cloud has recently become the place to store data n.
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Act! CRM: Move to Cloud or not? PowerPoint Presentation
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Act! CRM: Move to Cloud or not?

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Act! CRM: Move to Cloud or not? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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With Cloud Computing gaining the hype, is moving your CRM Act! on the Cloud a wise decision?

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Presentation Transcript
cloud has recently become the place to store data

Cloud has recently become the place to store data and host software. With many options of

CRM applications also going to Cloud, is it the right move? What are the pros and cons? How

does it benefit the business? These are the questions one should be asking.

So should you move Act! on the Cloud? Lets see.

1 Major benefit of Cloud - Reduced technical hassles

The most obvious difference between cloud and local is where information and software is

kept. While locally software deployment involves on-site servers, with the cloud your data and

CRM software are stored on remote servers, accessed through an internet connection.

So one of the major benefits of cloud computing is that there is no hardware to install or

software maintenance issues to worry about, compared to taking things in-house.

2 Cost Comparison

With Act! CRM hosted on the Cloud, you just have to pay your monthly subscription charges.

Changes in your business environment, such as increasing or decreasing storage capacity, can

be accommodated much more easily. No need to invest in expensive servers or hire a technical

maintenance team.

With cloud computing processes can also be more streamlined, as collaboration between

departments becomes faster and simpler. Information is stored at a central point that can be

accessed by those who need it, wherever they are, and is constantly updated in real time, so

that everyone has the latest version.

3 Flexible working

With cloud-based CRM solutions, your sales force, or remote teams, even those working in

multiple countries, are able to access the customer relationship management information they

need, when they need it. This is essential for flexible working, but isn't possible if you are

constrained by an in-house software. Similarly, if you want access via your Smartphone or

tablet, you need a solution or which can easily be viewed using your mobile web browser.

4 Data Backup

Millions of businesses find updating data in a timely manner as a hard & hectic task whereas

Cloud Hosted facilitates data backup feature and automatically backup data to ensure business

continuity even at times of disasters.

Integrating CRM data with Cloud Hosting will restrain stressful tasks such as organizing and

monitoring of the data and, in turns, conveys secure access.

5 the verdict according to gartner corporate

5 The Verdict

According to Gartner, corporate policy about the cloud is likely to shift from cloud-first to cloud-

only, where using it becomes the default position. In their review of the cloud, in 2015 nearly

90% of major organizations were already employing a cloud-first strategy.

And because there are no major long-term commitments with cloud-based solutions, you won’t

incur large or unnecessary expenses as you test the waters.

As a business owner, you should research and give Cloud Hosted Act CRM a try. After all, one

should embrace the new technological developments.

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Hosting ACT! in the cloud with SageNext provides you a unique and secure way of sharing

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data in real-time. Our reliable and secure cloud hosting platform renders a dedicated Windows

server operating as a Remote Desktop Server (virtual terminal server) allowing you and all other

authorized users to logon and run ACT Cloud with absolute ease.

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