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Initial Payments Usability Testing Findings PowerPoint Presentation
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Initial Payments Usability Testing Findings

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Initial Payments Usability Testing Findings - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Initial Payments Usability Testing Findings. Overview. Background Why We Tested Usability Testing Method How Agents Enter Initial Payment Information Key Findings Recommendations. Background. New EFt

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Presentation Transcript
  • Background
  • Why We Tested
  • Usability Testing Method
  • How Agents Enter Initial Payment Information
  • Key Findings
  • Recommendations
  • New EFt
  • There have been past occurrences where Agents have incorrectly entered either the initial payment amount or the account numbers thus causing issues especially in accounting
  • The business requested the initial payment screen be modified so the agents would have to enter both their initial payment amount and the account numbers twice
  • The UXA team believed entering those items twice was unexpected and could potentially frustrate agents
  • UXA team choose to test two methods of entering initial payment amount with the agents to observe and listen to actual behaviors to discover the needs and expectations of the agents
why we tested
Why We Tested
  • Business and UXA team differed on why way would work best and testing actual users is the best way to find out which option users preferred
  • Identify key issues and raises issues not previously considered
  • Identify user behaviors and hear feedback to maximize completion
  • Ensures that it is done correctly the first time and thus eliminate unnecessary rework
usability testing method
Usability Testing Method
  • An interactive prototype, with two different scenarios, was created for testers to complete App On-Line’s initial payment screen using data from a fake check
  • 10 agents were scheduled, however only seven agents participated
  • Testing lasted 30 minutes per agent
  • Agents were asked a serious of questions regarding the current initial payment process
  • They were then asked to provide feedback for each scenerios
agent summary
Agent Summary
  • 6/7 agents use App On-Line all time
  • At least 4/7 stated that aren’t handed a check and then entering it on the screen. Customers will often read the numbers aloud or agents will have customers look at the screen to double check
  • 4/7 agents receive checks as the primary payment
  • 2/7 agents have had a client’s check bounce
  • 1/7 asked if she could copy and paste data
key findings
Key Findings

Double Entry of Initial Payment Amount and Account Number

  • Pro
    • 2/6 agents thought this option was slower and redundant
    • 4/6 agents didn’t mind this option
    • 4/6 felt double entry would decrease the likelihood of making an error
  • Con
    • 2/6 preferred the double entry option

Single Entry with Verification Page

  • Pro
    • 5/6 agents liked this option because they could double check their information
    • 4/6 preferred entering numbers once and receiving a verification page
    • 5/6 believed entering numbers once and receiving a verification page was easiest to use
    • 4/6 stated entering numbers once and receiving a verification page worked how they wanted it to work
    • 4/6 believed entering numbers once and receiving a verification page worked best overall
  • Con
    • 1 agent believed that most agents would “blow by” verification page

Overall comments

  • They was confusion over pay by check versus EFT
  • Agents want reoccurring payment information to occur on the verification page
  • Agents would like the ability to update payment information themselves in App On-Line even after the application is submitted
  • Additional text should be added which states that EFT does not immediately withdraw money from your account
  • If there is a payment problem one agent mentioned that they would like to be notified via email instead of by mail that something went wrong
  • Although agents generally agreed that double entry would reduce more errors, many agents were not entering account information directly off a check, so the UXA team recommends single entry with a verification page. The verification page would provide the agents the double-check which most agents desired