Planning 10 class presentation
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PLANNING 10 CLASS PRESENTATION. Introduction Work Experience Ace-it Programs SSA Transition Programs while Attending School Transition Programs for Graduating Students. Frank Gigliotti. TRANSITION PROGRAMS.

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Planning 10 class presentation

  • Introduction

  • Work Experience

  • Ace-it Programs

  • SSA

  • Transition Programs while Attending School

  • Transition Programs for Graduating Students

Frank Gigliotti

Transition programs

  • Our programs are designed to help students explore careers while still in high school and move seamlessly to post secondary or a career.

Educational reality
Educational Reality

69% of parents hope their children will attend University

  • Fact: 16% in BC do

  • Fact: Even less complete a degree

  • Fact: Between 2001-2013 29% of job openings will require a University degree

  • Fact: 44% will require other post-secondary training

Educational reality1
Educational Reality

  • 2 in 10 students actually attend University

  • What about the other 80% ?

    • Some find work, some take upgrading classes, some drift around for a few years before making a decision

    • Many return later on to take trades or technical training

Work experience

  • Research has shown students that focus their studies in specific career areas are more engaged in school, do much better academically, are more likely to graduate.

  • Students should sign up for one of the 8 focus areas to obtain a “on the job” work experience.

  • Students are not required to take 5 specific courses prior to going out on Work Experience as in the past.

  • Work Experience can be paid or unpaid.

  • Work Experience will also satisfy the requirement for Grad Transitions.

  • Also available is a online version of the pre-employment course

Transition programs apprenticeships

  • Apprenticeship Programs are 85% work based and 15% school based (ace-it).

Ace it programs

  • Chef Training  Baking and Pastry

  • Hairdressing  Cabinetmaker

  • Carpenter

  • Construction Electrician

  • Automotive Service Technician

  • Millwright

  • Painting

  • Plumbing

  • Metal Fabrication

  • Motorcycle Mechanic

Automotive service technican

  • Located at Centennial

  • 4 courses-16 credits plus Work Experience or SSA

  • Centennial second semester-4 blocks

  • Prerequisites: AT 11and AT 12, English 12 or Communications 12, Apprenticeship Math 11 (B) or completion of Foundations or Pre Calculus Math 11, “L” drivers license, and working knowledge of computers.

  • Dual Credit

Baking and pastry

  • Entry Level Training with specialization in advanced baking.

  • Triple Credit-VCC Certification, 20 high school credits and Level 1 credit with 600 hours toward WBT.

  • VCC downtown campus from or August to Jan., Mon. to Thursday 1:00 to 7:15pm.

  • Completion of grade 10 and Foodsafe Level 1.

  • Work Experience Mandatory


  • Location Terry Fox Secondary

  • 4 classes in the second semester plus 4 weeks at Kwantlen Polytechnic University in Cloverdale

  • Successfully completed grade 11 but consideration will be given to mature grade 10 students.


  • Students will receive 16 high school credits plus Work Experience or SSA credit.

  • Students on successful completion will have obtained Level 1.

Construction electrician

  • Located at Dr. Charles Best

  • Program begins in September and ends in June

  • Mornings only, in the afternoon students can return to their home school or stay at Charles Best

  • Will take Foundations or Pre Calculus 11, Physics 11 and English 11 during the program.

  • 16 credits plus Work Experience or SSA

  • Open to grade 11’s and grade 12’s

  • Upon successful completion will receive Level 1

Chef training

  • Located at Riverside, Centennial and Gleneagle

  • Completion of required grade 10 classes

  • Students will normally take 4 courses in the second semester plus additional courses in the first semester.

  • 24 credits plus Work Experience or SSA


  • Taught at Gleneagle

  • 7 courses plus English 12 or Communications 12

  • 10 month program from Sept. to June

  • Dual Credit

  • 28 credits plus Work Experience or SSA

  • $1100 for the Hairdressing Kit

  • Open to grade 11’s and 12’s

Joinery cabinet making

  • Located at Charles Best

  • 3 courses

  • 12 credits plus Work Experience or SSA

  • Prerequisites: Wood 11 (B),completion of any Math 11 course, completion of English 11 or Communications 11, Drafting 11 recommended.


  • Partnered with PIAB

  • Must be in grade 12 with a minimum of C+ in Apprenticeship and Workplace Math 11 and English 12

  • Starts in mid June for 6 weeks official date TBA

  • No tuition costs

  • Students pays shop supplies and textbook

  • Campus located at Annacis Island

  • Minimum 5 spots

Metal fabrication

  • BCIT Burnaby Campus

  • Starts in February and ending in middle of July

  • Class time 7:00am to 1:30pm

  • Completion of grade 11

  • Foundation of Math 11 or Pre Calculus 11 or BCIT Pretest

  • Books and Supplies $350

Metal fabrication continued
Metal Fabrication-continued

  • 20 high school graduation credits

  • Opportunity for SSA high school credit and 690 hours towards work based hours towards apprenticeship.

