N 3 november 2006
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Nº3 / November 2006. in motion : Products according to mood Singles: the newly single Sophistication of food basics. in the bazaar Banking and children: a Postbank initiative Toys or fetishes New fast food concepts Music ‘a la carte’ Religious consumption. Curiosities and innovations.

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N 3 november 2006

Nº3 / November 2006

  • inmotion:

    • Products according to mood

    • Singles: the newly single

    • Sophistication of food basics

  • inthe bazaar

    • Banking and children: a Postbank initiative

    • Toys or fetishes

    • New fast food concepts

    • Music ‘a la carte’

    • Religious consumption

Curiositiesand innovations

N 3 november 2006

Products according to mood


n the consumerism era we live in, any excitement gained from possessing new things is quickly lost and this often generates a certain disenchantment.

Objects have differential values, they are constantly innovated, personalised and transformed into “sobjets”*…

At the same time, some objects have “magical” or “psychological”benefits whichalmost turn them into talismans. They help you to achieve certain things: security, success, attraction, joy, emotional wellbeing…

We can find some examples – from various areas - that more or less show this hinge between material objects which attempts to generate emotions or moods as a differential benefit.

Note *: term created by Vicente Verdú, where subject & object and mixed, resulting into “sobject”

N 3 november 2006

Products according to mood


  • The world of perfume and cosmetics emerges as one of the “most fertile areas” for products with mood influencing proprieties. This is as a result of their close relationship with the body, their ability to awaken the senses using their aroma and everything that accompanies them from a marketing perspective.

  • However, what is new with some of these products is a direct promise– rather than a suggestion – to influence mood using their chemical ingredients (almost like ancient “potions”).

EXAMPLE 1: The benefit of joy through the use of perfume

  • Until now, the name, advertising and bottle… of a perfume expressed this emotional benefit.

  • We find “Alegría” from Adolfo Dominguez or “Happy” from Clinique

  • The last one is the Smiley fragrance (from Ora Ito) with antidepressant effects for the times when you feel low. It promises to give you a “lasting smile for the whole day” using its ingredients.

N 3 november 2006

Products according to mood

EXAMPLE 2: The benefit of awakening appeal using perfume

  • Beyond the seduction power of many perfumes, there are fragrances that rather than selling a scent have pheromones included which aim to awaken desire in others.

  • These fragrances with pheromones are currently popular on the Internet or specialised channels (small shops with alternative products).

  • However, although there is a desire to find the benefit promised this does not mean that they always want to obtain it openly.

This is why checking the Internet shows an interest in finding this benefit but via known channels or brands.


“Well, since you placed your query a long time ago, I guess you must have already found out about some! I know specifically about three. My friend spends all her time dedicated to these perfumes. It seems that the one with the most intense pheromones is Poison, but the one with the red bottle, I can’t remember the name, but it’s the only Poison with a red bottle. Another one I know and have tried is Coco Mademoiselle de CHANEL (if I put it on my husband will not forgive me!). The hardest one to find is PURE de Jill Sander. I hope I have helped you but remember that the most powerful one is Poison rojo from Ives Saint Laurent.”

Remark from www.foroswebgratis.com

N 3 november 2006

  • Agatha Ruiz de la Prada – through Gal – has had a range of showergels for a period of time that try to improve your mood, basing itself on the benefits of “colour-therapy”.

has various products with properties to maintain wellbeing and mental calm and even to relievephysical, emotional or mental symptoms. These includeOn the Spot Gel, Peace of Mind or Cease & De-stress.

Products according to mood

EXEMPLE 3: aroma/colour therapies, chromotherapy and aromatherapy.

The way aromas and colours are important nowadaysdoes not only respond to the importance of the sensory dimension of the products but also to their relationship with moods. Some examples of how they are expressed in products are:

N 3 november 2006

The example of the emotions therapy: Bach flowers,

Current and fashionable at the moment.

