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Unit 9

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Unit 9
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  1. Unit 9 Jobs “The benefits are great!”

  2. Lead-in Activity • Warm-up • Listening Task • Real World Listening • Interaction Link • Useful Expressions • Additional Listening • Homework Conversation

  3. Lead-in Activity Think about your ideal job. What job would you really like to have? What would it be like? Fill in the chart below.

  4. Part I Warm-up

  5. Warm Up great salary danger responsibility teamwork leadership no commute long hours travel Write the word or phrase that describes each job.

  6. Warm Up Write the word or phrase that describes each job. • 1. I’m in international business. I go to other countries all the time, but somehow all the airports look the same. ________________ • 2. I’m a teacher. I feel that, in a way, the future of my students is in my hands. That’s a heavy feeling. ________________ • 3. Being the boss is all about making decisions. The big office is nice, too, though. ________________ • 4. I’m a lawyer at a big firm. I work a lot, but it’s worth it when payday comes around! ________________ • 5. I’m a nurse. I love helping people get better, but sometimes I don’t get home until late at night. ________________ • 6. I’m a firefighter. All of us really count on each other during a fire. __________ • 7. I’m a police officer. My wife worries about me, but I’m always careful. And I carry a gun. ________________ • 8. Working at home is great. I’m my own boss and I don’t have to go anywhere to get to work. ________________ travel responsibility leadership great salary long hours teamwork danger no commute

  7. Pairwork • Think of a job and use three adjectives to describe it. Tell your partner the three adjectivesand let him guess what job it is.

  8. Part II Listening Task

  9. Language Points • accessory n.附件,配件 • on one’s feet 站立着 • menial adj. (指工作)琐碎的,非技术性的,卑下的 • tidy up 整理,收拾 • cash register 现金出纳机 • cashier n.出纳员 • entry n.记录,登记 • Switzerland n.瑞士(国名) • maid n.女仆 • scenery n.风景,景色 • magnificent adj.宏伟的,华丽的

  10. Culture Note • It’s not polite to ask how much money someone makes in many countries. In others, it’s not polite to ask what someone’s job is, but talking about salary is OK. In some cultures, it’s important to have a business card. When you accept the business card, treat it with respect and comment on the person’s job.

  11. Look at the pictures. What do you think each person’s job is? First Listening Where did each speaker work? accessories shop fast food restaurant insurance company hotel

  12. Second Listening Why do they like their jobs? 1. She had a flexible schedule. She could practice foreign languages. √ 2. He learned to use a cash register. √ He was part of a team. 3. He had a lot of fun on the job. He learned to work on computers. √ 4. She could ski a lot. √ She saw beautiful scenery.

  13. Script 1.I worked in an accessories shop in the middle of London. I used to work on Fridays and Sundays. It was quite tiring, and I was on my feet the whole time. And I had to do quite menial things, like tidy up. But I got a chance to practice my foreign languages on the tourists. We had a lot of customers from foreign countries. They often told me about where they were from, and I liked talking to them.

  14. Script 2.I finally got a promotion at the fast food place. I was allowed to work the cash register, which was challenging because it had many pictures. It’s for people who couldn’t read or write who wanted to work as cashiers. So when the customer said, “Can I get a two-piece with fries?” you’d look for the picture with the two pieces of chicken and fries. I would see how fast I could find the picture while the customer was telling me the order. It was like a game.

  15. Script 3. My first job was data entry at an insurance company. It wasn’t very hard. I pretty much did the same thing all day. The great thing about it was that I learned a lot about computers. Every time the computer crashed I had to figure out how to fix it. My knowledge of computers is what got me the job I have now.

  16. Script 4.I was working in Switzerland, actually, as a maid in a tourist hotel. It was up in the mountains, so you could ski after you got off work. It was cool, since I love skiing. I made good money, and the scenery was magnificent.

  17. Pair Work • What is important for you in a job? Salary, challenge, the feeling of accomplishment, or knowing that you are making a contribution?

  18. Part III Real World Listening

  19. Language Points • journalism n.新闻业 • CNN 美国有线新闻网 • blog n.网络日志,博客 • podcast n.播客,有声博客

  20. Prepare Sandy and Jennifer want to work for an online news agency. Look at their resumes.Who do you think is best for the job? Now listen and check. Who do you think will get the job?

  21. Get The Main Ideas Give a ranking to Sandy and Jenniferfor the categories below. (Use your own opinions.) bad OK good excellent Sandy Education √ Jennifer √ Sandy Experience √ Jennifer √ Sandy Personality √ Jennifer √ Sandy Desire √ Jennifer √ Sandy Connections √ Jennifer √ Answers may vary.

