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email marketing the do s and don ts n.
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EMAIL MARKETING: The do’s and don’ts PowerPoint Presentation
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EMAIL MARKETING: The do’s and don’ts

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EMAIL MARKETING: The do’s and don’ts
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EMAIL MARKETING: The do’s and don’ts

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  1. EMAIL MARKETING: The do’s and don’ts Marketing in this fast pacing world is made easier through emails. Email marketing can prove to be very powerful if planned out and executed correctly. However, for effective email marketing, it is very essential to keep in mind what should be done and what should be avoided. Do’s of email marketing: Use a very attractive line for your subject. Catchy and attractive subject lines draw the attention of the reader towards your email. People get many emails in a day and most of them are just deleted without being read. But one can maximize the effectiveness of his email by doing some hard work on the subject line and making it worth having a look at. Your email must be complete to give the correct impression. It should have the clear and total information. You should already answer the potential question that you think could be asked by the reader. Make the process of unsubscribing quick and easy. Put a direct link on the email for those who want to quit getting emails from you and put ‘unsubscribe’ button somewhere easy to be found. There should be no cost on the part of the customer for walking out of your email subscription service.

  2. Do personalization of your emails. Send customer specific emails according to each customer’s preferences and interests for they may be interested in different products or offers. Segment the emails strategically. Include multiple links to contact. Link your web pages to it and if there is a call center in Your company, including its number in the email for easy reach. Don’ts of Email Marketing: Avoid the use of too many calls to action (CTA) as the person reading the email might get confused and prefer unsubscribing than figuring out what exactly to follow. Marketers often use CTAs in the pursuit of multiple campaigns in one email but it’s better to be avoided. DO NOT send unsolicited emails. Sending uninvited emails is a very bad idea because all that does is send your emails in a spam folder. Always ask for permission before sending it. DO NOT send emails that look unprofessional. Your emails should be very well-written and visually appealing so that your readers get convinced. Avoid mistakes and be very specific about the goal of your email. Do not forget to follow up. A good email marketer would never let their prospects forget about the message they sent. Sending a follow-up email reminds your customer and increases the effectiveness of your marketing. Avoid attaching too many graphics in one email. This confuses the reader and takes a great amount of time in loading which eventually leads to the disinterest of the reader. In order to avoid doing mistakes, it is best to get your emails automated by a good email marketing website such as ours. We provide the email marketing services to the best of our customer’s interest.