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Proposition 101, Amendments 60 and 61 PowerPoint Presentation
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Proposition 101, Amendments 60 and 61

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Proposition 101, Amendments 60 and 61
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Proposition 101, Amendments 60 and 61

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  1. Proposition 101, Amendments 60 and 61 Thursday, Sept. 30 8:30 – 9:30 Ann Terry Executive Director SDA Sam Mamet Executive Director CML Chip Taylor Executive Director CCI, Inc. Ken DeLay Executive Director CASB

  2. Agenda • Latest news from Rick Reiter from Coloradans for Responsible Reform • What to tell your friends and neighbors about the measures • Examples of successful local government education and outreach efforts • Q & A

  3. Rick Reiter, Coloradans for Responsible Reform

  4. What to tell your friends and neighbors • Tell them that yes, these measures will reduce taxes. But they will also reduce basic services that they rely upon everyday. • Remind them that they will be making an important decision in November. These ballot questions place local government at a financial crossroads. They combine to slash tax and fee revenue and impose restraints that will make the financing of public facilities difficult and expensive. • These measures come at a time when local government revenues and spending are decreasing. Like the adjustments being made by families during this recession, cities, towns, counties, school districts, and special districts have had to cut spending, spend smarter, and work with citizens to determine service priorities.

  5. Talk about your community’s specific impact. For example, what future projects would not be able to be implemented if these measures pass? • Remind them that there are many people in your community that agree with you. Identify by name citizen leaders, local business owners, and any other people you know that are also in opposition to the measures.

  6. Successful education & outreach efforts • Various jurisdictions pass joint resolution • Douglas County • City of Centennial • City of Durango • Special Districts • Cherry Creek School District

  7. Joint Resolution • Town of Telluride • Town of Mountain Village • San Miguel County • Town of Norwood • San Miguel County Public Library District #1 • Telluride Hospital District • Telluride School District • Telluride Fire District “ The position these districts, municipalities, and the county took by signing the joint resolution highlights the devastating consequences that would take place if any of these issues passed at the upcoming election.  We stand unified in opposition to those who would attempt to take from our citizens their rights of local representation and their ability to plan for the future needs of our communities.” Stu Fraser, Mayor, Town of Telluride

  8. Douglas County • In Resolution, acknowledged the concerns at the root of these ballot questions.

  9. Douglas County, cont. • Seven-month collaborative effort with municipalities and large special districts to prepare comprehensive financial and services impact of ballot measures

  10. Douglas County, cont. • Creation of multi-jurisdictional reference guide for use by employees and the community - posted on County website • Local media referred to reference guide “The key to effective public outreach in Douglas County has been the partnership between elected officials and the business community who are hosting community forums that emphasize the potential negative impacts to our state and local economies.  These leaders understand, if such measures pass, how difficult it will be for Colorado to remain economically competitive and for our state to retain and grow jobs. Therefore, in partnership, we have taken strong positions in opposition to these ballot measures.” Jill E. Repella, District III Commissioner

  11. City of Fair & balanced way to provide information Includes disclaimer Provides Web sites in favor of measures

  12. City of Centennial, “The impacts of these amendments would be dramatic to the City of Centennial if they pass. It is critical that as elected officials for our communities we continue to communicate how detrimental these amendments and proposition will be to our cities, towns, and state. Everything and everyone will be affected.” Centennial Mayor Cathy Noon

  13. City of Durango “Our recent news conference offered representatives from local government, special districts, non-profit organizations, and school districts from across the southwest region the opportunity to tell their stories about the impacts the three ballot measures will have on their local communities.” Durango City Manager Ron LeBlanc

  14. Special Districts conduct analyses of service impacts Analyses conducted by • Wheat Ridge Sanitation District • Eagle River Water & Sanitation District • Upper Eagle Regional Water Authority

  15. Special District Association, cont. “Special districts are a vital part of Colorado’s infrastructure. Amendments 60 , 61 and Proposition 101 would cripple their ability to provide such basic services as fire protection and water and wastewater delivery. These ballot initiatives will essentially collapse local government.” Patrick Mulhern, President, SDA

  16. Cherry Creek School District • Created flyer using no district funds – people paid for copies to distribute on their own • Passed formal resolution opposing measures • Grass-roots campaign with the Board attending back-to-school nights, School Accountability Committee meetings and Parent Council meetings • Created email blasts for people to forward to their own lists • Distributed yard signs

  17. Other Suggestions • Pass a resolution opposing measures and encourage people to vote against them • Encourage elected officials to speak out against measures • Write letters to the editor to local newspapers • Submit op-eds • Pick up yard signs from Coloradans for Responsible Reform and display them at your home or business. (Visit for information on picking up signs.) • Post your opinions on personal social media • TALK, TALK, TALK!

  18. Fighting the Fight Together… Ann Terry Executive Director Special District Association 303-863-1733 Chip Taylor Executive Director Colorado Counties, Inc. 303-861-4076 Ken DeLay Executive Director Colorado Association of School Boards 303-832-1000 Sam Mamet Executive Director Colorado Municipal League 303-831-6411 Visit and follow us on

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