“Bach flowers are a series of natural essences

used to treat diverse emotional feelings,

such as fears, solitude, despair, stress, depression

and obsessions. They were discovered by Edward Bach between

1926 and 1934. “


  • is another good example of how some products portray themselves as a way of influencing our mood. An example is the P.A.E. Contra la Soledad (against solitude) which according to its properties:

    • Comforts in moments of solitude.

    • Helps to stabilise the person and makes them understand that the true source of happiness is from within. “ (www.alqvimia.com)

Products according to mood

… aroma/colour therapies, chromotherapy and aromatherapy

N 3 november 2006

EXAMPLE 4: Computers that guess your mood

Products according to mood


  • At CambridgeUniversity the development of acomputer that interprets its user’s emotions by analysing facial movements is currently being studied.

  • The user – connected to the Internet – can be “seen” and treated depending on the mood s/he is in.

  • (Source: PCactual; 26/06/2006)

EXAMPLE 5: Lamps that access your mood

  • KotoHana is a lamp from NEC that identifies a person’s mood through touch

  • Therefore, it is another example of how technology is increasingly developing its “human”side, making itself capable of “listening to us”, closer and almost “magical”.

N 3 november 2006

Products according to mood


EXAMPLE 6: Predictions, fate, future and other messages on products / objects

  • The tradition of including messages, sayings, predictions… on biscuits or sweets seems to apply to other areas such as in the case of cups for coffee.

  • There are some coffee cups with messages which appear as soon as you have drunk them (easier to interpret than the traditional dregs). What it tries to do is add greater excitement to the consumption of coffee … almost like a horoscope that predicts how your day will go, or gives you hope for the future.

  • Apparently it can be a game, but a game where emotions and hopes are mixed.

N 3 november 2006

Products according to mood

  • As a reflection…

  • It seems that many products are aiming to reconcile or relax possible tensions that emerge sometimes between unnecessary consumption and emotional and/or spiritual needs – increasingly more important in a mature society – feeling good about yourself, confident, wanted… and a priori, they are not just obtained with purely materialistic products .

  • These products go above and beyond their material benefits or image, making them “closer”, more “human” (less “empty”), more indispensable in some cases because they give people “that something extra”.

  • These products, have more than one dimension in the sense that they are objects where support is found and the person is made into an accomplice in the sense that they deposit part of their emotions and moods.

N 3 november 2006

The world of being


Singles, new singles etc.

This new community of the 21st century currently receives a long list of denominations, as being “single” today is not only a question of marital status but it has also become a new consumption current.

  • According to the latest research published by the National Institute of Statistics (INE), the number of people who live alone in Spain has risen to 10.5 million.

  • This group, which includes people who are single, divorced and widowed between 25 and 64 years of age, represents 24% of the Spanish population compared to the current average in Europe of 30%.

  • Also, the research stresses that "singles" aged between 30 and 45 have average incomes 40% higher than the average for that age.

N 3 november 2006

The world of being single


escribed as:

“qualified professionals, competent, confident, with significant cultural awareness and characterized by a whole load of no’s: to them a partner is not a social reference, they are not obsessed with economic stability, they don’t give up on comforts, they don’t want to have painful experiences especially regarding love, and having a partner or getting married is not a priority” Flora Sáez

There is not a single typology for singles, but rather 10 different typologies that can be identified*:



Convinced and satisfied





The falsely resigned



Note*: these typologies and the characteristics that are expressed above have been taken from Flora Sáez’s article http://www.elmundo.es/magazine/2004/247/1087486074.html

N 3 november 2006

The world of being single


They are not against marriage or being in a relationship and do not rule it out.

They are so demanding that they do not find a person who allows them to have fun and develop their full autonomy.


and satisfied

They tend to be introverted and have a special desire to channel all their energy towards professional or humanitarian aims.

Their support of being single can be a result of a deception or because they are convinced that individual and professional freedom is incompatible with a family.


They think that they do not need anybody and they dedicate their time to their long list of hobbies: reading, theatre, music, travelling etc.

They tend to think that relationships are too complex and problematic.

N 3 november 2006

The world of being single


They like to feel free and they are attracted to unconventional activities: exotic travelling, skydiving, naturism, other cultures, etc.

