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NetAcad Slovakia

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NetAcad Slovakia. Business Plan FY 10 Frantisek Jakab, AAM Slovakia, Ukraine, CEE BDA. Table of contents. Section 1: Overview NetAcad Contribution to Cisco General Drivers and Directives Section 2: Analysis Evolution during past three years on key metrics

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NetAcad Slovakia

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netacad slovakia

NetAcad Slovakia

Business Plan FY 10

Frantisek Jakab, AAM Slovakia, Ukraine, CEE BDA

table of contents
Table of contents
  • Section 1: Overview
    • NetAcad Contribution to Cisco
    • General Drivers and Directives
  • Section 2: Analysis
    • Evolution during past three years on key metrics
    • Country profiles by Curriculum and Education Sector
    • Top Academies
  • Section 3: Objectives
    • Specific target numbers based on key metrics and key performance indicators
section 1 overview
Section 1:Overview

NetAcad Contribution to Cisco

General Drivers and Directives

objectives priorities
Objectives & Priorities




Growth &


  • Controlled Growth Segmented by Geography and Curriculum
  • Improve Quality of Student Experience
  • Evolve Academy Model for proper support, quality & training
  • Design & Implement Academy Engagement Model


Business Impact

  • Workforce Pipeline Facilitate the insertion of academy students & graduates in the job market (focus on Cisco’s ecosystem. Skills-gap)


Social & Student


  • Increase Social Impact through Female participation (Gender)
  • Lead Green efforts within the academy Community
  • Enrich student experiencewhile improving their employability
objectives priorities1
Objectives & Priorities






  • Next Generation Field Organization

(Structure, Development, Collaboration & Identity)



Internal & External

Awareness &


  • Implement “Get with NetAcad”
  • External Relevance through “Collaboration/IT Skills Study”
business impact contribution to cisco
Business Impact - Contribution to Cisco

Alignment: Country Transformation – engage to integrate

  • Development of new business opportunities in the education sector (NetAcad piloting, experts for IT projects, replication of best practice projects: Modernization of Education, Intranet, DataCenter, etc...). Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) - contribution to the edu sector transformation – reform of the educational system, strategic partnership based on MoU.
  • Model of cooperation with AmCham

Exploitation of the NetAcad potential for internal activities within Cisco

  • This can serve as support for the SMB University program, Exploitation of the NetAcad potential for Cisco partners (part of the SMB University program).

Workforce Pipeline:

  • EDU sector based business projects development and creating framework for new workforce (models of NetAcad based study programs), RAs in the role of Centers of excellence, student & career days, Summer schools, …
  • Innovative model of cooperation - LSP’s & Learning@Cisco: The possibility to include instructors into business projects, University research programs
growth and sustainability
Growth and Sustainability
  • Positioning the NetAcad program as a model of Non-academic education leading to achievement of industrial IT certificates
  • Model of Lifelong learning system of education for teachers (model of career building based on the NetAcad program) in cooperation with ME
  • Development of a stabile academy partners ECOSYSTEM (model of cooperation with other Cisco entities – LSP, Learning@Cisco)
  • Replication of models of curricula implementation into school training programs
  • Improve quality of instructor training: Model of permanent instructors retraining (compulsory – summer school, evening school, WebEx based trainings, using Web 2.0 tools…)
social student impact
Social & student impact
  • Student Impact:
  • Alumni club for academy graduates (alumni tracking, monitoring graduates professional career, club activities) and academy partners ecosystem
  • Retraining projects based on NetAcad in cooperation with IT investors (new opportunities for graduates from non-IT specialization, especially in regions with shortage of IT specialists). Target group: non-IT students who have poor chance for employment in their regions)
  • Events and activities for student: Cisco Technology University Roadshow, competition for NetAcad student (Cisco Olymp), student fair – as a part of Cisco events
  • Social impact:
  • Support of academies from less-developed areas & creates opportunities for these area – (IT Valley Kosice – T-System Slovakia)
operational excellence
Operational Excellence
    • Annual NetAcad conference (common with CZ),
    • NetAcad section (stands) at events: ICETA 2009, Cisco Expo, ITAPA 2009, IT Summit
    •, unique periodical Newsletter (published monthly from september 2006)
    • NetAcad program partnership with most significant IT magazines PC REVUE & INFOWARE
  • Replication of best practices from Slovakia: NAG, Summer school for instructors and students
    • Champions program – recognition program
  • Student support programs: students career development and career tracking (job placement activities), Student competitions & events.
  • Exploitation of the community potential for further strategic NetAcad development (development of community knowledge repository)

Section 2:Analysis

  • Evolution during past three years on key metrics
  • Country profiles by Curriculum and Education Sector
  • Top Academies
t op academ y pyramid


