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HSP3M Unit 1

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HSP3M Unit 1. What should I study?. What are the Social Sciences?. Anthropology – the study or the origin, the behaviour, the physical, social, and cultural development of humans. What are the Social Sciences?.

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HSP3M Unit 1

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hsp3m unit 1

HSP3M Unit 1

What should I study?

what are the social sciences
What are the Social Sciences?
  • Anthropology – the study or the origin, the behaviour, the physical, social, and cultural development of humans
what are the social sciences3
What are the Social Sciences?
  • Sociology – the study of human social behaviour and the institutions and organizations that form society
what are the social sciences4
What are the Social Sciences?
  • Psychology – the study of mental processes and human behaviour
quantitative vs qualitative



Uses statistical inference



Relies on reason

Smaller and more focused samples


Quantitative vs. Qualitative
the incident at oc transpo
The Incident at OC Transpo
  • Pierre Lebrun/Charles Whitman
  • Unpopular/Loner
  • Anger management problems
  • Low self-esteem
  • No meaningful relationships with women
  • Paranoid/delusional
  • Social outcast
  • Functionalism
  • Society works in a logical manner and protects the interests of its members
  • Society is best studied as an organic system like the human body
Egoistic suicide resulted from too little social integration. Those individuals who were not sufficiently bound to social groups were left with little social support or guidance, and therefore more likely to take their own life

Altruistic suicide was the result of too much social integration. Self sacrifice was the defining trait, where individuals were so integrated into social groups that they lost sight of their individuality and became willing to sacrifice themselves to the group's interests.

altruistic or egoistic
Altruistic or Egoistic?

In 1963 Buddhist monk Thich Quang Doc burned himself to death during a protest against South Vietnam President Diem.

altruistic or egoistic10
Altruistic or Egoistic?

Heaven's Gate was a religious cult led by Marshall Applewhite who convinced 39 followers to commit suicide so their souls could ride on a spaceship hidden behind a comet.

conflict theory
Conflict Theory
  • Karl Marx
  • Study the social patterns and structures that develop as classes compete for scarce resources
  • Power/Conflict
  • Revolution not Evolution
symbolic interactionism
Symbolic Interactionism
  • Max Weber argued that we act towards people and things on the basis of the meaning we assign them.
cultural change
Independent Invention is the process of separate cultures simultaneously innovating to find the same solution to a problem

Cultural Diffusion is the spread of ideas and innovations independent of migration

Cultural Change
independent invention
Independent Invention?
  • In 1869 Dmitri Mendeleev published the first effective version of the periodic table of elements, unaware that five years earlier John Newlands had proposed an identical table.
3 schools of anthropology
3 Schools of Anthropology
  • Functionalism
  • Founder: Alfred Radcliffe-Brown
  • Institutions are the key to maintaining the global social order
  • Fails to consider the effects of historical changes on society
3 schools of anthropology16
3 Schools of Anthropology
  • Structuralism
  • Founder: Bronislaw Malinowski
  • Culture functions to meet the needs of individuals rather than society as a whole
3 schools of anthropology17
3 Schools of Anthropology
  • Cultural Materialism
  • Founder: Marvin Harris
  • Breaks culture down into 3 divisions
  • Culture is created to solve the universal problems societies face
ethical research
Ethical Research
  • Napolean Chagnon
  • Yanomamo: The Fierce People
  • Is extreme violence among the Yanomami a cultural adaptation or a genetic difference?
3 schools of psychology
3 Schools of Psychology
  • Psychoanalysis
  • Developed by Freud to probe the unconscious mind and treat patients anxieties and phobias
3 schools of psychology20
3 Schools of Psychology
  • Behaviorism
  • Focuses on studying observable behavior
  • Edward Lee Thorndike
  • Law of Effect
  • Applied to curriculum
3 schools of psychology21
3 Schools of Psychology
  • Cognitive Psychology
  • Studies how people perceive their environment, learn and remember
aversion therapy
Aversion Therapy
  • Controversial
  • Exposes patient to a stimulus while subjecting them to a form of discomfort
  • Stimulus = Unpleasant sensation
  • Treatment of phobias
  • Repeatedly evoking an emotional response in a “safe” environment so that anxiety becomes irrelevant
  • Tend to be quiet
  • Low-key, deliberate,
  • Gain energy when performing solitary activities
  • Enjoy intense one-on-one social interactions
  • Tend to be energetic when surrounded by people
  • Enthusiastic/Talkative/Assertive
  • Tom Cruise is a Jackass
  • “I’m in love!”
what do i study
What do I study?
  • Everything!
  • Key concepts (Understand them! Do not memorize them.)
  • All your notes and assigned readings.
  • Hall of Fames
  • Social Science Skills and Methods
  • Ethics
  • 20 Mix and Match Terms
  • 20 Multiple Choice
  • 14 Questions a Social Scientist would ask
  • Conflict Theory/Symbolic Interactionism/ Functionalism handout
  • Short Answer