Routine terrifies them.

The falsely


They appear modern, dynamic and free. They claim they are happy, however after analysis it is detected that they feel alone; they are in love but it is not requited.

They are not against having a partner and do not rule it out.


They do not aspire to develop “unconditional commitment and love”, because they feel incapable of keeping a promise, because they do not imagine themselves dedicated to paying attention to the unique needs of their partner.

Their successive break-ups are not traumatic nor lower their self-esteem.

N 3 november 2006

The world of being single


They flee at the risk of having to share their time, money and hobbies with somebody who forces them to feel limitations.

They want to live alone and for themselves.

They have had various sentimental failures and have had difficult relationships.

Their attitude usually crosses two distinct phases: following an initial total rejection of all relationships they return and open up once again to love, although with greater precaution.


N 3 november 2006

The world of being single


“They suffer” from being single as if it were an illness that they do not like. But they accept it in spite of in their solitude, sadness and longing and in spite of not having someone at their side to share love and intimacy with.


It is the largest group, they are the so-called “forced singles”.

These people do not feel capable of confronting and overcoming their fear of assuming responsibility and deliver what it necessary tocreate a family and move forward.

N 3 november 2006

Personalised TV channel aimed at people who are single, separated, divorced or widowed.

The new channel can be received via mobile phones with 3G/UMTS capabilities, handheld digital mobile devices, iPod video, portable consoles, ADSL, new digital platforms, new technologies and wireless networks.

The world of being single

With this social group growing, companies have started to pay attention to their needs and develop products and services specifically for singles. Some examples include:

Housing for singles or those Living Apart Together (LAT)

… that join Mediterranean characteristics, innovative technologies (domestic), Universal Design and sustainable construction.

N 3 november 2006

The world of being single separated, divorced or widowed.

Websites exclusively for singles …

… these websites are not just designed for the single person to find a partner…

…but include different leisure and cultural activities, services, offers or even specific products such as the Single Card from “elmundosingle”

What is elmundodelsingle?El Mundo del single is a company that, since December 2002, organises activities for groups of singles.

With El Mundo single you would be able to make new friends in different ways and enjoy participating in classes, parties, Single Bar, excursions, cultural dates, trips etc. that we organise specifically for singles over the age of 30 (people who are single, separated, divorced, widowed etc.).

Source: www.elmundodelsingle.com

N 3 november 2006

Prepared food formats separated, divorced or widowed.

  • Living alone implies that what you consume has to be in individual portions / not family size portions.

  • Countries like the USA, Holland, Germany… “single dose” options are more common.

  • In Spain however, it has not received such a marked evolution, although examples can be found:

  • Mercadona that has all ready tried to develop smaller packs.

  • Small sized pizzas by Casa Tarradellas

  • Paninis are another example of this trend.

The world of being single

Sport clubs for singles …

As in the case of the DIR range (Barcelona) which has created a “Singles section” with the aim of promoting interaction between singles through sport who seek the same things.

N 3 november 2006

The world of being single separated, divorced or widowed.

“Singles Lounge”

In addition, this phenomenon has meant that it makes sense to create a Singles Lounge both in Madrid and Barcelona where all the novelties that have been specificallydesigning for them are exhibited.

A target group, not only growing in size but also with significant purchasing power, a “consumer” profile and with time to invest in multiple activities.

N 3 november 2006

Sophistication of food basics separated, divorced or widowed.


he return to basic products has been accompaniedby their sophistication.

They are returning to different origins, traditions, different recipes… and they are accompanied with a “story” adding a gourmet touch which helps to give value to a “basic” product.

From oils, vinegars and rice's to salts and waters, they are becoming increasingly sophisticated as their origins, appearances and specific uses also increase.

N 3 november 2006

Sophistication of food basics separated, divorced or widowed.

  • A few years ago when you used to go to buy bread, salt or sugar… there was rarely more than one option: it was a generic.

