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  3. FRESHMEN NOMINEES December 2012/January 2013

  4. RUTH CALDERON FRANCO • GRADE 9 • 3.5 GPA • “Ruth has impressed me with her maturity, hard work, and focus towards her education. She knows how to balance being in sports and doing well in her classes.” -Mrs. Manter, Nominating Teacher

  5. DAVID CHANG GRADE 9 3.375 GPA “David is a motivating and serious thinker who will be a community game-changer.” -SgtMajFullard and 1stSgt Romero, Nominating Teachers

  6. ALEXIS ESPINOZA GRADE 9 3.5 GPA “Alexis is hard working and always willing to help others. She is wonderful student and always has a positive attitude.” -Mr. Ramming, Nominating Teacher

  7. LIZBETH ESTRADA ROCHA GRADE 9 3.83 GPA “In a world that is ever changing, I can count on Lizbeth to be a constant. She is respectful, hard working, and is ready for my class every day. If more students lived up to her expectiations, I would probably be out of my job.” “Highly motivated and truly dedicated, Cadet Estrada will ascend to the highest level.” -Mr. Fredericks, Nominating Teacher -SgtMajFullard and 1stSgt Romero, Nominating Teachers

  8. ROMAN GOMEZ • GRADE 9 • 2.83 GPA • “Roman is always willing to participate in class and help out with distributing or collecting materials. I appreciate Roman and I am proud of his accomplishments.” -Mr. Stumpfhauser, Nominating Teacher

  9. JOSE LOPEZ GOPAR GRADE 9 3.2 GPA “Jose always gives 100% effort, and he is always willing to help his classmates. He never has to be asked to get to work because he is always on task.” -Mrs. Silva, Nominating Teacher

  10. LAUREN MILLER GRADE 9 4.0 GPA “Lauren is a remarkable young woman whose talents are diverse.” -Mr. Castle, Nominating Teacher

  11. JASPREET NAGRA • GRADE 9 • 4.0 GPA • “Jaspreet is one of the most dedicated students I have ever met. She is meticulous with her work, inquisitive, and reliable.” -Mrs. Pena, Nominating Teacher

  12. ESMERELDA NARANJO GRADE 9 3.67 GPA “Esmerelda is a positive example for other students.She displays a great work ethic and dedication in the classroom and in the sports of track and cross country.” -Mr. Jones, Nominating Teacher


  14. JOHN ALLISON GRADE 10 3.8 GPA “John is always a willing participant in his classes. He is always ready and willing to recycle and knows his responsibilities.” -Mrs. Espinoza, Nominating Teacher

  15. JASMINE BARAJAS • GRADE 10 • 3.616 GPA • “I am proud of Jasmine’s ambition. It is obvious she is determined to succeed in life!” -Mrs. Alvarado, Nominating Teacher

  16. YESENIA BUENROSTRO GRADE 10 4.0 GPA “Yesenia is passionate about her education and works hard to be successful in all her classes. She is a well-rounded young lady that I wish more of my students strived to be like.” -Mrs. Manter, Nominating Teacher

  17. ARMANDO CARRILLO GRADE 10 4.0 GPA “Armando is an exceptional student and young man. With such dedication and determination, he will continue to succeed in his academics and accomplish all of his future goals.” -Mrs. Lambert, Nominating Teacher

  18. MARISSA GARCIA GRADE 10 4.0 GPA “Marissa is an exemplary student and role model to the class. She has a very positive attitude towards class and is always prepared. It is a pleasure having her in class.” -Mrs. Plaza, Nominating Teacher

  19. RICHARD MORENO GRADE 10 2.67 GPA “Richard has really improved this year in my class. His commitment has been unwavering, and I am proud to have him as a student.” -Mr. Fredericks, Nominating Teacher

  20. RONI PEREZ GRADE 10 3.83 GPA “Roni is the ideal physical education student. She works hard, she is competitive, and she has a positive attitude. I wish had 50 more of her!” -Mrs. Sultenfuss, Nominating Teacher

  21. LYNEY SERRATO GRADE 10 3.8 GPA “Lyney is responsible and actively participates in class. She is a positive influence for others.” -Mrs. Ramos, Nominating Teacher

  22. SIMRANJOT SINGH GRADE 10 4.0 GPA “Simmy ended up with the highest grade in her algebra 2 class for the first semester.” -Mr. Highbaugh, Nominating Teacher

  23. CYNTHIA URIETE GRADE 10 3.33 GPA “Eager and willing to inspire, Cadet Uriete is the epitome of Semper Fidelis.” -SgtMajFullard and 1stSgt Romero, Nominating Teachers

  24. AMANDA VALENZUELA GRADE 10 3.67 GPA “Amanda is the standard bearer for excellence and superior performance.” -SgtMajFullard and 1stSgt Romero, Nominating Teacher


  26. NOEL CERVANTES GRADE 11 3.5 GPA “Noel is wonderful TA that gets along with everyone and is extremely helpful. He always has a good attitude, which is much appreciated 6th period.” -Mrs. Manter, Nominating Teacher

  27. JOSE GUDINO GRADE 11 3.0 GPA “Jose is always so kind and friendly when he comes to class. I always appreciate his attention and participation.” -Mrs. Alvarado, Nominating Teacher

