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Real SY0-401 Exam Questions PowerPoint Presentation
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Real SY0-401 Exam Questions

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Real SY0-401 Exam Questions - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Real SY0-401 Exam Questions

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  2. QUESTION1: Sara, the security administrator, must configure the corporate firewall to allow all public IP addresses on the internal interface of the firewall to be translated to one public IP address on the external interface of the same firewall. Which of the following should Saraconfigure? PAT NAP DNAT NAC Answer:A QUESTION2: • Which of the following devices is MOST likely being used when processing the following? • PERMITS IP ANY ANY EQ80 • DENY IP ANYANY • Firewall • NIPS • Loadbalancer • URLfilter Answer:A QUESTION3: Which of the following security devices can be replicated on a Linux based computer using IP tables to inspect and properly handle network basedtraffic? Sniffer Router Firewall Switch Answer:C

  3. QUESTION4: Which of the following firewall types inspects Ethernet traffic at the MOST levels of the OSImodel? Packet FilterFirewall StatefulFirewall ProxyFirewall ApplicationFirewall Answer:B QUESTION5: The Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) has mandated that all IT systems with credit card data be segregated from the main corporate network to prevent unauthorized access and that access to the IT systems should be logged. Which of the following would BEST meet the CISO'srequirements? Sniffers NIDS Firewalls Webproxies Layer 2switches Answer:C QUESTION6: Which of the following network design elements allows for many internal devices to share one public IPaddress? DNAT PAT DNS DMZ Answer:B

  4. QUESTION7: Which of the following is a best practice when securing a switch from physical access? Disable unnecessaryaccounts Print baselineconfiguration Enable accesslists Disable unusedports Answer:D QUESTION8: Which of the following devices would be MOST useful to ensure availability when there are a large number of requests to a certainwebsite? Protocolanalyzer Loadbalancer VPNconcentrator Web securitygateway Answer:B QUESTION9: Pete, the system administrator, wishes to monitor and limit users' access to external websites. Which of the following would BEST addressthis? Block all traffic on port80. ImplementNIDS. Use server loadbalancers. Install a proxyserver. Answer:D

  5. QUESTION10: Mike, a network administrator, has been asked to passively monitor network traffic to the company's sales websites. Which of the following would be BEST suited for this task? HIDS Firewall NIPS Spamfilter Answer:C

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