  • Nowadays this is often no longer the case and generally these sophistications have corresponded to the gourmet world. The current trend is that more and more of these “basic” products are “becoming gourmet”.

  • We could say that gourmet is in fashion; in fact, cooking programs where basic ingredients are being exchanged for ingredients from other cultures (e.g. wild rice used by Arguiñano) is promoting this process.

  • Also, people travel more than ever and this causes them to try other types of cooking. Immigration also helps in the sense that everyone starts to demand “exotic” products or products from far away.

  • All of this is occurring not just on a product level but also with shops that specialise in different basic products: tea, coffee, oils, rice's, traditional sweets…

  • Shops that offer an interesting buying experience: providing knowledge to the consumer and value to the product.

N 3 november 2006

Sophistication of food basics separated, divorced or widowed.




Water "a la carte"

  • Was water not odourless, colourless and bland?...According to what is appearing in the most “chic” environments its not all like this.

  • We increasingly find a large offer of “gourmet” waters where the water’s origin, “purity” and properties become means of differentiation (generally helped by a good pack design).

  • Although this water is not popular on the mass market (some cost about 70€ per litre), the variety and appearance of new brands forces us to focus on how the most basic product of all – water – is also capable of providing you with differential content.

N 3 november 2006

Sophistication of food basics separated, divorced or widowed.

"Luxury" Salt

  • Salt is another one of the basic ingredients in all cooking.

  • On many occasions, the good or bad taste of a dish is related to the degree of salt, but to what extend did you know that there were different salt “tastes”?

  • Cooking programs – like those by Arguiñano or José Andrés - have made alternatives to “basic” salt public knowledge: salt flower, and many housewives have been seduced by this new alternative.

  • Also, several varieties of salt are appearing in more gourmet channels such as the Pink Himalayan salt, which gives greater sophistication to this basic ingredient.


N 3 november 2006

Sophistication of food basics separated, divorced or widowed.

Shops for the

world of OIL

  • The value of oil, another basic ingredient of Spanish and Mediterranean cooking, finds itself in a process of continued growth.

  • There are more and more properties attributed to this “liquid” and there are more and more types of oil that we can find in both supermarkets and small gourmet shops.

  • The latest step has been the creation of shops specialising in oil and related products; such as Oil & Vinegar: different oils, vinegars, herbs to mix with oil or mayonnaises, specialist instruments, books, cosmetics, etc.

  • The odd thing is that in spite of Spain being the number one oil producer, these oil specialising shops originated in Holland. However, showing this speciality in a an idealist surrounding makes the Spanish consumer take greater notice of the richness of oil and all its possible uses.

N 3 november 2006

Sophistication in food basics separated, divorced or widowed.

Handmade sweets:

aroma and colours

  • Walking down the street where Papabubble is located (Ample St. in Barcelona) you can notice a pleasant aroma that awakens your senses and makes you want to find out where it is coming from: and there it is .

  • The curiosity, together with the aroma and colours, makes people go into the shop to see what it is, what happens there, what is on offer…

  • Sweets in funny shapes, “modern” but handmade packs, something which is repeatedly displayed in the shop itself.

  • Therefore, Papabubble carries on with traditional production whilst creating a magical space where the “classic” sweet returns.

N 3 november 2006

Sophistication in food basics separated, divorced or widowed.

Coffee, Tea...

and all its accessories

  • Beyond cafés or tea rooms that have aroused the curiosity of consumers and made them try different coffees and teas, there is another type of shop which exploits this universe beyond

the product itself: through multiple uses and appealing complements to enjoy your favourite tea or coffee.

  • Hand-painted teapots and mugs in different shapes and colours, different models of coffee makers, cook books that explore the benefits and uses of these products…provide an renewed emotion and value to the products themselves

N 3 november 2006

Sophistication in food basics separated, divorced or widowed.


  • Sophistication of a basic and classic food like chocolate has reached relatively high levels.

  • Shops like Cacao Sampaka or Xocoa, are a few examples of how chocolate can maximise its values.

