The russian revolution
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The Russian Revolution. What were the four long term causes of World War I? What were some conditions in the Treaty of Versailles? How did Germany react to these conditions. What is Total War? How is it different? . Warm up. Causes .

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Warm up

Warm up

The russian revolution

  • Social Inequality- Russia still had a feudal society where the workers were far below the nobles

  • Revolution of 1905

    • Russia lost the Russo-Japanese war- first Asian victory against the west

    • Tsar Nicholas II violently put down protestors

    • A constitutional monarchy was established but soon abolished by the tsar



Wartime failures

Wartime Failures

Russian revolution

Russian Revolution oppressing the working


The russian revolution

  • February Revolution oppressing the working

    • Unhappy citizens took to the streets of St. Petersburg, looking for food

    • Gov’t stopped following the tsar, Nicholas II abdicated the throne

  • A temporary gov’t was undermined by the Marxist Bolsheviks led by Vladimir Lenin

  • October Revolution- Lenin led a revolt against the provisional gov’t

Communist government

Communist Government oppressing the working

The russian revolution

Russian civil war 1918 1921

  • Russian Civil War (1918-1921)

    • Reds (communists) vs Whites (those opposed)

    • 15 million died as a result of the fighting

    • Reds won but faced economic collapse

  • At the same time, a famine killed many Russians

  • Communist Russia was renamed the Soviet Union (USSR)

Russian Civil War (1918-1921)

The russian revolution

Russian under stalin

  • Stalin took power and tried to seize complete control of the USSR

  • He created central plans to govern every element of the economy

  • Great Purge- Stalin killed up to six million of his own people that he believed were plotting against him

Russian Under Stalin