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Digital Kits

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Digital Kits. Presentation by:  Anne Gehrig, Shannon Perry and Sally Anderson. A vision of K-12 Students today Video. What does a finished product look like?. Finished products may be as varied as the the classroom and the purpose.

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digital kits

Digital Kits

Presentation by: 

Anne Gehrig, Shannon Perry and Sally Anderson

what does a finished product look like

What does a finished product look like?

Finished products may be as varied as the the classroom and the purpose.

They may include vocabulary development, research projects, poetry, storytelling, or language acquisition.

We will share a few examples with you today.

play around in plymouth
Play around in Plymouth

Location of folders:

District Curriculum folder location: 

Curriculum - Nov Inservice Digital Kits - 

Online website location:

playing with plymouth part ii
Playing with Plymouth part II
  • On the district curriculum server:
    • Go to Plymouth kit
    • Plymouth materials
    • Go to attachments on bottom
    • Open Plymouth vocab table document
    • Open vocabulary journey template powerpoint
  • save to your documents as examples
creating your powerpoint
Creating your powerpoint
  • On District server - curriculum- select Plymouth Images
  • In powerpoint:
    • Title - vocab word
    • Image icon (left) add picture
    • Right column create caption text to represent picture
  • Insert new slide & repeat #2
  • Save powerpoint
creating and organizing folders
Creating and Organizing Folders

Create a master folder with project name

Within the folder, create subfolders with project name and type of media (sounds, pictures, video, text, projects (if you want students to save their work here – always important to think about file management).










finding photos
Finding photos
  • Open new word document.  Save.
  • Navigate to
  • Uncheck use for commercial purposes and modify/adapt
  •  Enter search term in box
  • Click on Flickr
  • Click once to open image on separate page
  •  Right click to get sizes
  •  Choose medium
  •  Right click to save image as
  • Save to image folder in kit
  •  Right click to copy address; paste in Word Document
  • Save.
adding sounds to power point
Adding Sounds to Power Point

Many Windows and Mac programs use the same file types; this makes it easier to use and view work.

Some examples: (don’t worry too much about this; if you search “sounds” you’re probably going to get what you need)

MP3 (.mp3), MIDI (.midi), MPEG-1, MPEG-2, and QuickTime (.qt, .mov), Real Audio/Video (.ra, .ram), Wave Form Audio (.wav), Windows Media Audio and Video (.wma,)

Search by instrument, ambient style, mood, etc

Preview; download track if desired.

When ready, click on link to download selected file.

adding sounds to power point1
Adding Sounds to Power Point

The best option is to right-click before the download, rename file and set location. If necessary, the file can be renamed and saved after the download.

By giving files generic names, the students are allowed to apply their own meaning to them.

Master Folder

Sounds Folder


adding sounds to power point2
Adding Sounds to Power Point

1 Go to web source: *free educational use, but not for posting on websites (read legalese) (seems to be the friendliest in usage allowances) * educator accounts are not free

5. Go to downloads; change file name to project name and number, i.e., Explorers.#

Move to appropriate file by dragging or “save as”.

By giving files generic names, it allows the students to apply their own meaning to them.

searching for videos
Searching for videos
  • Open web browser
  •  Curriculum content search
    •  Search byStandards
  • Advanced Search
    • keyword
    • Search by Media type
  • Add a video to your resource kit file
    • Quicktime .mov for MAC
    • Windows .wmf for PC platform
    • Download to folder
discovery education extras
Discovery Education Extras
  • Save resources to "my content" in DE
  • Create an assignment for students with instructions, videos, and exams
  • Create a link from your webpage to the assignment page.  
  • Voila - students can complete assignments and you will be e-mailed when complete and score of exams.

Coffee mug in CD player video

We hope this has been helpful.