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054 100 Introduction to Tourism Business Administration PowerPoint Presentation
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054 100 Introduction to Tourism Business Administration

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054 100 Introduction to Tourism Business Administration - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Lesson 24. 054 100 Introduction to Tourism Business Administration. Leisure activities and tourism Foundations for A&E growth An A&E sampler Entertainment Activities Enjoyed by Americans Seasonality and demand for attractions Heritage and commercial attractions Gaming Quiz.

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lesson outline

Leisure activities and tourism

Foundations for A&E growth

An A&E sampler

Entertainment Activities Enjoyed by Americans

Seasonality and demand for attractions

Heritage and commercial attractions



Lesson Outline
leisure activities and tourism

People have always traveled to experience the special attraction of distant places

  • Attractions and entertainment (A & E) are only two of many ways we can choose to spend our leisure time
    • Attractions and entertainments are grouped into heritage and commercial attractions and live entertainment
    • Attractions: Natural locations, objects, or constructed facilities that have a special appeal
    • Entertainment alternatives are usually temporary: Events are always temporary
Leisure activities and tourism

(Cook et al. 2010)

foundations for a e growth
Foundations for A&E growth

(Cook et al. 2010)

an a e sampler
An A&E sampler

(Cook et al. 2010)

seasonality and demand for attractions

Seasonality is often a major characteristic of demand for attractions

    • When seasonality is severe, attractions may only operate during part of the year, e.g. baseball season, wintertime
    • Managers try to increase attendance during shoulder and off-season
    • Recruiting, training, and retaining employees is a special challenge for highly seasonal attractions
    • Cash flow needs to be carefully planned to have funds when operating expenses are incurred
    • Managers often add complementary activities to try to generate visitors; e.g., mountain biking at ski resorts
    • Strategies for staffing for seasonality (3 strategies)
    • Strategies for seasonal cash flow management (2 strategies)
Seasonality and demand for attractions

(Cook et al. 2010)

heritage and commercial attractions

Heritage Attractions

Museums and historical sites

Zoos and Aquariums

Parks and preserves

Fairs and festivals

Commercial Attractions

Amusement parks

Theme parks

Heritage and commercial attractions

(Cook et al. 2010)


Gaming has become increasingly accessible and popular around the world

  • Five primary reasons for the increase
    • Voters have viewed gaming as a voluntary tax
    • More people view gaming as an acceptable leisure activity
    • Retirees are the single largest gaming segment and their number is increasing
    • Casinos are appealing to segments other than the traditional “high rollers”
    • Casinos are now located near more and more populations centers, e.g. the full-scale casino gaming at Las Vegas

(Cook et al. 2010)

las vegas nevada usa
Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Source: http://www.visitingdc.com/images/las-vegas-skyline.jpg

gaming segments

High rollers: Sophisticated gamblers who often play internationally and focus on games of skill rather than luck

Day-trippers: Typically retirees, making short-duration trips to operations within easy driving distance, and tend to play slots and video gaming options

Low-stakes/new adopters: Both baby boomers and Generation Xers who have recently accepted gaming as a leisure alternative

Family vacationers: Families who gamble as an off-shoot to other family vacation activities provided at gaming venues

Gaming segments

(Cook et al. 2010)


Shopping can be one part of traveling or the reason for a trip

  • Foreign travelers to U.S. very likely to shop during their visit (89 percent)
  • Many malls are transforming themselves into tourist attractions by adding rides and other entertainment attractions
    • E.g. Fashion Island

(Cook et al. 2010)

live entertainment

Sporting activities

  • Performing arts
    • Classical performing arts
      • Live theater
      • Ballet
      • Opera
      • Concerts (including symphony)
    • Contemporary performing arts
      • Contemporary versions of all of the above
      • Comedy shows
      • Musical concerts, band appearances
Live Entertainment

(Cook et al. 2010)



Everything from Midterm up until this week

Final exam is in three weeks

Start reviewing for your Finals now


(Cook et al. 2010)