  • Minimum 3 spots per intake

Millwright foundation program

  • Offered at BCIT

  • 24 weeks starting in February ending in mid July

  • Dual credit with eligibility to complete Level 1 plus 425 hours of WBT

  • Completion of grade 11 and English 12

Motorcycle mechanic foundation program
Motorcycle Mechanic Foundation Program

  • Offered at BCIT-7:30 to 2:00pm

  • 20 Weeks from February to the end of June

  • Completion of Grade 11

  • 20 high school credits

  • Students will also learn to repair chainsaws,

    lawnmowers, scooters and recreational equipment.


  • Offered at the Finishing Trades School located in Surrey

  • 6 week program from Mid June to the end of July

  • Open to grade 11’s and grade 12’s

  • Level 1 certification

Planning 10 class presentation

SSA students:

Are registered apprentices working in a trade

139 trades (50 Red Seal)

Students earn 16 credits towards graduation through their work based training component

Get a head start on work-based training portion of an apprenticeship

Ssa scholarship
SSA Scholarship

SSA Scholarship Awards Totaled $470,000 Last Year!

SSA scholarship criteria:

  • Registered in SSA prior to graduation

  • C+ average in Grade 12 numbered courses

  • Must have graduated from secondary school

  • Must have 900 hours completed by December 31

  • Must complete 4 SSA courses

Youth program summary


Students are employer- sponsored registered trainees working.

On-the-job training is provided through work experience

Must complete 4 SSA courses

900 hours before Dec. 31

Work experience is paid

Students eligible for $1,000 scholarship


Students are school district trained apprentices doing technical training.

Technical training is delivered in school and/or in a post-secondary or combination

Work experience option

Min. 240 hrs and can be done in combination with SSA

Youth Program Summary

Transition programs while attending school

  • Headstart to Art

  • Fork Lift, Scissor Lift and Bobcat Training

  • SFU Concurrent Courses

  • Douglas College Concurrent Courses

Emily carr headstart to art
Emily Carr-Headstart to Art

  • Drawing Course offered as one of the first year Foundation courses

  • Tuesday from 6:30 to 9:30

  • Courses carry degree credit as well as transfer credit to other Fine Art programs.

  • Runs from Sept to mid Dec.

  • Tuition Costs $330 for domestic students and $1087.32 for International Students.

  • Please send applications directly to Emily Carr on a first applied basis.

  • Must be in grade 12

Concurrent courses at douglas college and sfu

  • Students will be offered opportunities in all areas where seats are available.

  • Student just pays tuition fee, Douglas College and SFU have waived application, registration and activity fee.

  • Student must complete registration and concurrent application forms and then send them to Douglas College. Please see your counselor for the SFU process

Other career opportunities
Other Career Opportunities

  • BCIT Biotechnology Career Awareness Program

  • RCMP Youth Academy

  • Camp Ignite-Female Firefighter Program

  • Tri City Chamber of Commerce Mentorship Program

  • Skills BC Trades Competition

  • Industry Certification Programs

Transition programs for graduating students

  • Animal Health Technology

  • Bachelor of PE

  • ECE Program

  • Hospitality and Restaurant Management

  • Faculty of Health Science

  • Music Technology

  • Special Education Assistant

Animal health technology

  • 2 Year diploma program located a David Lam Campus

  • Excellent opportunities working at an animal hospital or for a veterinarian

  • 6 seats reserved

  • Must have Pre Calculus 11, English 12, WEX12A, and grade 11 and 12 science courses.

Bachelor of pe

  • Dual credit

  • Completion of Fitness 11 and Fitness 12 will grant you credit for SPSC 1103

  • Must be accepted into the degree program before credit granted

  • Must have minimum of C+ in both courses

Early childhood education
Early Childhood Education

  • 2 year Diploma Program offered at the David Lam Campus

  • Students must complete ECED 1110 in the Winter Semester at night school

  • Must have a minimum of “C” in English 12 or write and English assessment test.

  • Minimum 50 hours of volunteer/paid or work experience working with children

Hospitality and restaurant management horm

  • 2 year diploma with transfer into a degree program at several universities.

  • Preferential admission for students in Ace-it Level 1 Cook Training students will receive credit for Horm 1135, BCA 11 credit or ADC 11 for Horm 1120, students who have taken Tourism 11 and Tourism and SSA students in the Cooking Trade will also have preferential admission

  • English 12 (C), and Foundation of Math 11 or Pre Calculus 11.

Health sciences
Health Sciences

  • We have a agreement for a limited number of reserved seating in the following programs:

    • Psychiatric Nursing

    • Dental Assisting

    • Dispensing Optician

    • Health Care Support Worker

    • Health Information Management

Health sciences1
Health Sciences

  • Students will still have to meet the entry requirements and complete a work experience in the specific career area prior to being accepted.

  • Douglas College will host a 2 day career simulation in February for students interested in these career areas.

Music technology

  • Douglas College-New Westminster Campus

  • Minimum 2 reserved seats

  • Training in Music Software, recording and music production

  • 1 year certificate program

  • Must have completed grade 12, have high school courses in music software and be recommended by their music teacher

Special education assistant
Special Education Assistant

  • Reserve seating in the Classroom and Community Support Program

  • Employment as a Special Education Assistant, Youth Worker and Respite Worker

  • Prerequisites are English 12 with a “C”

  • 60 hours of relevant volunteer/work experience


  • Please use our website for forms, information, and new programs.

  • Go to, under Programs, look for Career Programs.