4 th grade theme 2
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4 th Grade Theme 2. Week 7 Day 5. Discussion. Describe to your partner one task that became easier for you as soon as you learned how to do it?. reluctant. If someone is reluctant to do something, he or she does not want to do it.

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4 th grade theme 2

4th Grade Theme 2

Week 7

Day 5


  • Describe to your partner one task that became easier for you as soon as you learned how to do it?


  • If someone is reluctant to do something, he or she does not want to do it.

  • If something darted in front of you would you be reluctant to go forward?


  • Something is rumpled if it is wrinkled or messy.

  • If people kept jostling you, would your clothes get rumpled?


  • If you feel a surge of a particular feeling, you feel it suddenly and very strongly.

  • If you swerved to avoid hitting a squirrel with your bike, what might surge through you?


  • Someone who is inspecting something is looking at it very carefully.

  • Why might you be attentive as you inspect a coin collection?


  • Something that is taut has been stretched or pulled very tightly.

  • Would you expect a taut snake to dart suddenly? Why or why not?


  • If a place resounded, then it became filled with sound.

  • When have you been responsible for a noise that resounded across the schoolyard?


  • If you untangled something, you untied knots in it or straightened it if it was twisted.

  • Why might you contradict someone who asked you to untangle a taut wire?


  • If someone lurked somewhere, it waited there quietly hidden, usually before doing something bad.

  • What might lurk in the shadows and then pounce on a mouse?

Fluency practice
Fluency Practice

  • Turn to page 198

  • Partner 1 reads first column

  • Partner 2 reads second column

  • Good readers

  • Use Punctuation

  • Reads in phrases

  • Read accurately

Prefix suffix roots
Prefix, Suffix, Roots

  • What is the root word of________?

  • cautiously

  • silently

  • redness

  • dismount

  • untangle

  • redecorate

Prefix suffix roots1
Prefix, Suffix, Roots

  • What is the meaning of the word _____?

  • motionless

  • flavorful

  • inexpensive

  • hurriedly

  • prepare

  • discouraging

Plot conflict and resolution
Plot: Conflict and Resolution

  • Beth and her brother, Jack, were flying Beth’s new kite in the park. They did not see the kite was flying too close to a tree. Suddenly, the kite was blown right into the branches. It was stuck! Beth pulled on the kite string, but it would not come out. Jack tried to pry the kite out tree with a stick. He was too short to reach the kite. Then Beth had an idea. I’ll shake the tree branches while you pull on the string. Sure enough, the kite came loose and fell out of the tree!.


Plot Events