why do people prefer wordpress over joomla n.
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Why do people prefer WordPress over Joomla or Drupal PowerPoint Presentation
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Why do people prefer WordPress over Joomla or Drupal

Why do people prefer WordPress over Joomla or Drupal

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Why do people prefer WordPress over Joomla or Drupal

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  1. Why do people prefer WordPress over Joomla or Drupal these days? In the gang of several powerful CMS, WordPress successfully standout being a powerful and popular open source content management system in the market. Joomla and Drupal are also very famous software but in our comparison, we found out that WordPress is far better than Joomla and Drupal and you’ll also agree with us after reading this piece of writing. All three are popular and share plenty of common things in terms of technology, viewpoint, and community. All three are open source software and developed in PHP. On the backend, they all support MySql database management system. WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal all are driven by the huge and commanding community. But why WordPress is highly demanded by every web design and development company, read here:- User affability The reason behind the huge reputation of WordPress is the user easiness. A user with less or no technical knowledge can build their online presence. With about five to six minutes installation makes WordPress so easy for every new user. You must have seen the dashboard of WordPress. How easy is to create, edit posts, pages or any other modifications in WordPress? On the other hand, Joomla is also like a WordPress but installation of it not as quick as WordPress has. Joomla control panel has too many menus to customize the website and that is bit confusing and lengthy. Installation of Drupal is bit tricky and user with less technical familiarity will find it not easy to

  2. figure out how to change things on their site. So on the front of user-friendliness, WordPress is the champ. Free and premium themes and plugins To extend and enhance the functionality and appearance, all three offers themes and plugins. WordPress is loaded with few default themes that help out the user to change the appearance of the website at any time. WordPress supports free as well as premium themes and plugins with premium support options. Like WordPress Joomla and Drupal also supports free themes but with fewer choices. Free support options

  3. WordPress offers plenty of free ways to support users and you can also find out paid support for WordPress as well. Upwork, Fiverr, and elance are few of the paid support options which offer an easy and affordable way to solve any issue for small companies and individuals. On free front, WPBeginner supports a good amount of tutorials, video tutorials, and articles specially designed to beginner level WordPress users. Joomla and Drupal both have a hands-on community of fans and users. Both platforms have a great community support options such as forums, mailing lists, IRC chatrooms, etc. both are a good source to get advice and free help. But they are not as affordable as supported by the WordPress. If you’re looking to build a multilingual site then nothing is a better choice than the WordPress. Apart from multi-lingual support, some outstanding plugins are also available that allows you to easily build a WordPress multilingual site. More than 53 languages supported by the WordPress and various popular themes are also offered in multiple languages. Security In the age of technology, the well secure website is the biggest concern of anyone and WordPress is well liked by its users for its security features such as automated backups, two-factor authentication and auto-update mechanism which automatically starts the updates if there is any new security patch. On the front of security features, both Drupal and Joomla follow proper security standards like a WordPress.

  4. Every user wants best and all of three are the great options in most cases especially in the eCommerce application development business. If you have a need to start quick and simple online business then surely WordPress is the better choice among others. All are free, readily available technical support and integrated with unique and powerful features. The boom of WordPress Development Company in India shows that why WordPress is more appropriate when you need a full-featured CMS for business use. Source: over-joomla-or-drupal-these-days/