  • The latest innovations of chocolate can be found within these “cacao universes” (flavours and new mixes, combinations and new formats…) also utensils, recipe books and even incense and candles to scent the home.

  • More than shops, these places are becoming centres which pay homage to this product: an adoration that increases the value of its origins as well as its evolutions.

N 3 november 2006

Sophistication in food basics separated, divorced or widowed.

In conclusion...

  • All of these products and many more are gaining value through an increased awareness of their multiple dimensions: its origins, properties, all its uses and types (not just the most common ones )…

  • Also, in many cases the typical specialised shops that are built around these products are promoting their value and “experience”.

  • Therefore, these “basics” are found in a moment of “recovery” accompanied by a brand that gives them more value and a feeling of nostalgia and idealisation of “purity” and the authentic.

N 3 november 2006

Section separated, divorced or widowed.

inthe bazaar

N 3 november 2006

in separated, divorced or widowed.the bazaar

Banking and children:

a striking initiative from Postbank

  • The Dutch bank Postbank, has launched an initiative aimed and targeted entirely to children.

  • The Bank sends all children who are affiliated to this account a briefcase filled with different things so that they can create their own “business activity” and thus generate some money.

  • The briefcase includes a t-shirt, cap and materials to send personalized leaflets with the services that these “little freelancers” can offer.

N 3 november 2006

in separated, divorced or widowed.the bazaar/ Banking and Children

  • Children personalise all these materials with their name and contact information and Postbank give them ideas for what type of business to “set-up”: cleaning neighbours cars, handing out leaflets…

  • The money earned is kept in the account which reflects, at the same time, the benefits achieved thanks to the bank’s help (their business “support”).

Beyond the moral implications, it also reflects the impact on the educational level and “learning process” of the future generation of these children: they will have grown up with a “business” mind, potential entrepreneurs…

N 3 november 2006

in separated, divorced or widowed.the bazaar



  • A few issues ago we mentioned "Fantasy“ sketches, in shop windows or in self-help books as a promotional tool.

  • On this issue we’re going to mention toys.

  • Recently, we have seen them spreading into different fields, in places as different as they are unusual, promoting not only products but also causes.

  • And the good thing about toys, besides being “adorable”, is that they are used to project emotions or portray an image that is difficult to express in words.

N 3 november 2006

in separated, divorced or widowed.the bazaar / Toys

Sonic & Co.

The most seen, are those used in SPORTING EVENTS in order to promote drinks, similar to those that you find in the street to promote a

The air inside them moves them, and they always grab your attention

business (dry-cleaners, pizza restaurants, etc.)…

in shops, to PROMOTE a FILM or a GAME

… or to make our PRODUCT more APPEALING (without age limits)...

Models from “The Corpse Bride” and “Lord of the Rings…

Mobiles in the shape of stuffed animals for kids

...even, sometimes, without being “necessary”

iPod Big & Small

N 3 november 2006

in separated, divorced or widowed.the bazaar / Toys

Those which show solidarity

Those that promote behaviour

To introduce and promote social changes

Promotional web message www.howies.co.ukCan a toy change the way you eat?

...or as a way to finance themselves and, at the same time, make themselves known

Delivered to promote health & safety within the company

RustBoy was born as a 2D short film, but with the help of particular donations and the sale of the lead toy character it is trying to turn into a 3D animation film.

N 3 november 2006

in separated, divorced or widowed.the bazaar / Toys

...there are always those which help promote cities and traditions

Las Fallas, Valencia

Others that become co-protagonists of the product they advertise

Opel, with their recent Corsa advert, associate their product to these icons

Renault, with their Prosickito supports entrepreneurs

N 3 november 2006

in separated, divorced or widowed.the bazaar / Toys

...and these iconic toys that support a product and in many cases, don’t need any introductions, such as…


N 3 november 2006

in separated, divorced or widowed.the bazaar / Toys

  • In conclusion,

  • Toys are in fashion. Not only are they used as mere illustrative product icons, but also in many cases they are materialized.

  • In fact, in some cases they can turn into a fetish with a great deal of appeal, even regardless of the product they are linked to.