  28. CHRISTINA LOUIE GRADE 11 3.83 GPA “Focused and driven to distinction and superior achievement, Cadet Louie is an example of Selma Bear brilliance.” -SgtMajFullard and 1stSgt Romero, Nominating Teachers

  29. LINDSAY MACHADO GRADE 11 3.77 GPA “Lindsay always has the desire to understand the concepts and develop the skills necessary to perform at a high level.” -Mr. Cox, Nominating Teacher

  30. ASHLEY MACIAS GRADE 11 3.0 GPA “Ashley is a creative individual who works hard in her role as Kaleidoscope Editor of The Clarion.” -Mr. Castle, Nominating Teacher

  31. CHRISSY MENDOZA GRADE 11 4.07 GPA “Chrissy may be a quiet-mannered person, but her performance at SHS has been thunderous!” -Mr. Castle, Nominating Teacher

  32. SAMANTHA SAUCEDA GRADE 11 3.83 GPA “Samantha is such a hard worker. She strives to get better and has a fantastic attitude. Samantha has a smile that makes you want to be better person. I enjoy having her in class.” -Mrs. Sultenfuss, Nominating Teacher

  33. VIANEY ESPINO • GRADE 11 • 4.0 GPA • “Vianey academically stands out.” -Mrs. Quinatanilla, Nominating Teacher

  34. NICHOLAS SIMPSON GRADE 11 3.4 GPA “Nicholas is very caring and very respectful of others. More than willing to help YOU…” -Mr. Lomeli, Nominating Teacher

  35. JASMINE ZAPATE GRADE 11 2.0 GPA “When the final came around, Jasmine did what she had to in order to achieve the grade. She worked hard and deserves to be recognized for that work.” -Mr. Fredericks, Nominating Teacher


  37. KARINA ARROYO GRADE 12 4.16 GPA “Intense and mature, Cadet Arroyo will be the epitome of a leader.” -SgtMajFullard & 1stSgt Romero, Nominating Teachers

  38. YAZMIN COLIN GRADE 12 4.5 GPA “Yazmin is an amazing young lady that is passionate about her education. She challenges herself and others to be the best they can be.” -Mrs. Manter, Nominating Teacher

  39. AVELINA GONZALEZ • GRADE 12 • 4.0 GPA • “Aveline has a positive attitude in class. She is responsible and actively participates in class discussions.” -Mrs. Ramos, Nominating Teacher

  40. DANIEL GUERRERO • GRADE 12 • 4.17 GPA • “A solid rock that can be counted on to excel and deliver, Daniel is the embodiment of Selma Spirit.” -SgtMajFullard & 1stSgt Romero, Nominating Teachers

  41. JAMIE PEREZ • GRADE 12 • 4.1 GPA • “I don’t often come across a young lady who posses such fine character and intense work ethic and so much heart and desire to do well at everything she attempts.” -Mr. Alcoser, Nominating Teacher

  42. JONATHAN PLAZA • GRADE 12 • 3.5 GPA • “Jonathan is a great role model for all students who may falter at one time or another - change is possible. Since sophomore year Jonathan has obviously refocused his efforts on his academics, bringing forth that intelligent, capable young man.” -Mrs. Lambert, Nominating Teacher

  43. JUAN RAMIREZ-HERNANDEZ • GRADE 12 • 3.17 GPA • “Juan is a model student in 6th period. He is always willing to help and does fantastic work. I am privileged to have him in my class.” -Mr. Fredericks, Nominating Teacher

  44. MARK ROWELL • GRADE 12 • 4.5 GPA • “Mark is an extremely bright and motivated young man. He is never boastful and always helpful. I appreciate all that Mark contributes to the class. Thank you for being such a good student, Mark; congratulations once again.” -Mrs. Pena, Nominating Teacher

  45. MONIQUE SALDANA • GRADE 12 • 3.5 GPA • “Mona always has a smile on her face and I really enjoy having her in my Link Crew class.” -Mr. Stumpfhauser, Nominating Teacher

  46. DAVID SANTOS • GRADE 12 • 3.0 GPA • “David is attentive, respectful, and truly give his all every day. He also takes responsiblity for his learning and I have seen major improvements in David’s writing.” -Mrs. Silva, Nominating Teacher

  47. PAUL VASQUEZ • GRADE 12 • 3.3 GPA • “Paul comes to class prepared and ready to learn. He is very respectful to his class and his peers.” -Mrs. Espinosa, Nominating Teacher

  48. ALVARO VILLEGAS • GRADE 12 • 3.66 GPA • “Alvaro has a great student/teacher relationship with his students at Jackson. He seems to enjoy his students and they love him. Alvaro is the polite, respectful young adult that we all hope to have in class.” -Mrs. Sultenfuss, Nominating Teacher


  50. -MALE ATHLETE OF THE MONTH -JASPREET ATWALDecember 2012/January 2013 • SENIOR • 4.5 GPA • SPORT: BASKETBALL “Jaspreet is a hard worker with an exceptional attitude. He is an overall well-rounded player and a pleasure to coach.” -Coach Pallesi