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CLASS PRESENTATION. Nissan Micra ( the ad I like) Safe-T-Man ( the ad I dislike). By Sorokina Olga.

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Class presentation


Nissan Micra ( the ad I like)

Safe-T-Man ( the ad I dislike)

By Sorokina Olga

In the Nissan Micra advert when we see a half-shaved head, we want to know why the man has had his hair cut like that. In the end we discover that a woman has shaved the man’ s head because he borrowed his car.

I really liked the advert because advertisers used humour to attract our attention. The slogan perfectly fits the advert itself. Because we have had to work out the solution we will probably remember the product better.

Safe-T-Man (your personal bodyguard) is a life-size simulated male to give others the impression that you have the protection of a male guardian with you while at home alone or driving in your car.

I can’t stand adverts like that because to my mind they are unreal. Though this Safe-T-Man has movable head and hands it looks unnatural and in short distance can be easily recognized as a male substitution.