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Section 3300 Exhibit “A” / RX Forms

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Section 3300 Exhibit “A” / RX Forms. Brett A. Shearer, R/W Specialist ODOT Central Office. Section 3301 Introduction. All legal descriptions prepared by or for the Ohio Department of Transportation shall be in accordance with the Ohio Revised Code 4733

I am the owner, or an agent authorized to act on behalf of the owner, of the copyrighted work described.
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section 3300 exhibit a rx forms

Section 3300Exhibit “A” / RX Forms

Brett A. Shearer, R/W Specialist ODOT Central Office

section 3301 introduction
Section 3301 Introduction
  • All legal descriptions prepared by or for the Ohio Department of Transportation shall be in accordance with the
    • Ohio Revised Code 4733
    • Ohio Administrative Code Section 4733-37
    • All applicable county conveyance standards
    • The Real Estate Policies & Procedures Manual and applicable District guidelines
  • Property rights and interests acquired by ODOT are conveyed through the use of an instrument.
  • The instruments contain three parts, the Conveyance, the Acknowledgement and the “Exhibit A” (RX Forms).
section 3301 introduction1
Section 3301 Introduction
  • A legal description prepared for ODOT are attached to the instrument as “Exhibit A” on the appropriate RX Form.
  • It is the responsibility of the right of way designer and/or reviewer to revise and correct any legal descriptions deemed unacceptable for transfer/recording.
section 3302 legal description format
Section 3302 Legal Description Format

All legal descriptions shall be prepared using the applicable RX Forms as supplied by ODOT. Always Download the Forms to use Current Version

Provide legal descriptions that have prior approval by the applicable county office when required by the scope of services document or county regulations.

Submit a paper copy of the legal description signed, sealed and dated, along with an electronic copy in a format as specified by the District Real Estate Administrator.

section 3303 legal description procedure
Section 3303 Legal Description Procedure
  • The right of way designer and/or reviewer shall prepare each legal description containing the following data:

The bearings and distances of each take line that must match the bearing and distances given in the right of way plans (R/W Detail Sheets or R/W Boundary Sheet).

  • A citation to the public record of the appropriate prior deed(s).

Example: Prior Instrument Reference as of the date this survey was prepared: *Correct citation to county record (e.g., Deed Book and Page, Volume and Page, Official Record, etc.)* of *______* County, Ohio. NOT “Grantor Claims Title”

section 3303 legal description procedure1
Section 3303 Legal Description Procedure
  • When describing a bearing/direction, use the words "degree," "minutes," and "seconds." Symbols may be used at the discretion of District Real Estate Administrator.
  • The bearing precision shall be to the nearest second.
  • Specification of any monuments, e.g., iron pins, iron pipes, railroad spikes, etc., shall be cited in the legal description as found or set.
section 3303 legal description procedure2
Section 3303 Legal Description Procedure
  • Sufficient identification and clarification of the intent of a course to follow an existing line, if applicable. Here are a few examples:

"...with the grantor's Easterly property line...".

"...with the existing Southerly Right of Way line...".

"...with the existing centerline of Right of Way...".

  • Station and offset calls, at angles, breaks, intersections, etc. shall be included at the discretion of the District Real Estate Administrator.
section 3304 closing statements
Section 3304 Closing Statements
  • The following closing statements (when applicable) must follow the metes and bounds section of each and every legal description. The closing statements should appear in separate paragraphs, in the order shown below:

Provide a statement indicating the current Auditor's Permanent Parcel number(s) in which the parcel of land is located. Also provide a breakout of the Present Road Occupied (PRO) in the take area when applicable. When a parcel contains multiple Auditor's Parcel numbers provide a breakout of the area contained in each auditor's parcel number, including the Present Road Occupied (PRO) in the take.

section 3304 closing statements1
Section 3304 Closing Statements
  • Example of a multiple auditor's parcel number:

The above described area contains 0.0362 acres of land, more or less, of which the present road occupies 0.000 acres of land, more or less, of which 0.0208 acres is part of Franklin County Auditor's Permanent Parcel number 010-120894, and 0.0154 acres is part of Franklin County Auditor's Permanent Parcel number 010-120893.

section 3304 closing statements2
Section 3304 Closing Statements
  • Parcels which an Auditor's Parcel number cannot be found, provide a statement indicating that the described area is NOT a part of any currently assigned Auditor's Parcel number.
  • Basis of bearings used in the legal description
  • Surveyor’s name that prepared the legal description, his/her surveyor's Ohio registration number, signature, and the date of writing and/or survey
section 3304 closing statements3
Section 3304 Closing Statements
  • A statement that the legal description is based on a survey, including reference to the responsible surveyor and the date of the survey.
    • Are available at the respective District Offices
rx forms website
RX Forms Website
  • OR
  • Pages/RX_Forms.aspx
  • RX Guidance Memo dated July 21, 2006
  • RX Form Training Guide
    • Gives assistance for completing RX Forms
    • Always Download Forms to use Current Version
  • Contact Brett Shearer if you need assistance with forms or need modifications to meet counties requirements

phone: 614-728-6142

rx forms 251 wdv
RX Forms (251 WDV)

Project Identification Number (PID)- Each project will be assigned an unique PID number.

rx forms 251 wdv1
RX Forms (251 WDV)

Parcel Information- The parcel number and identification (type of take) assigned to the ownership. If the ownership has multiple parcel identifiers of the same type a number shall follow.

rx forms 251 wdv2
RX Forms (251 WDV)

County, Route, and Section (CTY-RTE-SEC)- This is the county the project is located in, the route number of the roadway being improved, and the section number, a.k.a. straight line mileage

rx forms 251 wdv3
RX Forms (251 WDV)

Version Date- This is the date that the form was last updated and should be updated any time changes are made.

rx forms 251 wdv4
RX Forms (251 WDV)

Name of LPA and/or County- This field is only required on parcels that use the V modifier (parcel identifier). Enter the appropriate county, city and county, and/or township and county names.

rx forms 251 wdv5
RX Forms (251 WDV)

Surveyor’s Description- Is the area where the surveyor will either type or paste the legal description in accordance with the current Ohio Revised Code 4733 and 4733-37, all applicable County Conveyance Standards the Real Estate Policies and Procedures Manual, and applicable District guidelines.

rx forms 282 u
RX Forms (282 U)

The first paragraph of the Utility RX Form (282 U) must be customized for the particular utility company and utility type. This paragraph will describe the purpose of the take.

lpa rx forms
LPA RX Forms
  • Are available to download at the following address:
  • Used when the LPA is acquiring in its own name
  • Temporary Easements “T” must be in the name of the agency administering the construction.
  • Therefore “TV” takes should be used sparingly

Local Let Program

  • The National Transportation Act has made available certain Federal funding for use by local public agencies. The Federal Highway Administration designated ODOT as the agency in Ohio to administer FHWA’s Federal funding programs.
  • Section 5501.03 (C) of the Ohio Revised Code provides that ODOT may coordinate its activities and enter into contracts with other appropriate public authorities to administer the design, qualification of bidders, competitive bid letting, construction, inspection, and acceptance of any projects administered by ODOT, provided the administration of such projects is performed in accordance with all applicable Federal and State laws and regulations with oversight by ODOT.

Federal Funding Sources

Metropolitan Planning Organizations(MPO) – 17 statewide

  • Surface Transportation Program (STP)
  • Transportation Enhancement funds
  • Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality (CMAQ)

County Engineers Association of Ohio (CEAO)

  • County Local Bridge (LBR)
  • County Surface Transportation Program (CSTP)


  • TEP, Small City Program (LPA’s outside of an MPO)
  • Municipal Bridge Program

Earmark and Discretionary




  • Project sponsor is a local public agency: cities, counties, parks, TID’s etc.
  • Funding source is Federal or State or both.
  • Local contracts for all design services.
  • ODOT administers the project as its own: plan review, bidding, award and construction management.
  • In most cases the LPA acquires RW if needed.



