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UW Oshkosh Smoking Policy Survey PowerPoint Presentation
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UW Oshkosh Smoking Policy Survey

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UW Oshkosh Smoking Policy Survey - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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UW Oshkosh Smoking Policy Survey. Full Ban, Partial Ban or Current Policy? Here is what Students have to say…. Discussions before Survey. Original discussion began with concerns raised in OSA Assembly

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uw oshkosh smoking policy survey

UW Oshkosh Smoking Policy Survey

Full Ban, Partial Ban or Current Policy? Here is what Students have to say…

discussions before survey
Discussions before Survey
  • Original discussion began with concerns raised in OSA Assembly
    • Representatives voiced concerns that majority of students were not obeying the current policy smoking policy on campus
    • Current Policy: Restricts Smoking within 25 feet of any building entrance on campus.
      • Signs posted informing public of policy
  • Is the current smoking policy being followed?
  • Is the current policy solving the problem of second hand smoke inhalation on campus?
  • Should further restrictions be created?
    • Full Smoking ban on campus?
    • Partial smoking ban on campus?
      • Designated Smoking Areas
  • Other Smoking Policies at UW System Universities
  • UW Milwaukee: Smoking is banned on campus besides for designated smoking “poles”
  • UW Green Bay: Resolution from Student Government banned smoking in all areas except one designated smoking area in middle of campus, enforced through campus police
  • UW Stout: Referendum in April passed to ban smoking on campus
  • UW Platteville: Campus is divided in half, one half smoking, other half smoking is banned. Student Government is working to get rights to fine violators
  • UW Two-Year Campuses: Smoking is banned on campus
outside survey research of uw oshkosh students
Outside Survey Research of UW Oshkosh Students
  • Emily Dieringer, Winnebago County Public Health, Health Educator
    • Surveyed workers, students, and customers at restaurants, bars, UWO Reeve Union, and a bowling alley.
    • •200 people participated in the survey. All were between 18-24 years old.
    • •74% are non-smokers
    • •26% are smokers
    • •53% Support the 75-cent tax increase on cigarettes.
outside survey cont
Outside Survey Cont.
  • •70% preferred to go to a non-smoking bar.
  • •72% are in support of a statewide smoking ban in all workplaces and public places.
  • •69% support a smoking ban on the UW-Oshkosh campus.
state wide smoking ban
State Wide Smoking Ban
  • Wisconsin Act 12: Beginning June 2010
  • Under the Act, smoking is prohibited in the following enclosed places:
  • 1. The State Capitol.
  • 2. Residence halls or dormitories owned or operated by a college or university.
  • 3. Day care centers.
  • 4. Educational facilities.
  • 5. Inpatient health care facilities (includes hospitals, county homes and county infirmaries; nursing homes, hospices, the Wisconsin veteran’s home, and treatment facilities).
  • 6. Theaters.
  • 7. Correctional facilities.
  • 8. State institutions.
  • 9. Restaurants.
  • 10. Taverns.
state wide smoking ban cont
State Wide Smoking Ban Cont.
  • 11. Private clubs (a facility used by an organization that limits its membership and is organized for a recreational, fraternal, social, patriotic, political, benevolent, or athletic purpose).
  • 12. Retail establishments.
  • 13. Common areas of multiple unit residential properties.
  • 14. Lodging establishments (a bed and breakfast, hotel, or tourist rooming house).
  • 15. All enclosed places other than those listed above, that are places of employment or public places.
  • 16. Government buildings.
  • Penalties
  • The Act establishes a forfeiture for violation of the smoking prohibition of not less than $100 nor more than $250 for each violation.
  • The Act provides that anyone in charge who violates the “person in charge” provisions is subject to a forfeiture of $100 for each violation. However, the substitute amendment requires that a warning notice be issued for the first violation; and provides that no forfeitures may exceed $100 in total for all violations occurring on a single day.
  • http://www.legis.state.wi.us/lc/publications/act/2009/act012_sb181.pdf
opinions of governance groups 08 09
Opinions of Governance Groups 08-09
  • OSA consulted both Faculty Senate and Senate of Academic Staff
    • Faculty Senate: Majority voted to support stricter smoking policies on campus
    • Senate of Academic Staff: Majority voted to support stricter smoking policies on campus
the survey who took it
The Survey: Who Took it?
  • Number of Participants: 1,748
the survey who took it2
The Survey: Who Took It?
  • 20. What is your age?  answered question1,709  skipped question39
the survey who took it3
The Survey: Who Took It?
  • 23. Do you:  answered question1,703

skipped question 45

questions to consider
Questions to Consider:
  • What do these results mean?
  • Was an average sample of students represented by these results?
  • What further research is necessary?
  • Does this accurately represent the opinion of campus?
  • How do we move forward?
  • Are the same problems still present?
    • No enforcement
    • Unawareness of policies
    • Willful ignorance/refusal of compliance