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MYP Community & Service (C&S) Student Guide PowerPoint Presentation
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MYP Community & Service (C&S) Student Guide

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MYP Community & Service (C&S) Student Guide - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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MYP Community & Service (C&S) Student Guide. Ms. Louisa Yen MYP Community and Service Coordinator . Why C&S?. Community and Service in the MYP aims to encourage empathy and respect that can lead to deeper understanding. Students can benefit from:

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MYP Community & Service (C&S) Student Guide

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    1. MYP Community & Service (C&S)Student Guide Ms. Louisa YenMYP Community and Service Coordinator

    2. Why C&S? • Community and Service in the MYP aims to encourage empathy and respect that can lead to deeper understanding. • Students can benefit from: -increasing awareness of needs in the communities -sharing skills, talents and resources -developing leadership and cooperative skills -getting insight into different social patterns and ways of life

    3. MYP Requirement • In order to gain the MYP certificate, students will have met the expectations of Community and Service to the satisfaction of the school.

    4. MYP C&S at RCHK

    5. C&S Journal for Y10/Y11 The C&S Journal consists of two sections: • Activities Log Record all C&S activities you have involved with brief reflection. (3 or more activities required for Y10. Two or more activities required for Y11. Exceptional cases - see Ms Yen for approval.) 2. Reflection Journal Choose one significant activity to write your Journal to reflect your: -Planning -Action -Reflection For saving environment and easy retrieval, please download the electronic Guide and C&S Journal from your email to work on.

    6. C&S Evaluation Criteria In your C&S journal, you must produce evidence that you have met the following criteria: • Identified and coordinated a C&S activity • Worked collaboratively with others • Shown perseverance and commitment in their activities • Engaged with issues of global importance • Developed new skills • Demonstrated in-depth reflection If you fail any two or more of the six criteria, you will not be able to fulfill the C&S requirement at RCHK which will also result in a failure for the MYP certificate.

    7. Working Timeframe • Semester 1 (Jan): -meet with your advisor for progress feedback • Semester 2 (May): -present your Journal in the Student-Led-Conference and submit it to your advisor for final evaluation Those who fail the evaluation will be monitored by Ms Yen to do further C&S commitments.

    8. What can I do for C&S? • Always consider your strengths and interests…. -Join the ‘Stray Friends’ if you love dogs! -Help in the school library if you love books! -Participate a child care program if you like kids! -Visit the elderly if you enjoy chatting! -Call the hospitals if you are interested in medicine! -Volunteer to support ICT if you are good at computer!

    9. Where can I find a C&S opportunity? • Check the student bulletin and school website regularly • Conduct researches on websites • Contact the organizations you are interested in. • Talk to Ms Yen to find out more information.

    10. Examples of C&S Opportunities

    11. Useful C&S websites

    12. On the school Website You can find C&S information on the school website: Creativity Action Service / CAS programme / MYP Community and Service

    13. Now be ready to take an action!

    14. C&S Consultation with Ms Yen • Every Tuesday after school or by appointment • Email: • Room: SS116