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Washington Costal Region PowerPoint Presentation
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Washington Costal Region

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Washington Costal Region - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Washington Costal Region. Map. Climate. Annual precipitation in inches. Average Temp in farenheit. Landforms. Soil. <10% of all germinates are underscore >90% are open site. Effects of not enough underscore germination. Hydrology. /.

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Annual precipitation in inches

Average Temp in farenheit

  • <10% of all germinates are underscore
  • >90% are open site

Effects of not enough underscore germination


chinook salmon oncorhynchus tshawytscha
Chinook Salmon(oncorhynchustshawytscha)
  • adults average 34.5 inches
  • 30 pounds
  • most abundant fish in peninsula region
endemic olympic marmot marmota olympus
Endemic Olympic Marmot(marmotaolympus)
  • Average weight of 15 pounds
  • Herbivores
  • Found in alpine meadows and fields
  • Most abundant on Hurricane Ridge in Olympic National Park
animal adaptations
Animal Adaptations

Razor Back clam


Green Crab


Developed hard shell with no joints

  • Developed stronger adductor muscles to keep out predators
plant adaptations
Plant Adaptations

Lady Fern


Sea Thrift


Adapts to living in dry, sandy, and saline conditions

  • Adapts to sunlight and water levels
invasive plants
Invasive Plants

Ivy makes up about 80% of invasive plants

Herbicide sprayed to kill invasive plants

lack of sunlight
Lack of Sunlight

About 70 days of sunlight annually

  • About 290 cloudy days
  • 210 of thee include rain

*Most Logging takes place in Forks

olympic national park
Olympic National Park


Big Leaf Maple Trees

Hurricane Ridge Meadow


Bella’s Car

Cullen’s House

breakwater restaurant
Breakwater Restaurant

Seared Beef Carpaccio

Tuna Tar Tar

Pork Chop in Almond Butter Sauce

92% recommended


Quinault in Washington's Olympic Peninsula

marine science laboratory
Marine Science Laboratory
  • Only MSL for Department of energy

Ariel view in Sequim