  • Project sponsor is a local public agency: cities, counties, parks, TID’s etc.
  • Funding source is Federal or State or both.
  • Local contracts for all design services.
  • Local administers the project.
  • Local acquires RW if needed.

What are the differences between and ODOT RW plan and a LPA RW plan?

Other than the project sponsor and administration …..

Absolutely Nothing

Well, maybe a couple of things ….


Types of Title Required

  • Federal/State $$$ in RW – Fee only

Why? ORC prohibits charging underlying fee owner to vacate easement rights. Feds cannot recoup their investment.

  • Local $$$ in RW – Can be Fee or Standard Highway Easement.

Bike trails utilizing utility corridors or area with environmental issues can use long term lease agreements or easements. FHWA will not accept license agreements.


Types of Title Required

  • Other property rights i.e.. Channel, Slope, Temporary etc. as applicable.

A work agreement/right of entry cannot substitute for work outside of permanent RW.

Owners must be compensated (FMV established by an appraisal) for use of their land.

RX Forms

If ODOT is acquiring for LPA, appropriate form must be used.

If LPA is acquiring, ODOT’s forms are optional.


PLAN Format

  • Traditional

Must use ODOT format per RW manual.

  • Non-Traditional

If local has standardized drawings, minor variations allowed. Mostly title block, legends and line style. Plat, property map, summary and plan sheets required.

r w plan review process
R/W Plan Review Process

Doug Raters, P.E. ODOT District 8 REA

right of way plan review process
  • Preliminary Right of Way Plan Review Responsibilities
    • Consultant In-house Review (QC)


    • Completed Right of Way Checklist
  • Preliminary Right of Way Submittal
    • Items needed/included
      • Review Scope Document
      • Review Right of Way Attachment
      • Plan Sheets
      • Title reports for review, if Scoped
right of way plan review process5
  • Final Right of Way Plan Review Responsibilities

-Comply with Preliminary Right of Way Review Comments

-Review Stage 2 Roadway Detailed Design Comments

-Be sure the Take, Save and Do Not Disturb items on both the R/ W and Roadway Plans agree