  • Therefore,

    • Do they help us go back to our childhood?

    • Or does its function has to do with the need to make emotions tangible? (emotions evoked by a film, or transmitted by a product, etc.)

  • At any rate, it is worth noting the appeal – and the permissiveness for an adult target – they have nowadays.

N 3 november 2006

in separated, divorced or widowed.the bazaar: Fast Food

New "Fast food" concepts

A new concept of fast food has emerged. In Manhattan, “Bamn” is all the rage, a 24 hour open business where vending machines offer hot plates in little sizes to take away; something that coincides with the concept of “Eating from the wall” typical of Holland.

What makes it different from the Dutch concept are Bamn’s menus, which are varied and changed every week, therefore there is no room for a food routine. For those who are hungry in the middle of the night, Bamn also sets out a space with music where they are able to eat and chat at these times. It has been a great success in New York, with many applications to franchise.

N 3 november 2006

in separated, divorced or widowed.the bazaar/ Fast Food

The fast food phenomenon, as indicated in the previous issue, has experienced a come-back but as a positive concept through different formulas (not only the gourmet route seen in the previous issue).

In Barcelona and Madrid, new Japanese restaurants are being opened – considered as healthy cuisine – which has a revolving buffet line that runs across the whole space.

People are seated around while various dishes, prepared by the chefs in the centre, come parading on the belt: a quick, fun way and – due to the associations with this type of cuisine – healthy.

N 3 november 2006

in separated, divorced or widowed.the bazaar/ Fast Food

Likewise, in Barcelona and Madrid also have welcomed a vegetarian “Fast Food” formula.

Maoz is a concept that was also started in Amsterdam in 1991 but currently it has expanded through main European, American and Asian cities.

The core motivation is to offer a nutritious and fast vegetarian dish.

It is based on pitta bread sandwiches with falafel and fresh salad.

On reflection….

These new concepts show us that “Fast Food” is not only surviving, but that it is also developing into finding the optimum formula.

Therefore, in the world of fast food, the “form” changes but not its “essence”: the need is still there; feeding yourself in very little time, but without forgetting about nutrition, health, pleasure or even fun.

N 3 november 2006

in separated, divorced or widowed.the bazaar: Music à la carte

Music à la carte

It is already possible to choose the music you like without having to “beg” the D.J.

My Strands, has come up with a new technology (“PartyStrands”) that allows people to find the music that is played at bars through SMS from their mobile phones.

Therefore, this is yet another example about how technology can be of service to customize anything which may seem to be difficult to adapt to individual tastes.

N 3 november 2006

in separated, divorced or widowed.the bazaar: Music à la carte

The system, which only requires an internet connection, a computer with digital music and a screen, chooses the music according to the venue style, and the likes and preferences of the people who send in messages. The songs appear on the screen and the users can positively or negatively rate the songs through SMS, as well as send photos and messages to the screen.

This concept of “music à la carte” reminds us of old jukeboxes: people who are in the premises at that moment choose the music according to their tastes at that particular moment.

N 3 november 2006

in separated, divorced or widowed.the bazaar: Music à la carte

This technology already works in some of the more “in” places like Quentin Tarantino’s bar in NY and, closer to us, in Imperio Pop and Lupita Durango (both in Madrid), and also Dacsa in Gandía.

For its pre-launch in Spain, a party was held in a trendy Madrilenian bar where 50 volunteers offered themselves as “guinea pigs” to try out the new system.

N 3 november 2006

in separated, divorced or widowed.the bazaar: Religious consumption

Religious Consumption


e increasingly notice the presence of “religious”/ “spiritual” elements in the consumer society.

There has obviously existed “religious products” (little statues, jewellery, amulets, etc.) However, lately it seems that there are new things in terms of religion /spirituality (not only Catholic / traditional but also incorporating other religions) and aesthetics (more modern, trying to target younger people).

