top 5 attractions in corning new york n.
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Joe Topichak's top 5 attraction in Corning, NY. PowerPoint Presentation
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Joe Topichak's top 5 attraction in Corning, NY.

Joe Topichak's top 5 attraction in Corning, NY.

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Joe Topichak's top 5 attraction in Corning, NY.

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  1. Joe Topichak Top 5 Attractions in Corning, New York

  2. West End Gallery • At West End Gallery the art is installed in thoughtful, non cluttered, flattering locations. New or established painters, sculptors, jewelers, printmakers, glass artisans have opportunities to participate in thematic shows or be the featured artist or group of artists, The receptions are upbeat. The well informed staff is helpful, knowledgeable, and pleasant. Professionalism at West End Gallery results in a nurturing experience for the visitors, the artist, the staff, and the Corning Area. • The West End Gallery is in the hub of Market Street. After a look-over the art arranged in the windows, the public will be lured into a clean, tasteful, well lighted exhibition space. The gallery offers a serene atmosphere for any persons who love to look at art or who just want an introduction to what a gallery offers.

  3. West End Gallery • “All I can say after stopping here is I wish I had endless funds to buy the many many pieces of art I would love to own. There is a lot of very beautiful artwork here.” - Trip Advisor

  4. GAFFER DISTRICT • The Gaffer district is easy to navigate and has great finds from stores to eateries. It's an eclectic collection of boutiques and restaurants. There's something for everyone and the shuttle bus makes it easy to get around.

  5. THE ROCKWELL MUSEUM • This museum is a fine example of Western Art as collected by The Rockwell Family in Corning, NY. The collection has evolved from a personal collection and is now a very diverse collection from many venues of all forms of Western Art.

  6. HANDS ON GLASS STUDIO • Don't miss the change to blow your own glass ornament. Fascinating and fun. They'll ship it to you in a few days, after it's cooled.

  7. CORNING MUSEUM OF GLASS • From ancient glass to today's glass are displayed. Two days are needed, to appreciate everything. Enjoy the remarkable changes from the ancient first glass to the scientific knowledge gained over time shown in the unbelievable applications of glass today.

  8. Joe Topichak Thanks You for Viewing