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How do cartoons affect children? PowerPoint Presentation
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How do cartoons affect children?

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How do cartoons affect children? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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How do cartoons affect children? Presentation by Jennifer, Erica, and Ariel Racism In Cartoons

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racism in cartoons
Racism In Cartoons

Much of what children learn in their early years comes from what they see on television in cartoons. If cartoons promote racism then children will take on a racist attitude. While there isn’t as much racism in cartoons today as there used to be, older cartoons are aired on Cartoon Network frequently!


Bugs Bunny is historically the most racist cartoon character. Cartoon Network had to pull twelve of his cartoons due to their racist content.

what should be done about racist cartoons

What should be done about racist cartoons?

  • Is it the responsibility of the parents to teach their children better or monitor what they watch on television?
  • What role do/should teachers play in this situation?
What should be done about racist cartoons?
  • Is it the responsibility of the parents to teach their children better or monitor what they watch on television?
  • What role do/should teachers play in this situation?
  • -- There are also some video clips here of some racist cartoons for those interested in seeing examples.
caution caution caution



Some material may not be suitable for children!

cartoon violence
  • Tom and Jerry
  • Anime
  • Looney Tunes
  • Superheroes
  • Disney
cartoon violence10
Tom and Jerry

Portrays images of violence. Images show beatings by hand as well as the use of household objects.

Aggravated Assault

By showing these images, children receive the message that irons and shovels will only hurt for a little while when you are hit with them.

cartoon violence11
  • Anime
    • Dragon Ball Z reveals almost human characters with exceptional ability.
    • The Characters fight each other in hopes of killing and or reducing their opponents ability to fight anymore
    • Children act out these gestures in real life, in hopes of destroying their opponents.
      • Personal story
cartoon violence12
  • Looney Tunes
    • Roadrunner is the most common example of such violence
      • Coyote is chasing the roadrunner, but is forever doomed to never catch him.
          • Through his attempts, he is smashed into an accordion shape by an anvil, hurled into the air, crushed by rocks, thrown into rocks with his skates, and appears just fine in the next scene.
cartoon violence13
  • Superheroes
    • Spiderman is able to fall off building, and with a flick of the wrist, be just fine
    • Superman is able of getting hit with bullets and is almost indestructible
    • Batman fights all the time, he fist fights everyone
    • Violence is marketed as fun and entertainment
cartoon violence14

Beauty and the Beast has a fight scene between the beast and Gaston, in which the beast is stabbed with a knife, dies, and is resurrected

This illustrates confusion of death and that if you are stabbed, everything will be ok.

In Pocahontas, there was a violent storm, which may cause confusion as the make believe and reality and cause children to be scared of thunder, etc.

cartoon violence15
  • Questions:
    • Is it the cartoons fault that children are violent themselves? Or a failure on the part of parents?
    • Should we monitor more closely the stuff that our children watch? Or should the companies be more mindful of the message that they are giving children?