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Flight Instructor Training

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Get trained by professional flight instructors at CFI Bootcamp. Their Solid and steady training will make you a real hero. Visit us: http://www.cfibootcamp.com/

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Flight Instructor Training

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flight instructor training 1
Flight Instructor Training

Flight instructor training is now easy to obtain. Visit CFI Bootcamp for more details about the flight instructor training and course. Since 1995 we have been training flight instructors. Our first time pass rate is over 90 percent while the National Average is under 40 percent. Experience matters - The course designed and administered by a former Designated Pilot Examiner who was authorized to examine Initial CFI applicants. The program uses current material, in a modern, up to date classroom setting. It is now also available online. You'll be working through online content, and either attend a live class live or complete the course. You can complete all of the academic ground training online on the same schedule as the live classes. We are located at the Palo Alto Airport in the San Francisco Bay Area. Our facilities are first rate - No 1980's look and feel. Everything here is quality including your training and your instruction.

our instructors
Our Instructors

We use a team of four instructors to get you through the training. The Classroom and all academics are taught by a former Designated Pilot Examiner and Aviation Author. His courseware is used by major Aviation Universities and Academies in the US.

Flight training is conducted by hand selected Flight Instructors trained by the company founder. This approach ensures you will have a solid academic background to pass the oral and begin teaching right after the class. You will be employable and be able to teach all of the Private and Commercial pilot program lessons with no additional training.

contact us

Contact us


650-600-1021 9am - 6pm

Email: mikeshiflett@cfibootcamp.com

for more information please visit us
For more information please visit us: