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Becoming A Mystery Shopper

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Becoming A Mystery Shopper. Who We Serve. National Shopping Service Network, LLC., serves client’s mystery shopping needs across the US, Canada and the UK. Good shoppers are needed in every major city as well as extremely small towns and rural areas. . How It Works:. Step 1:

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who we serve
Who We Serve

National Shopping Service Network, LLC., serves client’s mystery shopping needs across the US, Canada and the UK.

Good shoppers are needed in every major city as well as extremely small towns and rural areas.

how it works
How It Works:

Step 1:

Merchants hire our company to do mystery shopping in their establishments and we develop a program to meet their specific needs. The merchant gives us a list of their locations across the country and we search our database for qualified shoppers to complete the task.

how it works4
How It Works:

Step 2: Finding a Shopper

A mystery shopping coordinator from our company sends out an “interest email.” The email will include the pertinent information of the assignment, such as general location, compensation, what you are being asked to do, deadline for the assignment, and instructions for informing the coordinator you would like the opportunity to complete the shop.

how it works5
How It Works:

Step 3: Telling Us You’re Interested

If you would like to do one or more of the shops listed in the interest email, you must carefully follow the instructions within the email to inform the coordinator that you are available and interested in completing the assignment. Carefully following the coordinator’s instructions will give you a better chance of receiving an assignment to complete.

how it works6
How It Works:

Step 4: Assigning A Shopper

Once the coordinator begins receiving responses for the shops, he/she assigns the shops to qualified shoppers. In general, the shops are assigned on a first come first serve basis to qualified shoppers. If you receive a shop, the coordinator will email you with the specific shopping details, forms needed, and instructions to complete the shop and file your report. If you do not receive a shop, you will receive a notice stating that the shop is no longer available.

how it works7
How It Works

Step 5: Reviewing Your Assignment

Once you receive your assignment, print out all of the material that the coordinator gives you. Review everything carefully to insure you understand what is being asked of you. If you have questions, contact your coordinator. Then… go complete your shop.

how it works8
How It Works

Step 6: Completing Your Assignment

While completing your shop, it is important to gather all the details that will be needed to fill in your report. Our clients ask for specific information so attention to detail is critical. Make notes in a very discreet manner and never take the mystery shopping paperwork in with you unless instructed to do so.

how it works9
How It Works

Step 7: Filing Your Report

Once you have completed your shop, you must file your report. Follow the coordinator’s instructions fill in your report and file it within 24 hours. Fill in every question, add good narrative where asked for, and double check your spelling and grammar. File a quality report in a timely fashion and it will insure that you are considered for future assignments.

how it works10
How It Works

Step 8: Review Of Your Report

After your report has been filed, a coordinator will review the report for accuracy, missing information, grammar, clarity and compliance with assignment instructions. If more information is needed you will be contacted. It is critical that you supply additional information very quickly. Once the report contains all the necessary information, the coordinator will approve your report for payment.

keeping your paperwork
Keeping Your Paperwork

It is important that you keep your paperwork for each shop for at least 6 months, even if you have already been paid for the shop. This allows you to track your shopping assignments, payment for assignments, and allows you a better chance of answering any questions regarding the shop, should an issue arise months down the road.

receiving payment
Receiving Payment

Once your report has been approved for payment, a check will be sent to you. In general, you will receive your check 2-3 weeks after having turned in a valid shop.

Keep your address current with us to ensure your checks arrive in a timely manner. To update your address or other information, simply log on in the shopper area by entering your email address and shopper number.

characteristics of a good mystery shopper
Characteristics Of A Good Mystery Shopper
  • Detail oriented
  • Able to follow directions
  • Timely
  • Good writing skills
  • Honest
  • Reliable
5 tips for getting more assignments
5 Tips For Getting More Assignments

1. Fill out all information on the shopper application. You never know what may qualify you for an assignment. It could be because you are in a specific age group, drive a specific car, or because you have a child of a certain age. If you do not provide all the details, you may be overlooked for assignments you would otherwise qualify for. Remember, your information is never sold or shared with anyone!

5 tips for getting more assignments15
5 Tips for Getting More Assignments

2. Keep your application up to date! You may update your application at any time by logging on in the shopper area. Simply enter your email address and shopper number and enter the current information. If you move, it is crucial to update your address so we can get checks to you, and continue to offer assign-ments in your area. Remember to update often as you or your children change ages, change cars, or interests.

5 tips for getting more assignments16
5 Tips For Getting More Assignments

3. Remember that your application is your resume! Using proper capitalization, punctuation and grammar will serve you well. Proofread your application before submitting. If you want to spice up your application, you may do so by logging on in the shopper area and updating your profile.

5 tips for getting more assignments17
5 Tips For Getting More Assignments

4. Complete assignments correctly and in a timely fashion. Make sure you follow instructions, file thorough reports, and file reports on time. This will insure that you are considered for future assignments.

5 tips for getting more assignments18
5 Tips For Getting More Assignments

5. Be Responsible! By accepting an assignment, you are entering into a contract to complete the assignment. Should circumstances arise that make it so you can not complete your assignment, please contact your coordinator immediately. Doing so will insure that you are considered for future assignments.

thank you
Thank You

Thank you for your interest in being a mystery shopper. Please take the time to sign up as a mystery shopper now. When we have an assignment in your area, we will send you an interest email.

National Shopping Service Network, LLC

Denver, CO

Become a Mystery Shopper Now