why users prefer outlook over gmail introduction n.
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Why users prefer Outlook over Gmail PowerPoint Presentation
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Why users prefer Outlook over Gmail

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Why users prefer Outlook over Gmail - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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In this presentation you get idea why users prefer Outlook over Gmail. he main motive of these two email service provider to managing your emails. But there is some difference if we see according to their features.

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why users prefer outlook over gmail introduction

Why users prefer Outlook overGmail


Outlook and Gmail became the two biggest email services on the internet. Totaling over a billion of users that use Gmail account and outlook email account. Most companies used Gmail or Outlook to manage their workplace. 13% of public companies use Office 365 and remaining 87% use a combination of the two. The main motive of these two email service provider to managing your emails. But there is some difference if we see according to their features.

The following some features show that why user prefer outlook mail over Gmail Outlook integrates with calendar, contact, andtask:

During the previous time, many people used paper or spreadsheet to managing their order of the day. But today there is a much more effective ways provided by outlook express email. outlook offers a user to create a task, To-Do items, contact, and calendar. So by using this, you can easily create notes, work for a home project and an office, follow your program by addingreminders.

Outlook Integrates with manyDevices

Microsoft developed an outlook app for various mobile platforms such as android, ios, windows phones, and blackberry. It is the best mobile email app which runs on your device. You can simply access your outlook account by login with this app. If you want to know more about outlook app then contact microsoft outlooksupport

Offline access toemail:

It's a great feature of outlook office mail. When using Gmail you aren't able to access email without the internet connection. But in outlook, you are able to access your inbox email. Most of the user work in Outlook during their journey. They can read email while they traveling on an airplane. They also respond to email. The email is automatically sent when the Internet connection isre-established.


Everybody wants to organize their emails in a perfect order. Some people like their emailssortedfromoldesttonewest,andsomesorttheiremailalphabetically.

outlook provides various options to organize your

Outlook provides various options to organize your email but on the other hand, allows a user to sort their emails from newest tooldest.

Categorize email, Task, andcalendar:

With the help of outlook office user categories the various items such as message, calendar appointment, and task through the use of color coding. The color coding immediately tells a user, the specific email is related to whichcategorize.

Changing importance ofemails:

Outlook account has the facility to send importance emails at a different level. So high importance email marked as red color and low importance email marked as blue color. This makes the user find the appropriate email easily. But this feature is not available in Gmail that why Gmail user faces difficulty to find the appropriate email.

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