Reflecting skills lab 3 paraphrasing reflecting feelings
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Reflecting Skills: Lab# 3 Paraphrasing & Reflecting Feelings - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Reflecting Skills: Lab# 3 Paraphrasing & Reflecting Feelings. Chapter 6. Now Add the Feeling. Reflecting Skills: Feelings Chapter 6. Now add the feeling: Reflecting Feelings Lab 3 Reflecting feeling

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Reflecting skills lab 3 paraphrasing reflecting feelings
Reflecting Skills: Lab# 3 Paraphrasing & Reflecting Feelings

Chapter 6

Now Add

the Feeling

Reflecting skills feelings chapter 6
Reflecting Skills: FeelingsChapter 6

Now add the feeling: Reflecting Feelings Lab 3

  • Reflecting feeling

    • Feeling can be those stated or implied (helper assessment based on nonverbal and verbal tracking)

    • Allows for deeper levels of disclosure- enormous healing possibilities

    • Deepens relationships between helper and client

    • Facilitates feeling of relief

    • Challenging nature reflecting feelings

      • “Third ear”- stating the unsaid or under expressed

      • Client's family culture/gender- feelings not talked about




Reflecting skills chapter 6
Reflecting SkillsChapter 6

Paraphrasing with Feeling: Lab 3

  • How to Reflect feeling

    • Identify the clients’ feeling

    • Sharing their stated or your discerned feeling to the client

    • Empathic start: “What might I be feeling if I was going through this or this was happened to me?

    • Primary feelings- joy, sadness, disappointment/hurt, guilt/shame, fear, disgust, surprise and interest/excitement.

    • When paraphrasing, decide whether to use think or feel.

    • You feel___ because______

      • Just stating the emotion- “Frustrating”

      • You’re… (Identify the feeling- for example: frustrated, disappointed, angry, overjoyed, etc.)

      • I wonder if you’re feeling…


Practice openings
Practice: Openings

  • A friend approaches you looking extremely distraught. He asks, “Do you have a minute to talk?”

    • What is your opener?

  • What if you absolutely do not have a moment right now? What is your response?

Warning: Your friend is a volunteer firefighter and he has just returned home from an accident scene.

Practice questioning
Practice: Questioning

  • “I think I did O.K….. Most of what I was asked to do I got done. I don’t think I screwed anything up . . I got some positive feedback that I performed pretty good for a being in such a difficult situation”

  • Possible response:

    What exactly did you get done?


    Can you tell me a bit about that feedback? What exactly was said to you?

Practicing paraphrasing content and thoughts
Practicing Paraphrasing: content and thoughts

  • “Geeze, I don’t know where to begin. I was one of the first on the scene… I helped some of the victims, called for help, directed another person to call 911, helped paramedics when they arrived, cleaned up some of the debris. After that I talked to some other observers. Pretty busy I guess”

  • Possible response:

    You went right from beginning to end with this one.

Practice reflecting feeling
Practice: ReflectingFeeling

  • “When I got there everybody was running around like crazy and I didn’t know what to do – it was just such a mess and no one seemed to be in charge”

  • Feeling word__________________________

  • Possible response:

    Sounds like it was a bit confusing for you.

Practice reflecting feeling1
Practice: Reflecting Feeling

  • “I was trying to prevent people from going into the area of the accident. Anyway, I couldn’t believe the onlookers! They kept coming and trying to get a look – each time we ask them to clear the area for safety reasons. What the hell gets into people like that anyway?”

  • Feeling word____________________________

  • Possible response:

    The onlookers persistence really upset you…

Practice reflecting feeling2
Practice: Reflecting Feeling

  • “We got the paramedics to the driver as quickly as possible. Geez we tried. It looked pretty hopeless, but we gave it everything we had. (Sigh) it didn’t seem to matter what we tried, we just didn’t make any difference.”

  • Feeling word___________________________

  • Possible response:

    Its really discouraging and sad when you can’t make that difference.