word ‘ buns’ is derived from the word ‘ boun’ which means ‘sacred ox’. • Cross buns served as a charm against shipwreck, bad luck and even fire

    32. Hot Cross Buns Song (Lyrics) Hot cross buns! Hot cross buns! One a penny, two a penny, Hot cross buns! If you have no daughters, Give them to your sons One a penny, Two a penny, Hot Cross Buns!

    33. Easter Egg Rolling in Washington DC

    34. Easter Eggs Hunt Eggs are hidden for you to find. They may be left by the Easter Bunny. They also may be put in a basket filled with real or artificial straw to resemble a bird's nest.

    35. Easter Wishes It is time to be happy and gay! Have a blessed Easter!

    36. Enjoy the Easter eggs. Happy Easter!

    37. May your hearts be filled with peace and joy this Easter. Happy Easter!

    38. Easter brings joy to all, both to the big and small. It is time to be happy and gay, It is time to throw all your worries away!

    39. Happy Easter to you and your family!

    40. May you have a pleasant Easter!


    42. The End! Thank you for your time! Any Questions?