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what your outer experiences suggest about your n.
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What Your Outer Experiences Suggest About Your Inner Feeling PowerPoint Presentation
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What Your Outer Experiences Suggest About Your Inner Feeling

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What Your Outer Experiences Suggest About Your Inner Feeling
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What Your Outer Experiences Suggest About Your Inner Feeling

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  1. What Your Outer Experiences Suggest About Your Inner Feelings and thoughts

  2. http://JordanTherapy.com I say conscious because without awareness of the experience you can't experience. Did you ever hear of the saying, “if a tree falls in the woods and nobody hears it, did it fall?” If you are not mindful of the tree falling, then for you, it didn't. A different way to see this is when some thing is moving so fast you will no longer view it. You are not aware you didn't experience it. http://LewisJamesJordan.com

  3. http://JordanTherapy.com Being familiar with an experience is significant, and yet knowing separateness is important. Separateness = experience. Once we see our bodies, our relationships, our thoughts, all that we see as separate from us we are then able to experience. As a result if we are in a state of unification, or oneness, we simply cannot experience, we just are. Experience happens in a time space continuum. Due to the fact time and space really do not exist, then neither does the experience itself. So, what exactly does this imply? http://LewisJamesJordan.com

  4. http://JordanTherapy.com Simply put, this suggests that what we all are experiencing in just a reflection of what we feel and think about ourselves, since there is No other, but you. You Alone. http://LewisJamesJordan.com

  5. http://JordanTherapy.com The fact is that all feelings and thoughts are about YOU. What you choose to see, feel, smell, act, taste, be are typically selections determined by your thoughts and your feelings. And that means you can understand what your feeling and thinking dependant on what you have demonstrated consciously in your life. If you have demonstrated emotional pain, physical pain, relationship pain, what are you thinking and feeling about these things? http://LewisJamesJordan.com

  6. http://JordanTherapy.com If you feel and feel a requirement to be punished, you shall be. Some say, life is based on luck, “shit happens”, or perhaps “God” or “the devil” make choices for you. They are all true if you believe it to be true as there is but one and it matters not how you identify who is making the choice, it is usually you. Because of this all avenues lead to the same place. http://LewisJamesJordan.com

  7. http://JordanTherapy.com If you feel a pain inside your body, ask yourself what am I thinking and feeling? Self awareness gives the cabability to become directive in life. Taking hold in the now is when change happens. In the times of biggest despair we can prefer to be happy. http://LewisJamesJordan.com

  8. http://JordanTherapy.com This is an advanced short article based on quantum theory and Metaphysical thought. In case you have inquiries please e-mail me or if this theme is completely new to you make sure you read “Conversations with God” by Neale Donald Walsh. If many of these thoughts bring up anger to you, look within to determine why. What about this challenges your beliefs? Where do you need to be right? Where is your need to be right coming from? Bear in mind, if I said you were yellow with blue stripes you would not get angry, in fact you might laugh. http://LewisJamesJordan.com

  9. http://JordanTherapy.com But when any part of you assumed it to be true or considered that it was “wrong” to be this you would then reply with anger. Anger = Victim. This is a choice and a refection again of your inner thoughts and feelings about yourself, as all your experiences. http://LewisJamesJordan.com

  10. Dr Lewis James Jordan has over 20 years experience in Psychology and Metaphysical counseling. Dr Jordan’s Florida therapyoffices are located in various locations throughout South Florida. Please visit his sites regularly at, http://JordanTherapy.comand http://LewisJamesJordan.comfor more information.