400 Plus



200 - 399





Top Academy Pyramid

Number of Academies



100 Plus

Active Students FY 08





50 - 99



20 - 49

10 - 20


less 10


5423 Active Students

61 Academies

54 Active Academies

7 Sleeping, or not yet performing

top academy characteristics
Top Academy characteristics
  • What do the top Academies differently?
    • they have build a stabile education system: curricula's are implemented into the training programs
    • instructors are very active and interested in program activities
    • these school are also respected generally and have good managements
  • What happened to the top decliners?
    • lower amount of existing students - demographic decrease
    • changes in school study programs

Analysis of growth in FY08/FY09

  • Statistics show March FY09 status
  • Higher growth is expected until the end of FY09, overall growth is in green
  • CCNP is nice and proportial
  • Top 3 things to mention concerning growth:
  • relatively low interest in Discovery curricula
  • CCNP: 76% above FY09 objectives – CCNP was implemented into university study programs for the first time
  • The program in general (number of academies, instructors and students) is growing proportionally and continuously. Statistics show, that during the last three years, a stabile network of schools, NetAcad academies was established in Slovakia.
analyzing specifics
Analyzing Specifics:
  • Model of cooperation
    • MoU – ME - FY09: finance provided for NetAcad program development – 120.000,- EUR from the ME, 70.000,- EUR from SLSP
    • AmCham – NetAcad : Committee on Business – academic cooperation (best practice replication)
    • Cooperation of NetAcad and Cisco LSP (Alef Nula s.r.o.)
    • Cooperation of NetAcad with universities in preparation of infrastructural projects (impact on business)
    • Cooperation with the ME in preparation of national projects in the field of education (best practice replication).
section 3 objectives fy10 numbers
Section 3: ObjectivesFY10 Numbers
  • What growth do we expect in FY10?
  • Potential areas of growth
potential areas of growth
Potential areas of growth
  • Univerities: CCNA and CCNP
  • Vocational Schools: CCNA
  • Both: CCNA Security
security roll out plan for fy 10
Security Roll Out Plan for FY 10
  • Great preliminary interest in CCNA Security in secondary schools and universities
  • All RAs in Slovakia are prepared to teach CCNA Security (they are equipped with the corresponding equipment)
  • Realize detailed analysis of interest in CCNA Security among academies and partner organizations and will prepare an educational plan for instructors
  • Prepare a model of implementation of the CCNA Security into secondary school and university study programs
  • Discover how Cisco SLP can be involved and what are the local business requirements and opportunities
  • Find good messaging for CCNA Security
section 4 fy10 local specialities
Section 4:FY10 Local Specialities
  • Local initiatives – best practices to share at regional/corporate level
objectives fy10
Objectives FY10:
  • Review and revitalize the current operating system (new model of administration?)


    • Ensure the stability and functionality of NetAcad and increase the quality of infrastructure in schools (with financial support of the ME within the MoU and with the support of the partner ECOSYSTEM
    • in the FY10, raise at least 100.000,- EUR to support CCNA Security and to improve the quality of education for instructors and students: organizing a summer camp for instructors a students; model of continual instructor education
  • Implement the model of cooperation between Cisco LSP and NetAcad
  • Disseminate Top Academy best practices among the local community (Edu. conference / ICETA 2009,… )
objectives fy101
Objectives FY10
  • External communication - Model of cooperation with AmCham in project(s): replication of best practices
  • Best instructor & student recognition activities (annual conference, NetAcad portal, Newsletter)
  • Regional impact on country operations:
    • Competitions, summer schools
    • BDA: AmCham best practices, Instructor‘s portal development activities (development of knowledge repository, nomination functionality…)
investment wild card
Investment wild card
  • put in 4000k to support CCNA Security instructor training for schools: expected result – FY10 – 10 Security LA, + 50 Security students
  • put in 4000k and involve 400+ students and instructors in a local competition (adding new competition category - CCNA Security )
  • put in 7000k : organization of an annual NetAcad event for Slovakia & Czech republic (in Slovakia) - for 200 participants
  • Put in 10 000k: development of NetAcad knowledge repository
  • Put in 1500k: Slovakian NetAcad Newsletter (one of the most successful NetAcad newsletters in CEE, impact – more than 16 000 students).
networking academy in slovakia fy09
Networking Academy in Slovakia FY09

NetAcad: An innovative ICT education initiative - strategic model of Public-Private partnership in education

Globally consistent and locally relevant

Comprehensive and sustainable



Networking academy program is a part of the governmental program of building a knowledge based economy in Slovakia


  • Delivered through
  • cooperation with other Cisco entities, partners ECOSYSTEM & Public-Private Partnerships which brings together institutions with different backgrounds, strengths, and perspectives to accomplish what would not be possible alone