jean paul hautekeer uia torino july 2008
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Dow Corning

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Jean-Paul Hautekeer UIA – Torino – July 2008. Dow Corning. [email protected] Dow Corning Highlights. Global leader of the silicone industry since 1943 Owned equally by The Dow Chemical Company and Corning Incorporated

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jean paul hautekeer uia torino july 2008
Jean-Paul Hautekeer

UIA – Torino – July 2008

Dow Corning

[email protected]

Dow Corning Highlights
  • Global leader of the silicone industry since 1943
  • Owned equally by The Dow Chemical Companyand Corning Incorporated
  • Over $5 billion in sales annually
  • 10,000 committed people worldwide
  • 20,000 customers worldwide
  • 7,000 products and services
  • More than 4,600 active patents
  • Silicone sealants since 60 years
  • Construction support network around the world
silicone solutions across every industry
Silicone Solutions across Every Industry


Beauty & Personal Care


Compound Semiconductor


Food & Beverage


Household & Cleaning


Industrial Lubrication

Paints and Inks

Power and Utility


Pressure Sensitive

Rubber Fabrication

Textile, Leather


designing green buildings with silicon e
Designing Green Buildings with Silicon(e)‏

automated ventilation control & lighting control using natural light

Lower U façade values than mechanically fixed facades

weathersealants -> air tightness

Photovoltaic energy

rooftop planting

double skin façade active façade

lighting control using motion detection sensors

evergreen plant shield against sun and wind

double or triple pane low-e glazing

Window Installation system

Higher energy efficiency with bonded doors and windows

Silicone ? Did you know ?
  • One third of all electronic devices used in the world use a chip with a Silicone Semi-Conductor from Dow Corning.
  • The first imprint that Neil Armstrong left on the moon was made with a silicone rubber boot sole.
  • Silicon for Semi-Conductor and Solar cell is one of the purest synthetic material in the world i.e. 99,999999999%.
  • Silicone weather sealant first use was in 1958 in the US and the first 4-sided structural glazing project in 1971. Both performs very well after 50 and 37 years. Durability matters !
  • The tallest building is the world, Burj Dubai will use more than 200 Tons of Silicone for Structural, Insulating glass and Waterproofing applications.
Our Mission toward Architecture
  • To help you BUILD, PROTECT & PRESERVE your building from the environment.
  • To support developments toward “GREEN” & SUSTAINABLE BUILDING SOLUTIONS.
  • To foster a COLLABORATION approach to the industry
  • To offer a global network of specialists for BUILDING PROJECTS, ASSEMBLY, PROTECTION & SOLAR
Dow Corning Solutions for Building

Global Leader for Structural Glazing, Commercial Insulating Glass and Weathersealing.

  • Silicone for Commercial Facade
  • Windows & Doors Assembly
  • Thermaly Efficient Envelope (e.g. Windows Installation system)‏
  • Integrated Solar PV solutions.
  • Thermal Solar Assembly.
  • Quality label application scheme.
  • Warranty Program.
  • Global technical Support system.
  • Chemical and Analytical consulting.
Dow Corning More than a Product !

We offer innovative solutions to help grow your business, increase productivity, and expand your market

We offer innovative solutions to help grow your business, increase productivity, and expand your market

  • Industry Thought Leadership and Collaboration
  • Industry & Academy Training – Technical Assistance Center
  • Applicators program – Quality Bond – to benefits from Manufacturers to Building Owner.
  • Solar Technology and Green Energy.
  • Chemical & Technology consulting
  • Thermal Properties of Building Solutions.
  • Lead Management.
A Need ? A Solution ? Contact us !
  • Corporate Web Site

Construction Web Site

  • htto://

Quality Bond website

  • Answer your questions ?

[email protected]

we are committed to sustainability and eco innovation and want to work with you
We are committed to sustainability and eco-innovationand want to work with YOU

Sponsor of the Princess Elisabeth Antarctic Station