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Multimedia in the Classroom Computers in Education Week 8, 2006 What is Multimedia Multimedia uses more than one mode of communication. Uses a variety of media Text, visuals, sound, animation, video. A video clip is a good example of multimedia

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Multimedia in the classroom l.jpg

Multimedia in the Classroom

Computers in Education

Week 8, 2006

What is multimedia l.jpg
What is Multimedia

  • Multimedia uses more than one mode of communication.

  • Uses a variety of media

    • Text, visuals, sound, animation, video.

  • A video clip is a good example of multimedia

  • Information is presented in multi-modular, often exciting, motivating interactive way.

Definitions l.jpg


Use of many formats for the presentation of information


Interactive linking of video,

animation, text, graphics


Nonlinear text


  • Tolhurst,D. (1995)

Multimedia l.jpg

  • Is an old term which has become very much part of the Information Technology vocabulary

  • For educators it has become a major consideration for curriculum planning and learning outcomes in the area of Information Technology.

  • Software that allows playing media formats on the web

What is hypermedia l.jpg
What is Hypermedia?

  • Linked media allows the user to interact with the software by “clicking” on graphics, icons etc which will then “LINK” to media such as information, sound or pictures.

  • “Iconic linking” allows users to browse material to aid the reading process

  • Excellent example of hypermedia is the Web

What is hypertext l.jpg
What is Hypertext?

  • Linked text allows the user to interact with the web page by “clicking” on highlighted text, which will then “LINK” to other information.

  • Interactivity (computer programs) rather than passivity (Television or film)

Historical perspective l.jpg
Historical Perspective

  • Accessing Information has developed many formats over the years.

  • Storytelling & Hieroglyphics

  • Writing & Printing

  • Photography & Film

  • Sound & Video

  • Multimedia combines all these types of these media

Formats of multimedia l.jpg
Formats of Multimedia

  • CD-ROM

  • DVD

  • Digital video

  • Streaming video

  • Podcasting

Magic school bus cd rom l.jpg
Magic School Bus CD-Rom

  • Interactive Science Adventure

  • Junior Primary level

  • Foster Enquiring Minds?

Integrating multimedia resources into the curriculum l.jpg
Integrating Multimedia Resources into the curriculum

  • An example: MSEncarta 2005

    Accessing Information

    Retrieving Information

    Presenting Information

    See Roblyer (2004) Chapter 7

    See Grabe and Grabe (2004) Chapter 7

Multimedia learning tools for students l.jpg
Multimedia Learning Tools for Students

  • Bananas in Pyjamas (Educational Games)

  • Dangerous Creatures, Encarta,

  • Explorer & Nature (Encyclopedias)

  • Grandma and Me (Electronic Books)

  • Working for the Right Balance: Mines and Energy (Curriculum/Subject Focused)

Teaching with multimedia l.jpg
Teaching with Multimedia

  • Textbook

  • Grabe, M. and Grabe, C. 2004 Intregrating Technology For Meaningful Learning Houghton Mifflin

Uses of multimedia l.jpg
Uses of Multimedia

  • Presentation media

    • PowerPoint

    • KidPix

    • Hyper Studio

  • Videoconferencing

  • Web pages

  • Accessing information

  • Web page multi media l.jpg
    Web page multi media

    • Stand-ins

    • Make your web page talk

    • Design your own multi- media

    Disadvantages of multimedia l.jpg
    Disadvantages of Multimedia

    • Hardware intensive

    • Lack of teacher training

    • Students require skills & access to equipment

    • Costly

    • Time intensive

    • Confusion when users can get lost in poorly designed programs

    Advantages of multimedia l.jpg
    Advantages of Multimedia

    • Uses a number of senses

    • Helps cater for the differing learning styles

    • Captures student interest

    • Motivational

    • Encourages creativity & higher order thinking

    Types of multimedia packages l.jpg
    Types of Multimedia Packages

    • Publishing Tools





      Web Publishing

      Tools (Dreamweaver)

    Multimedia and the curriculum l.jpg
    Multimedia and the Curriculum

    • Multimedia in the classroom can assist students developing their own skills as:



      Problem Solvers



      Motivated, successful learners

    Multimedia in the curriculum l.jpg
    Multimedia in the Curriculum

    • Resource for curriculum planning in the Information Technology Strand (SACSA)

      Accessing Information

      Retrieving Information

      Analyzing/Critiquing Information

      Presenting Information

    Multimedia in the curriculum20 l.jpg
    Multimedia in the Curriculum

    The Constructivist approach of authoring multimedia leads to :-

    • less “lecture - recitation -seat-work”

    • more “student/teacher co-operation

    • and joint investigation

    • more peer tutoring

    • addresses varied learning styles

    • See Roblyer (2004) Ch.7

    • See Grabe and Grabe (2004) Ch.7

    Impact on students learning outcomes l.jpg
    Impact on Students’ Learning Outcomes

    • Educational Interactive Multimedia offers:

      Success orientated activities

      Exciting, motivating learning activities

      Visualisation in a variety of formats

      Faster access to information

      Independent users of technology

      Efficient users of technology

      Collaborative learners

    Summary multimedia l.jpg
    Summary: Multimedia

    • Encourages and supports creativity

    • Encourages active engagement

    • Increase confidence with technologies

    • Cater for various learning styles

    • Makes learning exciting

    • Children have their own expectations about new media.

    References l.jpg

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