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  1. Congratulations! You have been assigned a project to work on as a team! Your overall mark will be based on your group effort and your final product. Blah … blah … Blah … Blah …Blah … blah … Blah … Blah …

  2. I always end up doing all the work! We interrupt this lesson with a look inside your head… I hate team work! Why should my mark depend on other people? So-and-so is very bossy and takes over everything!

  3. Back to our regular scheduled lesson! So, you’ve been assigned a project. Great! Here’s your chance to work on something that answers the age old student question; “When am I ever going to use this?”

  4. Answer:all the time in your future job. The projects will change, but working with other people will stay the same.

  5. There will always be people who don’t contribute or who bulldoze over everyone else. Maybe even you will be one of those people!

  6. Here’s your chance to improve your skills on how to deal with such situations. You now get an opportunity to practise how you might handle these situation.

  7. You don’t get better at something until you’re forced to practice reactions.You’ll come up with something that will benefit the group and you!

  8. This project is not only a learning opportunity for English, but also a learning opportunity of working successfully with others. The outcomes of this project are not just the end result, it’s also the development of your collaboration skills.

  9. So, once gain, CONGRATULATIONS! You’ve been assigned to work on a group project!

  10. Jamal Edwards, a 20 year old entrepreneur Jamal is the founder of the Youth Media Channel, SBTV. Jamal founded his company at the tender age of 16, after receiving a camera as a Christmas present. He started out casually filming local rappers and musicians on the streets and would then go on to share these videos on his YouTube channel. Jamal decided to make this hobby into a profession; he is now running the biggest youth media channel in the UK.

  11. GerardJones, is a 21 year old entrepreneur Gerardis aProfessional Football Coach who launched Gerard School of Football at the age of 19.Gerard refused scholarships to play in professional clubs in the USA. His school is now a premier Football School in England, that provides specialist football coaching to boys and girls.

  12. Suleman Sacranie,  is a 21 year old entrepreneur Suleman started his company 99p shopper – a budget online shopping website where each item is priced for 99p. As the company started to grow, Suleman decided to drop out of university to focus full time on his business. His company is now delivering products to households all over Europe.

  13. Poppy Disney, is a 24 year old entrepreneurPoppy is a 24 year old fashion blogger from Surrey; she became an internet sensation when she started posting pictures of herself wearing a different outfit each day. She finally decided to move in to her own website called What I Wore Today, which is now a very famous fashion website.

  14. Is entrepreneurship for you? It can be, since almost anyone can become an entrepreneur. Successful entrepreneurs have learned to what they do, and so can you.

  15. Entrepreneurs tend to start ventures that build on specific skills they have already developed and knowledge they have already acquired in certain industry.But all entrepreneurs tend to share other, more general, skills such as communication, team building and creative thinking skills.

  16. Could you do the same? Get ready here comes the objectives….

  17. Objectives Describe entrepreneurship Identify the advantages and disadvantages of running a small business