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Robot Kits

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Robot Kits

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  1. Robot Kits Steve Maier Heartland BEST Kit Committee Chair

  2. 5 Things to pick up before you leave today: Returnables –yellow toolbox Returnables –black carry case Consumables –black SUV chest Consumables –PVC pipe Consumables –plywood

  3. Kit Types • “Consumables” • May be modified however you see fit • May be replenished, but NOT supplemented! • “Returnables” & “Drive Components” • May NOT be altered: • No cutting • No painting • No gluing • No Velcro Attached • Do not cut or solder servo wires or servo extensions • Do not solder anything to the BRAIN

  4. The BRAIN • BEST • Robotics • Advanced • Instruction • Node

  5. BRAIN Power • The battery just plugs into the Battery Input lead.

  6. Turning your BRAIN on • The power switch and fuse is physically smaller, but serves the normal function.

  7. Smart Motors • Motor wire leads should be tinned and inserted into the Phoenix connectors • Do not completely remove the screws from the Phoenix connectors!

  8. Servos Galore . . . • Servo connectors just plug into the servo output housing. These are keyed, so reversing polarity should not be an issue.

  9. BRAIN Waves • Each team will be provided a “Receiver Box” instead of just a receiver as in the past. It plugs in here; nice and snug.

  10. Downloading to your BRAIN • This is where the USB cable needs to be attached when downloading new programming to your BRAIN

  11. BRAIN Signals • These connections serve as switches signaling motors and servos to turn on/off or change their functions. Entirely optional—selecting “switches” in the Wizard and/or additional programming is required to use this feature.

  12. Fastening your BRAIN to the Robot • Use only the mounting holes of the plastic base to fasten the BRAIN to your robot • Do NOT use Velcro to attach the BRAIN to your robot and do not over tighten the mounting screws

  13. BRAIN Tether • Only teams advancing to Frontier Trails BEST 6 weeks from now need to worry about this.

  14. The Good News: • All of the electronics are now in a single unit, making things easier • Your BRAIN will work out of the box • With all four motors speed controlled! • Don’t shy away from experimental programming! • You can always reload the default programming • The Wizard is easy to use! • Optionally, code (in “C”) can be cut and pasted into the compiler! • A LOT of support documentation is online, and we’re here to help as best we can

  15. A Quick Run-Through for Uploading to your BRAIN • Decide on what motors and servos to use and what their functions are • Use the Wizard unto create a “wizardgen.h” file that matches your robot’s needs • Do not rename this file—instead, place it in a folder with a descriptive name • Open IAR Workbench program • Open a workspace using “wizard.eww” file • Open the “wizardgen.h” file within workspace • Choose “Rebuild All” under Project menu item • Choose “Boot Load via USB” under Tools menu item

  16. Open a Workspace First . . . Then open wizard.eww file

  17. The BRAIN Wizard works within IAR, independently from IAR and even online!

  18. A Quick Run-Through for Uploading to your BRAIN • ... • Open the “wizardgen.h” file within workspace • Choose “Rebuild All” under Project menu item • Choose “Boot Load via USB” under Tools menu item • Turn the BRAIN OFF and unplug the battery • Make sure the BRAIN is connected • Downloading takes about 20 seconds

  19. Thanks for the Memory! • BRAIN washed • Units are reprogrammed by overwriting the flash memory (so only one program file can be loaded to the BRAIN at a time) • BRAIN freeze • If your BRAIN freezes up, try loading the program again and make sure you give it time to download completely • BRAIN storm! • As easy as it is to program, experiment with variations to push the limit for your machine!

  20. More comments on BRAIN • Secure the box to your robot using only the mounting ears on the box • Do not over tighten mounting screws • Protect it from impacts • Do Not Open! • Do Not Paint! • Be creative!

  21. Returnable Kit Please respect the equipment by taking care of it. It keeps our costs down (and is just plain good practice, too!).

  22. Drive Kit and Misc. Parts You may only modify the parts that are circled: The 3 ft. long drive belt Servo horns Servo mounting hardware

  23. Bad Battery -Don’t leave unattended on the charger -Don’t use or charge if hot (warm is ok)

  24. How to clamp a motor Note: Please take care in soldering to the terminal posts of the motors; DO NOT bend or twist them, they break easily.

  25. About Returnable Spare Parts • There is no guarantee on spare parts • Spare parts for kits are by exchange only (arrange a time and date to meet with me) • Document the problem (typed in an email)

  26. Advice (teamwork): • Work in groups tackling separate issues • Have a rules specialist in each group • Be sure these groups are in constant communication • Step back every once and a while and try to see the “big picture” KEEP IT FUN!

  27. Advice (robot design): • Engineer your robot to be durable • Strong • Easy to maintain/repair • Good electrical connections • Engineer your robot to be versatile • Accomplish more than one task well • Flexibility in strategy (change at a moment’s notice—modular design???) • Step back every once and a while and try to see the “big picture”

  28. Advice (construction): • Solder electrical connections to switches and motors! • “Tin” wires that will plug into the BRAIN • Measure twice, cut once • Step back every once and a while and try to see the “big picture” • Create a stand for your robot • Plan to stay well within the 24”x24”x24” and 24 lb constraint—you may need the ‘extra’ room later

  29. Summary of Differences (from other hubs): • Use of neck strap is mandatory • Heartland BEST is NOT using the tether system, so in your kits there will be no tether cable in your kit Teams advancing to Frontier Trails BEST will be given a tether cable at the close of Game Day

  30. Returning the “Returnables” • At the close of the competition of GAME DAY, “returnables” are to be turned in to Heartland BEST • Teams wishing to keep their robots intact for temporary display/show will be required to fill out a form for approval

  31. Final Notes: • The 4” PVC is green. . . It’s one foot longer for ease in distribution (do not use the coupler end and use no more than a total of 4 feet of 4” PVC). • Some segments of other PVC have a coupler end. DO NOT USE the coupled end. • Ask questions! (coaches, other team members, BEST Inc. Q&A, other teams, or email me )