Social structure
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Social Structure. Content Standard 5: The SW identify the effects of social institutions on individual and group behavior, and how these institutions influence the development of the individual. Social Structure.

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Social structure

Social Structure

Content Standard 5: The SW identify the effects of social institutions on individual and group behavior, and how these institutions influence the development of the individual

Social structure1
Social Structure

Analyze the impact of social institutions on individuals, groups and organizations within society including familial, religious, educational, economic, and political

Why the owl stares
Why the Owl Stares

Once upon a time Owl and Pigeon met and talked just like folks.“There are more owls than pigeons,” boasted Owl.“No,” said Pigeon, “Many more pigeons. I challenge you to count numbers!” “Agreed,” responded Owl. “The big woods is fine place. Plenty trees for everybody.”“Fine. A week from today will give time to notify all owls and pigeons,” Pigeon said.One day the count of owls came first.

Trees were full of owls. They were sure there could not be as many pigeons.Owls were all over the place.

Soon they heard roar from the east, then roar from south and roar from north.

Many Pigeons covered trees so limbs broke.

Owls could not believe there could be that many pigeons.

They sat still moving their heads back and forth staring with wide eyes. Pigeons kept coming.Owls darting under trees and flying away.

They travel at night so they will not meet pigeons.

Owls stared so long and hard at pigeons their eyes just stayed that way

Why the owl stares1
Why the Owl Stares

What are some things you can learn from this tale?

Why the owl stares2
Why the Owl Stares

  • In our family/culture it’s important to teach:

    • Respect of elders

    • Respect of others

    • Manners

Examining social structure
Examining Social Structure

Social Structure: The network of interrelated statuses and roles that guide human interaction

What are some examples?


  • Socially defined position in a group or in a society

    • Each status has attached to it one or more roles

    • Using examples provided in bellwork, what is the status for each of the roles?

Social structure

The behavior-the rights and obligations-expected of someone occupying a particular status

Using examples from bellwork, what are some of the rights and/or obligations for your roles?


  • Ascribed status: Assigned according to qualities beyond a person’s control

    • Based on inherited traits or are assigned automatically when a person reaches a certain age


  • Achieved Status: Individuals acquire through their own direct efforts

    • Example: Basketball player who goes to the NBA

Master status
Master Status

  • Can be either achieved or ascribed

    • In United States, an adult’s master status is usually achieved

      • EX: Occupation, wealth, marital status, or parenthood can serve as master status

      • How can a person’s master status change? Give examples


Statuses serve as social categories; roles are the component of social structure that bring statuses to life

Reciprocal roles
Reciprocal Roles

  • The corresponding roles that define patterns of interaction between related statues

    • Example: The role of a husband can not be filled without having someone else perform the role of the spouse

    • Please provide 3 examples of a reciprocal role

Role expecations
Role Expecations

  • The socially determined behaviors expected of a person

    • Example: Doctors are expected to treat their patients with skill and care

    • Please provide 3 examples of role expectations

Role performance
Role Performance

  • The actual role behavior-does not always match the behavior expected by society

    • Example: Some parents mistreat their children

    • Please provide 3 examples of role performance

Role conflict
Role Conflict

  • Within a single status, there are many interrelated roles to perform

    • The different roles attached to a single status is a role set

  • Role Conflict occurs when fulfilling the role expectation of one status makes it difficult to fulfill the role expectations of another statues

    • Example: Working parents

    • Please provide one example

Role strain
Role Strain

  • Occurs when a person has difficulty meeting the role expectations of a single status

    • Example: A boss who must maintain the morale of workers while getting them to work long periods of overtime

    • Please provide one example

Social institutions
Social Institutions

  • When these statuses and roles are organized to satisfy one or more of the basic needs of society

    • Basic needs include providing physical and emotional support for its members, transmitting knowledge, producing goods and services and maintaining social control

      • Example: Family, the economy, politics, education and religion