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SUOHC Medical Staff

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SUOHC Medical Staff - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Stanford University Occupational Health Center (SUOHC) Environmental Health and Safety. SUOHC Medical Staff. Patrick O’Callahan, M.D. Medical Director Jamie Boseman, R.N., C.O.H.N. Occupational Health Nurse. SUOHC Primary Objectives.

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Stanford University Occupational Health Center (SUOHC)http://suohc.stanford.eduEnvironmental Health and Safety

Report 09-023, Feb 2009

suohc medical staff
SUOHC Medical Staff
  • Patrick O’Callahan, M.D.

Medical Director

  • Jamie Boseman, R.N., C.O.H.N.

Occupational Health Nurse

suohc primary objectives
SUOHC Primary Objectives

To ensure the medical well-being of Stanford University employees in the workplace through:

  • Prevention -- of work-related injury or illness via medical surveillance, immunizations, and occupational health education.
  • Provision of medical care - for work related injury or illness

NOTE: SUOHC does not cover:

  • Non-work related health concerns
  • Student health issues (Vaden Health Center)
  • Non-employees
benefits of the on site suohc
Benefits of the on-site SUOHC
  • On-campus location =
    • Employee convenience
    • Quicker access to work-related injury/ illness care
  • In-house management =
    • Consistent quality of medical services
    • Improved injury/ illness case management
    • Better integration of EH&S and OHC service delivery
  • Institutional Benefits:
    • Improves employee wellness
    • Increases work force productivity (via overall reduction of employee lost time)
    • Reduces worker compensation direct costs
    • Better support for employees returning to work
suohc preventive services
SUOHC Preventive Services
  • Medical surveillance
    • The periodic evaluation of worker health for assuring the adequacy of workplace protective measures and programs (e.g., Hearing Conservation, Respiratory Protection, Laboratory Animal Occupational Health Program (LAOHP)).
  • Immunizations
    • For employees working with infectious agents (eg, Hepatitis-B, Rabies, Vaccinia) or animals susceptible to human infectious agents.
  • Occupational health education/ consultation (in conjunction w/ EH&S- OH&S Program)
    • Reproductive/ developmental health protection
    • Research use of infectious agents and extremely hazardous chemicals
suohc work related injury illness care
SUOHC Work-related Injury/ Illness Care
  • Provides initial and on-going care:
    • First aid treatment of wounds
    • Medications
    • Referral to physical therapy
    • Medical treatment (e.g., splints, crutches)
    • Work status reports
    • Diagnostic testing
when work related injury illness occurs
When work-related injury/ illness occurs:

IMPORTANT: For life-threatening conditions requiring paramedic or ambulance assistance, call 9-911 (or 286 in the Med Center)

  • Inform supervisor
  • Call SUOHC (725-5308) for an appointment time
  • For urgent cases during non-business hours, go to the SU Medical Center Emergency Dept.
  • Complete an SU-17 Incident Investigation Report, available at
who can be seen at the suohc
Who can be seen at the SUOHC
  • Stanford University employees (faculty, staff)
    • Does the individual receive a paycheck from Stanford (not a grant, but Stanford University payroll)?
    •  Is voluntary disability insurance (VDI) taken out of check?
emerging issues
Emerging Issues
  • Post-Docs paid by Stanford but VDI not withheld so currently not allowed to treat.
  • Increased focus on risk based approach to medical surveillance
    • Laser eye exams
    • TB testing at VSC
occupational medical records confidentiality
Occupational Medical Records Confidentiality

SUOHC complies with all applicable medical record privacy requirements per:

  • Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) Privacy Rule
  • California Confidentiality of Medical Information Act

occupational medical records confidentiality1
Occupational Medical Records Confidentiality
  • Title 8 CCR 3204 - Access to Employee Exposure and Medical Records
  • American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine (ACOEM)- Code of Ethical Conduct
    • “..recognize that employers may be entitled to counsel about an individual’s medical work fitness, but not to specific diagnoses or details, except in compliance with laws and regulations.”
suohc general information
SUOHC- General Information
  • Open Mon- Fri, 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • SUOHC brochure available at
  • Environmental Safety Facility (ESF)
  • 480 Oak Road, Room B15
  • Stanford, CA 94305-8007
  • Phone: (650) 725-5308
  • Fax: (650) 725-9218
other eh s workplace health safety programs
Other EH&S Workplace Health & Safety Programs
  • General:
    • Ergonomics
    • Office/ industrial safety
    • Fire safety
    • Indoor air quality
    • Emergency preparedness
  • Lab research-related:
    • Biosafety
    • Chemical Safety
    • Radiation Safety
    • Laser Safety
    • Compliance Assistance
    • Chemical Waste