  22. Script • Part 1. • Mr. Chang interviews Sandy Spencer. • Mr. Chang: So, Ms. Spencer, your father called me and said you were looking for a job with us. • Sandy: Yes, well, I got back from two years in Mexico as an English teacher and I’m looking for something in journalism. • Mr. Chang: I see. Why do you want to work for CNN? • Sandy: Well, it has a good reputation, and I really like working with media technology. • Mr. Chang: Great. Tell me about your education. Which classes have you taken that have prepared you for this position?

  23. Script • Sandy: Hmm. Seems like a long time ago. Well, I took a writing course at university, and um, a course on modern media, or something like that. • Mr. Chang: I see. Tell me about your experience working with media technology. • Sandy: You mean, like, websites, and blogs, and stuff like that? • Mr. Chang: All of the technology that’s used in the media. • Sandy: Well, I really like podcasts. I listen to them all the time and I have a lot of favorite video websites that I visit every day. There’s some very hot stuff out there. • Mr. Chang: OK, do you know anything about editing video, or preparing web broadcasts, or… • Sandy: Uh, well, I know how to watch it, and I’m sure I could learn how to make it.

  24. Script • Part 2. • Mr. Chang interviews Jenny Lorant. • Mr. Chang: So, Ms. Lorant, why… • Jenny: You can call me Jenny. • Mr. Chang: OK, Jenny, why do you want to work for CNN? • Jenny: Well, first is reputation. I only want to work for a company with a sound reputation. • Mr. Chang: I see. • Jenny: CNN is the best, and I guess I just want to be part of that.

  25. Script • Mr. Chang: Great. Tell me about your education. Which classes have you taken that have prepared you for this position? • Jenny: Everything. Everything I’ve done has prepared me for this position. I have a double major in journalism and video production. • Mr. Chang: Do you have job experience with media programming? • Jenny: Yes, a lot. I have a lot of experience with video production, editing software, digital video, web design. I produced news programs for my university’s TV station and I’ve been a producer at KPIQ, my local station, for two years. • Mr. Chang: Hmm. Interesting.

  26. Respond to the Ideas • How important is personality for getting a job? Experience? Connections? Luck? • Why do you want to work for the firm? Why should the firm employ you?

  27. Part IV Interaction Link

  28. What’s My Job? 1. Choose one of the jobs below. Write the job on a piece of sticky notepaper and put it on another student’s back. Someone will stick a job name on your back. (Don’t look at it!)2. Walk around the room. Ask questions about your job and try to guess what it is. When you think you know your job, ask, “Am I a ... ?”Sample questions:Do I work indoors or outdoors? What are the benefits (or advantages) of this job?Would you like to have this job? Do I make a high salary or a low salary?



  31. Example • When all your classmates have guessed their jobs, give a short summary of your job: • 1. job name • 2. where/how you work (inside/outside, with people/alone) • 3. salary • 4. advantages, features • Model Example: • I’m an artist. • I work inside most of the time. • I make a low salary, but I like my job because I can be creative.

  32. Part V Useful Expressions

  33. Useful Expressions My job is all about fixing computers. 我的工作就是修电脑。 这项工作非常辛苦/有挑战性的。 This job is quite tiring / challenging. 我是要一直站着。 I am on my feet the whole time. 我一天几乎做得 是同样的事情。 I pretty much do the same thing all day. My knowledge of computers is what got me the job. 我对计算机知识的掌握 使我得到这份工作。

  34. Useful Expressions 我的工作日程安排很灵活。 I have a flexible schedule. 你为什么想要在CNN工作? Why do you want to work for CNN? 你都修了哪些与这个职位相关的课程? Which classes have you taken that have prepared you for this position? 你有从事计算机编程的工作经验吗? Tell me about your experience working with computer programming. Do you have job experience with computer programming?

  35. Part VI Additional Listening

  36. Additional Listening A: What’s your working day like?B: I have a typical 9 to 5 job. Actually, I work a little longer than 9 to 5 most days.A: Do you get paid overtime?B: No, I don’t. I get a bonus each month, depending on the value of the contracts I sign with clients.A: Do you have any breaks?B: We have an hour-long lunch break form 12 to 1. We can take coffee breaks during the day. My boss doesn’t mind, as long as we get out work done on time.

  37. Additional Listening A: My boss gets annoyed if we take coffee breaks. I suppose your job involves a lot of paperwork, doesn’t it?B: There’s some paperwork, but most of the time we put any information onto computers. Then we can send information to each other by email or across the network. Do you work in a cubicle?A: Yes, I do. I don’t like it very much.B: I work in a cubicle too, but I don’t mind it.

  38. Part VII Homework Conversation

  39. Work in pairs. • You apply for a job and your partner acts as an interviewer.

  40. Expressions for reference • Why do you want to work for CNN? • Which classes have you taken that have prepared you for this position? • Do you have job experience with web design? • Do you think you’re qualified for this job? • Have you ever worked as part of a team?