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Overview of Video Resumes PowerPoint Presentation
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Overview of Video Resumes

Overview of Video Resumes

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Overview of Video Resumes

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  1. Overview of Video Resumes

  2. Overview of Video Resumes • An efficient digital tool for job-seekers that helps them to stand out from the crowd. • A 60 second video exhibits your hard as well as soft skills to the viewer/Interviewer/Employer. • Its an enhancement of technology in HR sector. • It permits both, Job-seekers & Employers to reap the benefits of growing technology. • It’s an effort, time and cost saving tool for everyone. • To create a best video resume, refer to the video resume website that will guide you to create, upload & publish your video resume.

  3. History of Video Resume • In 1980’s 1990’s :Video resumes were not popular at all. • Video Resumes get recorded and distributed on VHS tapes due to the limited resources availability. • In the year of 2000’s, the concept of Video resumes has started to begin popular. • This is the era of internet, online video creation, YouTube, webcam and many more, as a result audience has started connecting with it. • In the year of 2013, Platform known as Jobma has initiated with Video resume , as a time-saving tool that is catering the today’s needs of HR industry in an easy and efficient manner. • Jobma bestows, Employers & Job-seekers to have their individual accounts/profiles with wide range of functionalities.

  4. Benefits of Video Resume • It helps in identifying your professional caliber in a unique way. • It can get embedded with various job-platforms. • It can get shared widely at the same time on multiple destinations like job-boards, social media channels etc. • It makes you stand out from the crowd. • It gives an instant boost to your communication & presentation skills. • It’s a more powerful tool than your traditional CV, as it let you convey the message directly to the recruiter, which is not mentioned over the piece of paper.

  5. Benefits of Video Resume • It enables you to introduce your strongest selling point. • It gives a stronger online presence, globally. • It allows you to rationalize your aim. • It save effort, time & money. • It lends you the desirable job for your career. • It helps you in giving a quick self evaluation. • It let you learn more about your personality, communication & technical skills.

  6. Tips to Create Video Resume • Before you create it, watch out for some sample video resumes for guidance/reference. • Plan your content to speak in. • Just don’t narrate them like a script. • Practice enough before final recording. • View, Edit and Publish the final Video Resume. • Stand out with the professional surroundings, dress and postures. • Keep it short, concise and simple.

  7. Tips to Create Video Resume • Well, start positively & Confidently by greeting the Interviewer/viewer. • Initiate with a brief introduction. • Give an overview of your skills and relevant experience. • Deliver the right message by proving your credibility. • Mention your major & noticeable accomplishments. • Mention if you know any foreign languages. • Get the content delivered within 60 seconds. • Don’t use slangs while videoing. • Don’t repeat or mention complex phrases in video, it distracts.

  8. Watch out,Technical Requirements • Videoing resume seems to be fascinating idea, but people forget to take a look on technical aspects of it. So, have a look on technical facets of Video Resume. • Use an updated device as a videoing tool. • Check for its functionalities and installation guides, before recording. • Check for Camera quality. • Check for Mic quality. • Be cautions of videoing poor images, audio & video.

  9. Strictly No for Video Resume • Look out for Bad lighting in the video. • Look out for the Bad dress • Check out your body language (Postures & Gestures) in videoing. • Don’t look down or don’t stare, just make an eye contact. • Don’t bore the viewer, by repeating same words. • Look out for the time constraint. • Don’t get stuck between videoing yourself. • Just don’t copy & Paste, so focus on the right words

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