the triple bottom line n.
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The Triple bottom Line

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The Triple bottom Line

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The Triple bottom Line

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  1. The Triple bottom Line What The “Real World” Can Learn From Us Ned D. Young, Ph.D. Professor of Management and MISSinclair Community College

  2. Aren’t We The “real world”?

  3. The “Real World” Doesn’t Look So Good

  4. The Triple Bottom Line (TBL or 3BL) • Coined by John Elkington in 1994 • Often Referred to as “People, Planet, Profit (or Prosperity)” • The concept demands that an organization be responsible to its STAKEHOLDERS not just shareholders

  5. The Concept of “Stakeholder”

  6. The “Bottom Line”

  7. Components of the 3BL Savitz, Weber, “The Triple Bottom Line, 2006

  8. Creates a “Sustainable” System

  9. How Do Colleges and Universities Embrace the Triple Bottom Line?

  10. Some “Real World” Examples • Tom’s Shoes: • History of Tom’s: • Shore Bank: • U.S. Army • Politics

  11. Vision • In the pioneering spirit of the Wright Brothers, Wright State will be Ohio’s most innovative university, known and admired for our diversity and for the transformational impact we have on the lives of our students and on the communities we serve.

  12. Vision • Your Bridge to the Future: Before us lie uncharted worlds of opportunity. • Sinclair will be the bridge into that future, giving open access to opportunity, intellectual challenge, and self-discovery for students with diverse needs. • With Sinclair, people will pursue their quests for lifelong learning through affordable, high quality education. • Our success shall hinge on turning these values into action: commitment to responsible citizenship within our community

  13. Vision To be a national leader in Catholic higher education Distinctive Graduates, prepared for life and work, who combine competence in a discipline or a professional field, broad liberal learning, strength of character, and skills in building community into a commitment to lifelong learning, leadership, and service; Connected Learning and Scholarship that explore the connections among disciplines, extend beyond the campus to integrate theory with the realities of professional practice, and contribute to the strengthening of public and community life; Strong Campus Community that combines diversity with a distinctive mission, a capacity to meet individual needs with high standards of excellence, a vibrant life of faith with an excitement of learning, and a readiness to develop and change with an appreciation of a solid educational tradition. Outstanding Resource Management that enables us to allocate resources in a way that is both mission-driven and market-focused, improve the educational quality of our facilities and campus, strengthen our financial position, raise substantial and sustainable gift support for our vision, and strengthen our reputation for educational leadership

  14. Thank You! Ned D. Young, Ph.D. Sinclair Community College444 W. Third Street Dayton, OH 45402(937) 512-2759ned.young@sinclair.edu