N 3 november 2006

in separated, divorced or widowed.the bazaar: Religious consumption

Feng shui

The 7 chakras

Egyptian symbol

Templar cross

Sakyamuni Buddha

Decoration products/ amulets (in furniture / home magazines, shops with interior design…)



  • Different types of jewellery: in the previous issue we already mentioned the trend of Catholic bracelets…

  • But many pendants can be identified with religious icons:

N 3 november 2006

in separated, divorced or widowed.the bazaar: Religious Consumption

Service sector: like restaurants, bars, pubs...

Vegetaria restaurants

with spiritual elements


Bhudda bar or

Bhudda restaurant

Where leaflets and advertisements about spiritual topics are found.

… Pure entertainment or something else?

N 3 november 2006

in separated, divorced or widowed.the bazaar: Religious Consumption

Religious icons even in technology:pen drivesin the shape of the Virgin.

  • Another way for religion to “get closer” to current everyday life: turning traditional saints into pen drives (an element which becomes increasingly more indispensable). The doubt that remains is:

    • Is the use of these objects seen with any spiritual association? Is protection /success at work asked for?

    • Or really what sells them is the particular fetish of it being “kitsch”?

N 3 november 2006

in separated, divorced or widowed.the bazaar: Religious Consumption

With all of these we ask ourselves:

To what does that “religious presence” correspond to in the society of consumption?

Is it merely a search for the exotic, an attempt to find new experiences?

In other words, is it an attempt to improve the “Consumption Experience”? (Mega Trend nº 7)

…. Or does it correspond to a deeper and more spiritual trend that transcends the field of consumption?

N 3 november 2006

in separated, divorced or widowed.the bazaar: Religious Consumption

A growing importance in finding more “excitement” in consumption, getting rid of boredom.

The feeling of a certain “emptiness” that many people share in our capitalist/consumerist society…

…and that searches for a meaning with “more content”

That search has been above all a materialistic and hedonistic character, aimed at pleasure and aesthetics, what is on the outside.

Faced with the importance of the outside, aesthetics, they want a contact with the spiritual life, “the inside”

In the recent years we have observed…

All of this brings us to a reflection that can be relevant for marketing professionals from different sectors…

Products and services “with a religious touch” seem to offer a way of “commitment” that allows us to have contact with the spiritual without leaving the consumerist system…

N 3 november 2006

Section separated, divorced or widowed.

Curiosities & Innovations

N 3 november 2006

Curiosities separated, divorced or widowed.& Innovations



Recently we observed that some magazine advertisements used models that could even be defined as “anti-models”.

They stand out – faced with the whole world of perfection in advertisements - it is a fact, however, to what extent is the intention solely to grab attention? Or is this also a breath of fresh air against so much perfection?

N 3 november 2006

Curiosities separated, divorced or widowed.& Innovations


Comme des Garçons in Papabubbles

  • In our visit to the shop Papabubbles, we discovered a strange link with the brand perfume Comme des Garçons.

  • Behind the counter two bottles of Comme des Garçons 2 were found (men and women).

  • The people who were entering into the shop could try 2 things:

    • The sample sweets

    • The fragrances on display

  • In fact, while we visited the shop, some people were more interested in buying the perfume (something that wasn’t possible) than the sweets.

  • As compensation, the shop assistant was giving out perfume samples and sherbet dips in the shape of the Comme des Garçons bottle (illustration).

N 3 november 2006

Curiosities separated, divorced or widowed.& Innovations


Note from the teacher on correcting an exam

Even though…

Is it really considered wrong?

N 3 november 2006

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Some of the articles that will be developed in the next issue of

N 3 november 2006

in separated, divorced or widowed.the next issue

Our "elders"

A growing target with specific needs and some services already developed…

  • Reverse mortgage

  • Flats for elders

  • Adapted food

  • Adapted technology: e.g. Mobiles, Internet…

  • Is there fashion specifically designed for them?

  • Emotions, experience of sexuality…

  • Leisure time, etc.

N 3 november 2006

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Back to the past

Why is everything retro fashionable?

Refrigerators, wallpaper, clothes… 60’s style

Gramophone, old-looking telephones, reflex cameras…