-Field Review for Topo Update

-Ownership Updates

-Update of Utility Information from Field review & Comments

Sufficient Right of Way Takes for Utility Relocations

Early Right of Way Acquisition

Oil and Gas Wells / Leases

right of way plan review process6
  • Standard Legal Description Format
    • County Recording Requirements
    • Legal Description as Exhibit “A” & RX Forms
        • RX Guidance Memo dated July 21, 2006
        • RX Form Training Guide
        • Always Download Forms to use Current Version
    • Right of Way Monumentation
    • Reference and Witness Survey Monuments
    • Legal Description Checklist
right of way plan review process7
  • Final Right of Way Plan Reviewer Responsibilities
    • Consultant In-house Final Review (QC)
      • Complete Right of Way Plan Review Check Sheet and Submit
    • Legal Description Review with Closure Sheets
      • Complete Legal Description Review Check Sheet and Submit
      • Make sure they match the plans!!
    • Titles/Ownership updates
right of way plan review process8
  • Right of Way Tracings Submittal
    • Address Final Right of Way Review Comments
    • Date Field Review completed applied to the Legend Sheet
    • Date Ownership Verified applied to the Legend Sheet
    • Date R/W Plan COMPLETED applied to the Legend Sheet
    • Appropriate size and number of Copies of Right of Way Plan Sets
      • Mylars (Per Scope / District Office)
    • All Legal Descriptions
      • Signed and Sealed “Original”
      • Pre-Approval of Descriptions
        • County Engineer's or Tax Map Stamp / Letter of Approval
    • Electronic Format of Plan and Descriptions Per Scope
    • Title Reports (if Scoped)
quality control
  • Plan Review Evaluation
  • Two reviews:
    • Initial Evaluation when Right of Way Tracings are accepted by the District. Depending on the project size an interim evaluation may be done.
    • Secondary Post – Acquisition Evaluation completed by the acquiring agency. This evaluation can only lower the initial score not raise it.
quality control1
  • Types of Review:
    • Reference the March 27, 2000 Consultant Evaluation System Manual for details of ODOT’s Evaluation System.
    • The System includes rating forms specific to agreement type, including Design, Environmental, Bridge Inspection, Task Order, Real Estate Acquisition and Construction Inspection. Common to all agreements is the management and timeliness criteria and scoring.
quality control2
  • Management Review
    • Was the Consultant project manager in control of the services provided to ODOT?
    • Did the Consultant communicate adequately with the Department Staff?
    • Did the Consultant coordinate, actively manage and closely monitor the work of sub-consultants and various technical disciplines involved in the project?
    • Was the Consultant responsive to requests from the Department and other reviewing agencies, including requests for information and requests to make minor changes in the work?
quality control3
  • Timeliness Review
    • Did the Consultant meet the final contract time requirements?
    • Did the Consultant meet intermediate submittal dates?

Were plans and descriptions received on time

(commitment date), were all review submissions received

on time, and were plan revisions completed in a timely


quality control4
  • Performance Review for R/W Plan Production
    • Right of Way limits & parcel types established properly?
    • Details complete and plan preparation meets ODOT requirements, including topography and title information?
    • Local County Right-of-Way plan and legal description requirements met?
quality control5
  • Feedback from R/W Acquisition Process (Secondary Post- Acquisition)
    • Did the R/W Plan, as prepared, provide for a neat, clear and easily read plan?
    • Was the R/W plan format in conformance with Section 3100 and 3200 of the Real Estate Policies and Procedure Manual?
    • Were the title data and parcel areas accurate, complete, and current?
quality control6
  • Were the R/W plans and descriptions prepared in accordance with the local county conveyance standards?
  • Were the topography and property improvements both below and above ground, accurate, complete and current?
  • Did the design of the proposed R/W and the types of title shown “best fit” the actual field conditions?
quality control7


Plan Review Evaluation (District)

Post-Acquisition Evaluation (Region)


10-8-5-1 Scoring System

Each rating requires a written comment

quality control8

Exceeds (E) - 10 points

The consultant exceeded the requirements and expectations of the scope of services

Satisfactory (S) - 8 points

Acceptable work product with minimal involvement by the Department

quality control9

Improvement Required (IR) - 5 points

The consultant’s work required substantive comments by the Department

Unsatisfactory (U) - 1 point

Extensive involvement by Department personnel required

my presentation today will
My presentation today will:
  • Review the reason we are here
  • Identify and expand user’s needs for good plans
  • Discuss reasons plans change
  • Who pays for changes and why
  • Remind you why we need quality in plans
the power of eminent domain is immense
The Power Of Eminent Domain Is Immense
  • There is a blatant public dislike of eminent domain
  • Agencies are often perceived as abusing their power when using it
  • Governmental Agencies Must:
    • Deal honestly and with empathy
5th amendment u s constitution
5th Amendment U.S. Constitution

“No person shall be held to answer for a capital, or otherwise infamous crime, unless on a presentment or indictment of a Grand Jury, except in cases arising in the land or naval forces, or in the Militia, when in actual service in time of War or public danger; nor shall any person be subject for the same offense to be twice put in jeopardy of life or limb, nor shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself, nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property,Without due process of law; nor shall private property be taken for public use without just compensation.”

eminent domain overview
Eminent Domain Overview

Uniform Act passed by US Congress 1/2/71. The law is called the Uniform Relocation and Real Property Acquisition Policies Act.

