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Corn Earworms

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Corn Earworms - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Corn Earworms. Presentation By:. Laramie Kettler. Dexter Knox. Brendan Mills. Charlie Barnhill. From Gatesville Intermediate Gatesville, Texas. The corn earworm is known as the tomato fruit worm or cotton bollworm. Pictures 1 & 2 are from

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Corn Earworms

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Presentation By:

Laramie Kettler

Dexter Knox

Brendan Mills

Charlie Barnhill

the corn earworm is known as the tomato fruit worm or cotton bollworm
The corn earworm is known as the tomato fruit worm or cotton bollworm.

Pictures 1 & 2 are from

the life of a corn earworm
The Life of a Corn Earworm

The life of a corn earworm starts with an egg.

The female adult moth smells the silk of a corn. Moths can smell corn silk from miles away.
The moth flies toward the corn to lay her eggs. When the eggs hatch, they will find food and shelter inside the corn ear.

The larvae follow the silk channel to the tip of the developing ear where they feed on kernels and grow.

  • The worms come in a variety of colors: green, tan, brown, pink, maroon, or nearly black.

Pictures 1 and 3 from

look what the worms did a cup of frass worm excrement
Look what the worms did. A cup of frass! (Worm excrement)

Picture Number 2 from Http://

We tested the following foods in our experiment: corn, tomatoes, potatoes, strawberries, and apples.

Experiment #1

What do earworms eat?


The worms liked the corn, apple, and tomato the best.

Photo from: Http://


The worms went from an egg to a pupa in about 21 days.

Picture from


ObservationsThe students noticed that the worms at this stage wanted to fall off and burrow. They had a hard time keeping the worm on the plant.

to the pupa
To the PUPA!!!!!

It took 21 days for our corn earworms to start metamorphosis.


Is the moth a male or female?

Hold the moth and gently squeeze the abdomen. The females will have a brownish small part pop out. They are usually less active and have shorter, fatter abdomens than the males. Females are usually darker.

Drawing from

The corn earworm moth has a wing span of 1 ½ inches. It is buff colored with irregular spots and markings on the wings.
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