4 th grade back to school night n.
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4 th Grade Back to school night PowerPoint Presentation
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4 th Grade Back to school night

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4 th Grade Back to school night - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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4 th Grade Back to school night
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  1. 4th Grade Back to school night 4th Grade Teachers: Shelley Naramore Amberlee Toth Melissa Walker Principal: Lisa Kadam

  2. The Fourth Grade Year • Transition from 3rd to 4th grade • Larger Class Size (33-34 students) • Longer School Day • Youngest students on the playground during recess and lunch • Reading to learn instead of learning to read • Students will learn how to and are expected to be organized • Examples: • Thursday folders • Homework Planner

  3. Academics Essential Standards Reading Word Analysis, Fluency, and Vocabulary Development Reading Comprehension Literary Response and Analysis Writing Summary, Response to Literature, Personal Narrative, 5 Paragraph Essays Written and Oral Language Conventions Sentence Structure, Grammar, Punctuation, Capitalization, Spelling Listening and Speaking Listening and Speaking Strategies and Applications Mathematics Focus on becoming mathematically powerful Number Sense Algebra and Functions Measurement and Geometry Statistics, Data Analysis, Probability Mathematical Reasoning Science Biology, Geology, Electricity and Magnetism Science Process Skills Social Science Geography California’s History: Natives, Explorers, Missions, Ranchos, Gold Rush, Statehood, Agriculture, World Wars, The Great Depression, Modern California

  4. Eastshore’s RIR Respect Integrity Responsibility

  5. RespectBeing considerate and honoring the feelings, opinions, and property of others. Student families • Following all school rules • Showing compassion towards others • Being self-discipline • Honoring school policies that have been established. • Parking is designated areas: street, behind the grass field. Parking lot is reserved for employees only.

  6. IntegrityHaving the courage to do what is right, even when it is hard Student Parent • Honesty • Admit when they are wrong • Do not cheat • Do not plagiarize from the internet or any written source • Your child’s work must be their own work. • Guide your child to finding the answers to questions, but refrain from giving them the answers • Encourage them to call a friend or homework buddy • You may help in typing papers or projects, but you must type your child’s work…even if you see mistakes 

  7. ResponsibilityBeing accountable for my own actions and choices (and their consequences without blaming others. Student Families • Being on time to class • Being prepared • Homework/Assignments neat and complete • All supplies and necessities are brought to school • Instrument • Binders • Lunch • Getting your child to school on time- 8am! • Your child must go to the office for a late pass if after 8:00 A.M. • 10 minute rule before and after school • Sign your child out if he/she is leaving early • Check classroom schedule before scheduling appointments, etc. • Volunteers must sign in before coming in the school • Don’t “rescue” your child. If an instrument, homework, etc. is left at home don’t bring it to school.

  8. Dress Code • Good Grooming Habits • Deodorant may be necessary at this age • Appropriate Clothing and Shoes • No hats inside • Spaghetti strap tops and dresses (straps must be at least 2-fingers width across) • Closed-toed shoes

  9. 4th Grade Activities Physical education Field Trips • Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays • Appropriate clothing and shoes must be worn • Mix into groups based on experience and knowledge • We will be going on various field trips throughout the year. Information will be sent home prior to these events • 1st field trip will be to Mission San Juan Capistrano…look for more details coming soon!

  10. Grant • BP A+ for Energy Grant • To teach students about alternative energy sources and how to build a more sustainable future • Focus on Solar/Wind energy, energy conservation and recycling • Hands on activities and assemblies • Get the school and community involved • “Science Night” towards the end of the year

  11. Individual Class Information Please follow your child’s teacher to the appropriate classroom. Shelley Naramore- Portable 2 Amberlee Toth- Room 6 Melissa Walker- Room 3 Thank you for being here tonight. We are all going to have a fabulous school year!