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Types of Verbs

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Types of Verbs - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Types of Verbs. Intransitive Verbs These verbs can end sentences Can also be followed by ADVPS or PPs (which serve as ADVs, usually of manner , place or time ) Do not require NPs or ADJPs to their right. Types of Verbs. Examples: “The mayor spoke” “Margaret slept”

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types of verbs
Types of Verbs
  • Intransitive Verbs
  • These verbs can end sentences
  • Can also be followed by ADVPS or PPs (which serve as ADVs, usually of manner, placeor time)
  • Do not require NPs or ADJPs to their right
types of verbs1
Types of Verbs
  • Examples:
  • “The mayor spoke”
  • “Margaret slept”
  • “The baby panda cried softly” (ADVP)
  • “The Titanic sank in 1912” (PP serving as an ADV of time)
types of verbs2
Types of Verbs
  • Transitive Verbs:
  • Cannot end sentences.
  • Must be followed by NPs (serving as Direct Objects or DOs)
types of verbs3
Types of Verbs
  • “The secretary sealed the letter”
  • (You have to seal something)
  • “President Clinton supported the health care bill”
  • (You have to support something)
types of verbs4
Types of Verbs
  • Linking Verbs:
  • -Cannot end sentences
  • -Cannot be followed directly by ADVPs
  • What they do is “link” the phrases on each side of the main verb phrase
types of verbs5
Types of Verbs
  • Can be followed either by ADJPs (serving as Subject Complements/Predicate Adjectives) which generally summarize some characteristic of the subject noun)
  • Or by NPs (serving as Subject Complements/Predicate Nouns) which generally refer to the same person or thing that the subject noun refers to
types of verbs6
Types of Verbs
  • seem, become, remain
  • verbs of senses: taste, smell, sound, look, feel
types of verbs7
Types of Verbs
  • Examples:
  • “The president looked weary”
  • “The lasagna tasted scrumptious”
  • “Silas remained an honest man”
  • “Clark Kent became Superman”
types of verbs8
Types of Verbs
  • BE Verb:
  • Is traditionally classified as a Linking Verb
  • Has one slight difference, however
  • Can be followed by a PP (serving as an ADV of time or place)
types of verbs9
Types of Verbs
  • Examples:
  • “Marilyn Monroe was insecure”
  • “The programmer is a math whiz”
  • vs.
  • “My mother was in the next room” (ADV of place)
  • “The test is on Friday” (ADV of time)
types of verbs10
Types of Verbs
  • Ditransitive Verbs:
  • Vg (for the word “give”)
  • Are followed by two NPs
  • One functions as the Direct Object, the other as the Indirect Object
  • Remember: IOs receive DOs
types of verbs11
Types of Verbs
  • Examples:
  • “The board gave the teachers a raise”
  • “Donald bought Sheila a diamond necklace”
types of verbs12
Types of Verbs
  • Can have alternative form: IOs can be replaced by PPs introduced by “to” or “for”
  • “The board gave a raise to the teachers”
  • “Donald bought a diamond necklace for Sheila”
types of verbs13
Types of Verbs
  • Vc(for the word “consider”)
  • Followed by an NP that functions as a Direct Object
  • Then another NP or ADJP that functions as an Object Complement (a phrase that modifies the Direct Object)
types of verbs14
Types of Verbs
  • Examples:
  • “Republicans consider Democrats big spenders”
  • “Some rock fans consider The Rolling Stones old-fashioned”