4 th grade back to school night n.
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4 th grade back to school night PowerPoint Presentation
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4 th grade back to school night

4 th grade back to school night

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4 th grade back to school night

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  1. 4th grade backtoschoolnight 2013-2014 Please take some time to fill out the papers on the left side of your child’s desk. Also,please look on the whiteboard for sign-ups: Parties, Shirt Size and how your child primarily gets home.

  2. “ I promise you every day your children will learn something. Some days they’ll bring it home in their hands. Some days they’ll bring it home in their heads. And some days they’ll bring it home in their hearts.” Valerie Welk

  3. About Mrs. Feikert • I grew up in Lansing, KS. • I graduated from Emporia State University in Elementary Education in 2004 and I received my Master’s from Emporia State in 2007. • I live in Olathe with my husband, 2 children, 3 dogs and 1 fish!  • This is my 10th year of teaching! • Hobbies are: Gardening, running, going to movies, and watching Husker football. • I’m super excited to teach your kiddos everyday! It will be a FABULOUS year!

  4. Brougham Elementary Contact Information Brougham Elementary 15500 S. Brougham Drive Olathe, Kansas 66062 (913)780-7350 Mrs. Feikert’s E-Mail Address: Mr. Harrelson’s E-Mail Address: Mrs. Williams’s E-Mail Address: *Please feel free to e-mail us with questions or concerns!*

  5. Organization To help keep the students organized, the Fourth Grade team has established a binder organization system. Inside you will find…. • **Agenda- Students will write down all assignments that they are responsible for. If they finish in class, they will not highlight the assignment. Highlighted work means it is homework. ** Homework Folder- Please check each night for homework. **Dividers- There is a divider for each subject that they will be putting important information throughout the year that should remain in the binder.

  6. Homework Policies and Assignment Books Homework:The purpose of homework is for finishing the day’s assignments, review, reinforcement of skills, and catching up from an absence. Your child will be given a weekly homework packet that consists of a math Quick Check with the expectations of also reading a minimum of 20 minutes per night. Additionally there will be a spelling activity on Tuesdays and Thursdays for them to complete. Their homework packet needs to be signed each night. Some assignments may require additional time outside of the classroom, and your child is responsible to make sure they are completed and returned to school. Late Assignments: All assignments are due by 8:20 a.m. of the next day (unless specific directions say otherwise!) The students know that if it is not turned in on time, it is late. Each day it is late they will lose 10% daily from their grade on that assignment. Assignment Notebooks / Agenda:Each student has a purple agenda that is to be taken home everyday. It will include any homework that needs to be completed. Please look at the agenda each day and discuss with your child any homework they may possibly have. Please return the agenda each day with a parent’s signature. Feel free to jot down a note if you have a comment or concern. Thank you so much for helping us encourage responsibility and accountability in your child. They are expected to bring it to you, not you asking for it every night.

  7. FYI Lunch Guests:Students are welcome to have guests for lunch. Please notify the office by 8:45 a.m. so that lunch or milk can be ordered for you. Guests must stop at the office upon arrival. Our lunch begins at 12:00. Lunch and Milk Money:Please send any lunch money on the first day of the week. It helps out a great deal if it is in an envelope with the first and last name of the student on it. Questions can be directed to the lunch aide at 780-7350 from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Book Orders:If your child wishes to purchase a book from an order, please make any checks out to Scholastic, along with the order form. Please do not write the checks made out to Brougham or their teacher. Checks only, please! Absences:Please contact the office early in the day if you would like to have assignments to be picked up during the day or designate another child at school to deliver them. If your child is unable to complete assignments at home then we can make arrangements when he/she returns.

  8. Fourth Grade Curriculum Highlights Spelling The weekly spelling lists contain 25 words. Five are lifetime words and 20 focus on a pattern or skill. On the first day of the school week your child will take a pretest over the words. They will highlight the words they miss on a typed list and rewrite the word correctly on the other side of their pretest. The typed list will be in their homework folder, which may stay there or at home. The pretest they took should stay in their binder behind spelling. The spelling grade consists of spelling tests, dictation sentences, and mini lessons done over the pattern or skill. Science The major units of study include: *Changing Earth—Rocks and Minerals*Environmental Changes—Trees, Leaves, Food Chain *Magnets & Electricity*Human Body—Muscles, Bones, Eye, and Ear*Nutrition

  9. Writing • We will be using the Writing Process and Six Traits Writing to improve our writing in the areas of ideas, organization, conventions, word choice, sentence fluency, and voice. We will be writing for a variety of purposes across all content areas. A rubric on how their writing is graded can by found in your child’s binder behind writing. The writing grade will consist of their stories, mini lessons, and Morning Notebookss) quizzes. • Morning Notebook: • Every morning there is a writing prompt. Each week every student is chosen at random until all have turned in at least one journal.

  10. Reading • We will be reading stories from the Harcourt reading series. This reading series closely matches the Kansas reading and language arts objectives and indicators. We will also do four chapter books with activities throughout the year. They are How to Eat Fried Worms, Sarah Plain and Tall, Cricket in Times Square, and Night of the Twisters.

  11. Math • The major strands of math that we will study this year are: • *Problem Solving *Measurement/Money *Fractions*Number Sense/Place Value *Geometry*Fractions*Computation *Algebra *Probability & Statistics/Data Analysis • Social Studies • The main units of study include: • *Geography • *Citizenship Skills • *Government* • *Regions of the United States • *Economy • *Kansas • *States and Capitals

  12. REMINDERS Assessment Dates: Reading: March Math: April Science: April Field Trips: Ernie Miller Nature Center? Spring field trip Coming Up: Walk-a-thon September 20th We’d love to have your help this year. Please consider signing up to help in the room or with the Watch DOG program. Thank you!

  13. Brougham Elementary Positive Behavior Support *Marbles *Stars *Table Points *PAWS Brougham Panthers

  14. Letter Time • Please write a letter to your child. Get a piece of paper from your child’s desk. Leave it on their desk so in the morning they have something to read.  • Also, please leave the orange paper on your child’s desk so I can email you.