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It's A Mystery!

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It's A Mystery!. Drawing Conclusions. Drawing Conclusions:. When you draw a conclusion you use 2 things:. What you know in your head. and. What you’ve read in the story. . A conclusion is the decision you come to when you put these two together. . Facts and Details. Add Up To.

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It's A Mystery!

Drawing Conclusions


Drawing Conclusions:

When you draw a conclusion you use 2 things:

What you know in your head.


What you’ve read in the story.

A conclusion is the decision you come to when you put these two together.


Facts and Details

Add Up To

A Conclusion


Try This One!

Put me on your feet.

I will keep you warm and dry.

Wear me when it rains.

I know you wear socks and shoes on your feet.

Both of these keep you warm, but only shoes keep you dry.

What do you wear, on your feet, when it rains?



What is Nana’s role in the household while Ava is at work?

  • Nana walks on crutches.
  • Nana tells stories about Trinidad.
  • Nana watches Grace while Ava is at work.

Which conclusion should be drawn about Grace?

  • She is careless because she doesn’t keep the cat out of the way.
  • She likes to cook because she makes Nana coffee.
  • She is helpful because she helps Nana with things that Nana can’t do on crutches.

When the children travel to the future, Grace suddenly decides they should go. Why?

  • Grace would rather travel back in time and not know what the future holds.
  • The robots say they got rid of humans so perhaps it is dangerous for Grace and her friends.
  • In a world of robots there is no war, crime, or hunger.

Why do the children make a quickgetaway from the past?

  • The children are afraid of being eaten by the tyrannosaurus.
  • The children think the dinosaurs are boring.
  • They might change the future if they stay.

Why does Nana want to ride on the time machine?

  • The kids are in danger, and she wants to protect them.
  • Nana can’t remember what it was like to live in Trinidad.
  • Nana sees the children having fun and wants to join in.

How did the children bring Mrs. Myerson back to life?

  • Mrs. Myerson was about to die before she played with the children.
  • Mrs. Myerson’s family was killed during World War II. She keeps her house all locked up.
  • Mrs. Myerson trusted the children enough to play with them and remember a happy part of her childhood.

Did the children really travel to different places and times?

  • Yes, this play is fiction, and the author wrote it to make readers believe time-travel is possible in a pretend story.
  • No, the children in the story were pretending. When Grace says “It was just as if she really did travel back in time,” the reader can take that detail and make that conclusion.