Code of Federal Regulations 49 CFR 24. subpart B for Real Property Acquisition and Part C for General Relocation Requirements.

The codes amplify the Uniform Act and give more direction to an agency for carrying out the law.

State Governments must establish lead agencies.

ORC 163.01 – 163.62 Ohio Administrative Code create State law and policy. And the Governor named ODOT to be the lead agency.

Section 19, Article I, Ohio Constitution

“…When taken … for the purpose of making or repairing roads, which shall be open to the public, without charge, a compensation shall be made to the owner, in money…”

what does all this have to do with me and this class
What does all this have to do with me and this class?
  • A clear policy and procedure is in place for ODOT projects from inception to project completion.
  • This P&P includes the preparation of r/w plans.
  • When r/w is needed your plan becomes the foundation to which the acquisition process is built. Eminent domain may be used to conclude the process.
  • The accuracy and concept of the plan cannot be flawed or the process may fail.
  • As eminent domain remains a focal public issue the need for the accuracy of the plan and concept is amplified.
users of r w plans
Users of R/W Plans
  • Title Agents: to identify all interests to be acquired
  • Appraisers and Reviewers: to evaluate the effect
  • Acquisition Agents: to acquire the needed rights
  • Relocation Agents: assist in the moving of people and property
  • Property Owners: to understand the issues
  • Attorneys: to litigate the issues and values
  • Surveyors: as a permanent record of the transaction
users of r w plans1
Users of R/W Plans
  • Real Estate Agents: for future sales
  • Future Right of Way Plan Designers: as a permanent record
  • County Auditors: to assess taxes
  • County Engineers: to maintain records and roads
  • City Engineers/Service Directors: as reference and for planning purposes, a permanent record
  • Assistant Attorney General Attorneys: litigation and appeal
what causes us to change plans
What causes us to change plans
  • Survey error historical or by consultant error
  • Topo error/missing, items added after 1st survey
  • Construction design error requiring revision
  • FED/ODOT design criteria change
  • Owner/ODOT negotiated change
  • Court ordered change or as a result of settlement
  • Construction contractor desire/error
  • Constructability issues may be an error
how soon do you need them
How soon do you need them?
  • In most if not all cases ASAP
  • Changes/corrections will require rework of many documents.
  • Delivery of those documents may hold up a closing or appropriation filing, hence a project clearance, hence utility relocation
  • Which effect sale date, funding, and may effect environmental issues within the plan, and may well delay completion for another year… over just a few day delay in plan delivery….. Caused by a mistake or a negotiated settlement.

Mistakes in Plan Detail Costs TIME!!! Timing in R/W is Critical to Project Delivery!



LUC-2-32.21 2008 R/W plan with errors

error by not confirming existing r w
Error by not confirming existing R/W
  • Used old 1952 plan for right of way
  • Assumed 1952 r/w was acquired by deed
  • Used ODOT 42 year root title as “enough”
  • Did not confirm types of record transfer
  • Owners object to ODOT assumed property line
  • Plans show no PRO
  • Plans must be corrected
  • Acquisition on hold, will require corrections

Plan change from negotiations/appropriation, consultant will be paid for changes This was the design before changes.


Pine Street revision created during pre appropriation meetings with the owner. This required the consultant to create a new r/w plan sheet along with construction plan changes in a matter of a few weeks. Consultant will be paid for revisions.

your plans are the foundation
Your plans are the foundation
  • Mistakes will cause the rework of those to follow you.
  • Errors will cost time and money. Both the agency and your company/insurance
  • Topography missed may lead to revision, under compensation and appropriation
  • Your plans may be the next case reviewed by the court system…. Getter’ done, right!

Your plan is the beginning of a complex process

Lets get it right for those who follow….

pre qualification course
Pre-Qualification Course
  • Quiz
  • Quiz Review
  • Open Discussion

Proposed C/L

No construction limits