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Blaze Technology Solutions (P) Ltd PowerPoint Presentation
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Blaze Technology Solutions (P) Ltd

Blaze Technology Solutions (P) Ltd

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Blaze Technology Solutions (P) Ltd

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  1. Concept To Completion Next Blaze Technology Solutions (P) Ltd

  2. Mission • Strengths • What we Provide? • Quality Methodologies • Expertise • Development Methodology • Organizational Structure • Excellent Accomplishments • Locations • Conclusion • Thank You

  3. As an emerging and fast growing player in the global software industry market, BLAZE is poised with the “Concept To Completion”. Blaze is committed to being the ‘Supplier of choice’ through process & service excellence. Our emphasis is on being a responsible, innovative business partner providing value added services to our customers worldwide INDEX

  4. Broad Industry experience which allows us to quickly understand and optimize client Business process • Strong focus on Business requirements and ROI • Extensive Project Management experience and an eye for details • Experienced Development Team with knowledge of latest Technologies • Well defined Development Methodologies for timely delivery, budget control and overall success • Easy adaptability of systems/applications so that you can quickly respond to the changing Business conditions INDEX

  5. Customer Support • Marketing Desk at Our Centers • 24x7 Support & Maintenance • Value-based Solutions • Dedicated Facilities & Security • Fosters Creativity, Innovation & Entrepreneurship • Motto of Client satisfaction • Disaster recovery and Business continuity planning INDEX

  6. We implement the Software Quality Assurance (SQA) that addresses the quality assurance needs at every phase of the development cycle. • Our QA team has developed a focused quality control checklist. In addition, we also have a comprehensive quality testing checklist which ensures that every solution delivered by Blaze measures up to the highest possible international standards. • Our aim is to provide quantifiable and consistent results through automated processes that have been tested over time. • Our quality activity is associated with all line • Our scope is not restricted only to fault detection and correction • We are oriented towards both prevention and excellence • We involve taking care in design, production and servicing • We define and follow appropriate procedures, techniques and tools INDEX


  8. INDEX

  9. Project development in Blaze is done in the following sequence • Pre-proposal risk analysis • Proposal preparation • Requirement analysis • Construction/coding • Implementation • Project completion • Project estimation • Project planning • Design • Quality and Testing • Project completion • Maintenance INDEX

  10. Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Marketing Manager Human Resource Manager Quality Manager Project Manager Project Manager … Assistant Manager Developer Web Designer Database Analyst Tester Implementer INDEX

  11. APPLICATIONSPORTALS TOOLS • Microsoft Projects – AddIn Pondyonline Web Crawler • AUTOCAD – Net zoom Kuwait Online Store Palm web synchronizer • Bug tracking system K-Malaysia • Inventory System KOS Grocery • Barcode Attendance Registry Q8pinoy • Bio Sec Q8Jobs • Monitoring Systems INDEX

  12. MICROSOFT PROJECT ADDIN The Microsoft Project Add In has been created to organize Microsoft Project 2003 Data under a hierarchy, also to share the Project data across network boundaries (Internet). Logins are provided to access the Project data. This allows securing the Project Information to only authorized Persons. Files can also be shared by uploading to Tasks in the Projects. A Server application (Web Component) assists in storing and retrieving the data and files associated with a Project in a Web Directory. Technology C#, .Net, SQL Server 2000 .NET XML Web Service, .NET Shared Add-In INDEX

  13. BARCODE ATTENDANCE REGISTRY Manage Attendance using a Barcode Reader Captures the exact time of the Employee’s entry and exit in an office Generates comprehensive reports on Employee Attendance Key Features Provides Time Line graphical view of the attendance of an employee Technology Developed using VB6 External Barcode Reader used to identify the user INDEX

  14. BIO SECURITY SYSTEM Security based on Finger print authentication and Webcam Secures organizations by allowing authorized employees to the workplace Also captures the Face image of the intruder Key Features Client modules can run in offline mode Technology Being developed using .NET Technologies (C#) MSMQ is being used as communication medium between Client and Server External Finger print reader used to capture the Finger print Webcam to capture the Face image of the person authenticating INDEX

  15. WEB CRAWLER The Web Crawler application crawls the web to find a Page matching the Keywords being searched for. It uses the Page Grabbing method to read data from the Web Pages (Page Grabbing refers to retrieving the Page Content as bytes from the location specified by the URL). Technology C#.Net Microsoft Access Google Web API, Threading INDEX

  16. PALM WEB SYNCHRONIZER Synchronizes Palm personal data like Address book, Date book and To-do list from the Server to the device Single click allows synchronization Authenticates user before synchronization Key Features Synchronization can happen even while roaming Technology PALM WEB SERVER Operating System Palm OS 5.0 Operating System : Windows Server 2000 Language : Java Language : Active Server Pages Database : Palm Database Database : Microsoft access Database Technology Used : Java MIDP API Technology Used : XML INDEX

  17. K-MALAYSIA Educational test site Students participate in tests, to find out their potential Analyze their weakness in specific subjects or chapters Graphical charts helps in analyzing the results Key Features Test questions are sent to the client through XML to enable fast access Reduces server roundtrips in reading questions Technology Powered by Active Server Pages (ASP) Data maintained by Microsoft Access INDEX

  18. Q8JOBS Job site for different domains Companies and Individuals can post jobs under different domain Job seekers can post resumes in the site Graduates can search for Jobs in their domain areas Key Features Automatic notification to both Job Posters and Seekers, when a match is found Technology Developed using ASP.NET Technology (C#) Data maintained by SQL Server INDEX

  19. Q8PINOY Community development site Chat allows limited users to speak to one another Sports, Local (Kuwait), Pinoy and International news under one site. Businesses and Individuals can publish Classified Ads Jobs can be posted and searched to help the local community Technology Developed using ASP.NET Technology (C#) Data maintained by SQL Server INDEX

  20. United Kingdom Kuwait India Singapore Malaysia INDEX

  21. At Blaze, we give our customers the ability to integrate and process information and data across multiple platforms in a timely manner through numerous devices from desktop to PDA. By blending state of the art technologies with existing legacy platforms, our technical teams are focused on designing and developing distributed applications that will support our customers' business functions allowing them to respond and service the needs of their business and clients in an ever-changing marketplace. “Our effective and professional I.T Team and MIS system will benefit our company and our partners, giving you a competitive edge over the rest.” INDEX

  22. THANK YOU Visit Us @ Blaze Technology Solutions (P) Ltd LA Complex, Sithanandha Nagar, Villupuram N.H, Pondicherry 605005, INDIA Emails: Phone: +91 413 2200267, 2203267, 0 91 9443293536 INDEX